Rustam Gilfanov Net Worth

Biography of Rustam Gilfanov

Rustam Gilfanov is an international investor, co-founder of an international IT company.


Entrepreneur Rustam Gilfanov was born in the small village of Basim, Perm region. His father is a military man, and his mother works as a primary school teacher at the school. From a young age, the future investor was attracted by exact sciences: mathematics, physics, computer science, as well as scientific discoveries in these areas.


After grade 11, he moved to Udmurtia and entered one of the most prestigious educational institutions of the Volga region – Udmurt State University. In 2005 he graduated from the university with a degree in lawyer.

In the same year he entered the magistracy of the International Eastern European University and continued his studies in the direction of “Arbitration manager”. During his studies, the young man led an active lifestyle, took part in creative competitions and scientific speeches of the university.

Professional activity

The years spent at the university coincided with the development of the Internet. As a student at Udmurt State University, he began to study the field of information technology. It was then that the young man got the idea to organize his own startup in the IT field.

However, before becoming a major businessman, he worked for several years on the development of some IT projects of the international level. During this time, he gained experience, the necessary knowledge, and thanks to legal education, the new field conquered the young specialist much faster.

A year after graduating from USU, the young graduate becomes a co-founder of an international outsourcing IT company in Kiev. They are software developers for gaming, marketing and finance. In total, they have more than a hundred successful projects in their arsenal. Today the organization is expanding the geography of work: they have branches in the cities of Latvia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Malta.

The company is increasingly involving young professionals in its work. This is the principle of Rustam Gilfanov himself: to give a chance to talented people and create all the conditions for their development. Over the years, the staff of the company has increased from 30 to 1000, where each of the employees has all the conditions to unleash their potential.


Charitable projects and foundations play a special role in the life of Rustam Gilfanov. He places great emphasis on corporate social responsibility in his firm. Basically, the leader tries to develop projects in the field of youth education.

Together with the fund “I Maybutn Ukraine”, a large-scale project “LakiBuks” was created, within the framework of which young scientists are brought to the fore, as well as the popularization of a new genre of non-fiction among young people in their native language. The project is engaged in the distribution of publications of Ukrainian and foreign authors.

For the first time with the idea of ​​”LakiBuks” an investor appeared 3 years ago in the capital at the international festival “Book Arsenal”. In 2018, LakiBuks was the general partner of this festival. The expert staff of the project includes famous figures of science and art: among them a researcher at the Institute of Space Research T. Kovalchuk-Skorokhod, musician O. Skripka. In addition to several cities in Ukraine, the project has repeatedly participated in festivals abroad: in Bologna, Frankfurt am Main.

Now they work with more than 200 libraries throughout Ukraine, although at the beginning there were only a few dozen of them in the East of the country. Much attention is paid to rural libraries and reading rooms located in the South and East of the country, where there is an obvious shortage of scientific and journalistic manuscripts in the native language of the genre of non-fiction. In total, in 2018, 500 units of popular scientific publications on biotechnology, programming, etc. were distributed among young people.

In addition, Rustam Gilfanov initiated the reconstruction of the Kiev Children’s Library. This was done under the auspices of the Maybutny Library project. With the support of the investor, the building was equipped with its own computer class, and programming lessons from the library staff are held on a regular basis. Now new initiatives have spread throughout Ukraine.

Also, an IT investor participates in the work of the “I Maybutn Ukraine” fund. He sponsors some projects of social significance and provides all possible material support to families in difficult life situations, single mothers, people who have been left without work.

IT investor today

Currently, Rustam Gilfanov is not actively involved in management activities in his company. He invests in young international IT projects that have prospects in financial technology, gaming and video streaming.