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Biography of Thomas Anders

Thomas Anders (Thomas Anders) – German musician and singer, former lead singer of the pop group “Modern Talking”, is now engaged in solo work.

Musician and singer Thomas Anders

Childhood and youth

The real name of the youth idol of the 80s is Bernd Weidung. Born in the small provincial German town of Münstermeifeld, whose mayor was his father, Peter Weidung. The mother of the future singer, Helga Weidung, kept her own roadside cafe on the highway to Koblenets.

Thomas Anders as a child

The parents were already growing up the first-born, mischievous, so they were waiting for the girl. But the born second son did not disappoint the Vaidung couple. Bernd grew up as a quiet, calm child, from an early age he was fond of music, loved to sing and … play with dolls. He studied piano at a music school and sang in the church choir. As a teenager, he taught himself to play the guitar. The boy loved to perform in his mother’s cafe and dreamed of a professional stage.

Young Thomas Anders

True, his parents had other plans for his future: the Vaidungs ​​dreamed that their son would become a builder. But over time, they abandoned this idea and allowed Bernd to choose his own path in life. After school, he began to study musicology, native language and literature at the University of Mainitz.

Musical career

At the age of sixteen, the young man won the Radio Luxembourg song contest and interested representatives of one of the German recording companies. They signed a contract with him and advised him to change his unpronounceable name to a more sonorous pseudonym.

The height of Thomas Anders – 172 cm

A year later, the first single of the novice singer Thomas Anders was released – the lyric “Judy”, with which he, in the company of young performers, traveled to several German cities. In 1981, a charismatic artist with an angelic voice appeared in the studio of the Michael Schanz television show and finally won the hearts of the female audience.

After that, the composer Dieter Bohlen spotted him, and their personal meeting soon took place. The musicians recorded several joint singles, which immediately took pride of place in the charts. Encouraged by this success, