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Biography of Veniamin Golubitsky

Veniamin Maksovich Golubitsky is the head of the development group of the federal level “KORTROS”, a politician, as well as a writer and photo artist, author of seven collections of poems, laureate of the “Poet of the Year-2017” award. PhD in Law.

In the photo: Golubitsky Veniamin Maksovich

early years

The hometown of Veniamin Golubitsky is Perm. Here he was born on April 28, 1957, and from the first years of his life he made those around him understand that the future creator was in front of them. At the age of 4, the boy composed a poem in honor of Yuri Gagarin’s spacewalk.

Parents fully supported their son’s creative endeavors, and therefore Benjamin grew up in a warm, understanding atmosphere and had all the opportunities for development. Poetry, and then photography, accompanied him throughout his life.


In 1974, the young man graduated from high school and entered the law faculty of Moscow State University, choosing jurisprudence as a specialization. After receiving his diploma in 1979, he stayed in graduate school for another three years, as he unexpectedly became interested in the scientific aspects of jurisprudence, and in 1982 he received his Ph.D. The topic of his dissertation was “Organizational and legal issues of science management in the system of the USSR Ministry of Higher Education: a structural aspect.”

After graduate school, Golubitsky continued to teach at the Pedagogical Institute of Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg). The next five years of his life were spent as a senior lecturer at the Department of Scientific Communism. In 1988, Veniamin Maksovich took the position of head of the department of law at the newly founded Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Political activity

In April 1996, Veniamin Maksovich was elected to the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk Region. In the new place, he was entrusted with heading the committee that regulated the financial and economic activities of the region. The experience of socio-political work in such a turbulent time for the region and the country as a whole later helped Golubitsky to get the position of deputy chairman (and then first deputy chairman) in the regional government. In 2003, he headed the administration of the governor of the Sverdlovsk region (Eduard Rossel held this position at that time).

Veniamin Golubitsky in his youth

The activity of Veniamin Golubitsky for the benefit of the Sverdlovsk region was marked by a number of awards, including a certificate of honor from the regional government, the Legislative Assembly, as well as gratitude on behalf of the governor’s administration. Despite successes in the administrative field, in 2005 Golubitsky decided to take a step that turned his life upside down.

Development career

In 2005, Veniamin Golubitsky was offered to head the Renova-StroyGroup development company. The first project of “Renova-StroyGroup” was the construction of a new district of Yekaterinburg “Academic”. The development and development of its territory will last until 2025. This is not only a large-scale residential cluster capable of providing modern housing to 325,000 Yekaterinburg residents, but also commercial and industrial real estate with all the necessary infrastructure.

The total building area of ​​Akademichesky will be 13 million sq.m., and the total area of ​​the district will be 25 (including 12 of forest park zones). Houses built using innovative technologies will help residents save on utility bills.

After the final implementation of the Akademichesky project, it can rightfully be called a “city within a city”: the district will receive modern schools and kindergartens, medical facilities, shopping centers, and sports grounds. Despite the remoteness from the city center (“Academic” refers simultaneously to the Leninsky and Verkh-Isetsky districts) and some difficulties with transport accessibility at the time of construction, the problem was solved. In 2019, a high-speed tram line will appear between the center and the new district of Yekaterinburg.

District “Academic” (GC “KORTROS”)

However, such an ambitious project is not the only brainchild of Veniamin Golubitsky’s company. Renova StroyGroup is actively developing the territories of the Moscow region: Ramenki (RC Ramenki, construction started in 2007), Bogorodsky microdistrict (Schelkovo, 2007), Ivanteevka (RC Zarechnaya Sloboda, 2010), Losino-Petrovsky (RC ” Ultramarine, 2011), Shcherbinka (LCD Prima-Park, 2010). All the mentioned objects have long been completed and have received satisfied residents.

In parallel with the development of the territories of the Moscow region, Renova-StroyGroup increased its presence in the periphery. So, the company’s commissioned facilities are in Perm (“Quarter on Mekhanoshina” – construction began in 2007, house on Kuibysheva, 61 – 2012), Yaroslavl (microdistrict “Yablonevy Posad” – 2007, completed in 2018), Krasnodar (“510 quarter” – 2012).

However, the company of Veniamin Maksovich can boast of the successful implementation of not only housing projects. On the eve of the Sochi Olympics, Renova-StroyGroup was entrusted with the construction of a 4-star recreational complex Azimuth HotelSochi Resort&Spa. The work began in 2011 and was completed on time. The guests of the 2014 Olympics received 3600 hotel rooms – at that time it was the largest hotel in Europe in terms of the total number of rooms. At the moment, part of the hotel has been transferred to the All-Russian Children’s Center for Gifted Children.

In 2013, Veniamin Golubitsky initiated the rebranding of Renova StroyGroup. Now it is the KORTROS group of companies, and Golubitsky is the president of the Group of Companies.


