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Biography of Kiselev Stanislav Vladislavovich

Stanislav Kiselev is the head of a well-known development company of the federal level – the general director of KORTROS Group of Companies.

In the photo: Stanislav Vladislavovich Kiselev

Stanislav was born in the city of Kachkanar in the Sverdlovsk region on September 22, 1975. After studying at school, he continued his studies at the Ural Academy of Civil Service under the President of the Russian Federation, direction “Economics and Management”. Later he received an education in business and administration at the Russian Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation, was awarded an MBA degree.

Carier start

Since 1997, Kiselev Stanislav Vladislavovich began his career at the Ministry of State Property. The beginning of a career was laid in the information and analytical department of the Ministry. He himself notes that this position was rather non-standard and informal for bureaucratic activities. He did not have to shift papers and deal with bureaucracy – Stanislav was entrusted with working with state-owned enterprises and joint-stock companies with the participation of the state – it was here that he received his first understanding of the peculiarities of business.

Having started working, Stanislav Kiselev quickly moved up the service, often holding senior positions with the performance of various official duties. Soon Kiselev was offered the position of acting first deputy minister. The proposal was accepted, and it was in this status that a career in the Ministry ended after a while.

Development career

For a certain period of time, the head of Stanislav in the Ministry of State Property of the Sverdlovsk Region was Veniamin Golubitsky (now the head of the KORTROS Group of Companies). Golubitsky entered the construction business in 2005 and, becoming the head of a large development organization, offered Stanislav Kiselev to work in the same team. Kiselev accepted the offer in 2007, having taken up duties in the KORTROS Group of Companies. The first position in the organization – the head of the internal audit department – was later replaced by the head of the Perm representative office.

Stanislav Kiselev: about the innovative approach of KORTROS Group to development

In Perm, Kiselev worked for quite a long time – three years. During this time, Kiselev managed to achieve significant success and show himself as a competent manager. By the time he left the project office in Perm in 2014, the organization had implemented a large number of very significant projects, both at the regional and federal levels.

In particular, 2014 was marked by the completion of the construction of the “Quarter on Mekhanoshina” in Perm. The building area of ​​this object amounted to over 66 thousand square meters. m. In addition to the construction of six multi-storey buildings on this area, the developer has equipped children’s sports grounds, places for recreation, and also landscaped the surrounding area. The kindergarten for 45 children built by the developer deserves special attention.

From 2012 to 2014, the Perm branch of KORTROS, under the management of Stanislav Kiselev, was building a 16-storey residential building at the address: Kuibyshev, 61.

Speech by Stanislav Kiselev at the investment forum in Sochi

A year later, the company began construction of the Astra luxury residential complex in Perm. This complex differs from the usual apartment building in its versatility. Astra has created public spaces not only for residents of the house itself, but also for guests of the center. The construction of this elite residential complex was completed in 2016, after Stanislav Kiselev moved to another position, however, this large-scale project was launched under his leadership of the branch.

Noteworthy is the use of the “smart home” system in the construction of the Astra first residential complex in Perm, which is also the object of the KORTROS company. In the winter of 2019, an agreement was signed on the use of the developments of KORTROS Group of Companies by the city authorities. The housing management systems implemented in Astra, and then in the residential complex Gulliver in 2016, have shown their efficiency and usefulness. Now they will be used in the implementation of the “smart city” project within the entire Perm Territory.

Since July 2014, Stanislav Vladislavovich Kiselev has been the head of KORTROS Group of Companies. The post of general director is retained by Kiselev to this day. With the beginning of Kiselyov’s leadership, the organization has demonstrated success in various regions of the country. These are Yekaterinburg, and the Perm Territory, and St. Petersburg, as well as Yaroslavl and the Moscow region.

Speaking of Perm, it is worth mentioning once again the Gulliver residential complex, which is currently under construction – here the developer is engaged not only in the construction of residential buildings. Kindergartens have already been built, the only monument in Russia to Georgy Burkov has been erected.

Among the major achievements is the construction project of the Akademichesky district. Here, too, the developer is engaged not only in construction, but also in the fulfillment of social obligations – the construction of schools, clinics, kindergartens – necessary for the living of three hundred and twenty-five thousand inhabitants. Completion of the construction of the Akademichesky district is scheduled for 2025. In order to create more than 9 million sq.m. housing, as well as the construction of more than 4 million sq.m. for industry and commerce.

Another example of the success of KORTROS Group of Companies is the elite apartments of the Royal Park complex in St. Petersburg. Stanislav Kiselyov’s experience in the sale of elite housing was very useful here. Completed in 2018, the project has already received an operating permit from the relevant authorities. No less popular project on the territory of Yaroslavl is the Yablonevy Posad complex.

Before entering the Moscow market, KORTROS Group completed the development of the Moscow Region until 2016. While Stanislav Kiselev took over as CEO of the company, the Ultramarine, Aprelevka and Petrovskaya Sloboda residential complexes had already been built, and the Zarechnaya Sloboda residential complex, as well as the large Bogorodsky microdistrict, were being built.

Housing of a new format in Moscow

Having increased the volumes on construction projects near Moscow, in 2016 the developer began to develop the capital market, namely, the creation of the Headliner residential complex and Dom Serebryany Bor. Other high-status projects – LCD “Lublinsky. House by the Square”, as well as the elite apartment complex “Dom No 128”. Each of these facilities is a landmark for the company, some have completed status and have received permission to operate since 2018.

Stanislav Kiselev: about Serebryany Bor, love for movement and absence from social networks

The Headliner complex of residential skyscrapers, being built in the center of Moscow near Moscow City, is rightfully considered the organization’s flagship facility. Now the construction of the first and second phases of this complex is underway. At the same time, the commissioning of the first stage is planned for 2019. Headliner has already become a multifunctional brand, which the company will replicate in various regions of the federation.

For example, in Perm in the second half of 2018, with a similar brand, the construction of a building in the residential complex “Gulliver” began. The building constructed by KORTROS Group of Companies is the tallest multi-storey building in Perm. In general, the Headliner brand is designed for a young, ambitious audience, so the company offers the appropriate content for projects – fitness centers, coffee houses, recreation areas – what young managers will need within walking distance from home.

The ILOVE residential complex is another Moscow project of the company. Construction began in the second half of 2018. This project, on the contrary, is designed for a family audience. The developer will build a school and a kindergarten on the territory.


Kiselev Stanislav Vladislavovich is simultaneously engaged in active social and political activities, he is constantly invited as a speaker and expert to top business events. His expert comments on current market issues are a weighty word among representatives of government, industry and business in general.

Stanislav Kiselev about prices in the real estate market

Those successes that the organization under the leadership of Kiselyov demonstrates are largely due to his merit as a competent manager. For example, in 2017, Kortros received the Move Realty Awards in the Developer of the Year nomination. The company’s project – the Headliner residential complex – won the Grand Prix of the prestigious Urban Awards professional award, while the Dom Serebryany Bor residential complex was the best in the same award among business class projects.

Personal life

In the Kiselev family, it is not customary to talk about personal life in public, so this side of his life is rather closed. It is only known that he is married, he and his wife have children. And also, despite being very busy in business, he manages to find time for his hobby – Stanislav Kiselev likes to ski.

Stanislav Kiselev is married and has children