With a new name, a new page in the history of the company began. The number of objects in Perm was replenished by EZhK “Astra”, in 2018 work on the residential complex “Gulliver” started at the end of 2015 continues – these are “smart houses” of comfort and business class, equipped with modern security sensors. By the way, the first monument to the actor Georgy Burkov was erected on the territory of this residential complex. The monument was installed by the company and has already transferred it to the balance of the municipality. In 2015, KORTROS Group of Companies gained a foothold in the real estate market of St. Petersburg with an elite AK Royal Park on the banks of the Malaya Neva.

Residential complex project “Gulliver” in Perm

And in 2016, the Group began to implement four housing projects at once in the capital of Russia: these are the Lyublinsky, Headliner, Serebryany Bor residential complexes and the Dom No. 128 apartment complex. In 2018, the construction of the ILOVE residential complex began, which the company positions as a modern family quarter.

Smart apartment from KORTROS Group of Companies

By the end of 2018, KORTOS Group of Companies had more than twenty completed and ongoing projects. While many competitors “soullessly” build square meters, Veniamin Golubitsky’s company thinks more broadly – it creates an environment for a comfortable life. And this means that each commissioned object of KORTROS has all the necessary infrastructure: residents have access to medical services, park areas, shopping and entertainment, children go to kindergartens and schools near their homes, motorists have no problems with parking spaces. As of 2018, KORTROS Group put into operation:

  • preschool institutions – 49.3 thousand sq.m.,
  • schools – 101.1 thousand sq.m.,
  • healthcare facilities – 5.25 thousand sq.m.

Although this approach, which focuses on quality, is quite expensive, practice shows that it fully justifies itself with a permanently growing interest. The company has been present on the Russian real estate market for 13 years, but in this relatively short period of time it has managed to win the trust of buyers and authority in the professional community.

KORTROS Group of Companies was awarded the Move Realty Awards in the Developer of the Year 2017 category. The capital residential complex “Headliner” took the Grand Prix of the Urban Awards-2018. Perm residential complex “Gulliver” took the fourth place in the top 10 Russian residential complexes – out of 1069 complexes under consideration. Every year, KORTROS Group of Companies is included in the lists of the best developers in Moscow, Perm and Yekaterinburg.

The activity of Veniamin Golubitsky was marked by a number of personal awards. Among them:

  • title of honorary builder of Russia (2007),
  • gratitude from the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation (2014),
  • Order of Friendship (2014, for contribution to the preparation of Sochi for the Olympics),
  • badge of distinction “For services to the Sverdlovsk region, 3rd degree” (2017, presented by the governor Evgeny Kuyvashev),
  • RREF AWARDS (2018, Reputation and Trust nomination).

Let’s summarize. By December 2018, the area of ​​KORTROS facilities under construction totaled 1.15 million sq.m., of which almost half, 500,000, were located at five sites in Moscow.

Residential complex “Headliner” project

The Headliner residential complex, located in the Central Administrative District, is recognized as the flagship facility of the Group of Companies in Moscow. Veniamin Golubitsky plans to develop “Headliner” as a “subsidiary” brand, which should become synonymous with quality. In Perm, on the territory of the Gulliver residential complex, the construction of the Headliner house has begun, which will become the tallest building in the city. The height of the first skyscraper in the history of Perm will be 100 meters.


In parallel with the development of the development business, Veniamin Maksovich realized himself in the creative field. “Debuting” in poetry at the age of 4, he continued to write poetry at school, in his youth he became interested in photography, and while studying at Moscow State University he joined the literary studio of Professor Igor Leonidovich Volgin.

Hobbies of Veniamin Golubitsky – poetry and photography

For a long time, poems were written “on the table.” Only in 1999, the publishing house “Ural worker” released the first collection of poetry by Golubitsky – “Passing”. Around the same time, the first exhibition of his photographs was held at the Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts.

2003 was marked by the release of the second collection of poetry “Lights of Saturday” and two photo exhibitions, as well as the inclusion of Veniamin Maksovich in the Union of Russian Writers.

Presentation of the collection of poems “Search for an addressee” (2017)

In 2005, Golubitsky conducted a bold experiment – the project “Out of Sharpness”, which combined his literary and photographic works. Ekaterinburg composer Alexander Pantykin wrote music to the poems from the collection of poems “Out of sharpness” (album “Bus”).

In the future, Golubitsky’s poems were used as text for songs by many prominent figures of the domestic music scene – Evgeny Margulis, Sergey Mazaev, Alexander Buinov and others.

In 2007, photographs by Veniamin Maksovich could be seen in the lobby of the Metropol Hotel.

At the photo exhibition of Veniamin Golubitsky “STREET”

Ten years later, Moscow’s Red October Gallery hosted a jubilee photo exhibition “STREET” timed to coincide with Golubitsky’s 60th birthday, introducing visitors to works made in different parts of the globe over the previous 25 years. A “jubilee” collection of poems called “Search for an Addressee” was also released, which in March 2018 brought Veniamin Maksovich a victory in the nomination “Poet of the Year” according to the RSP.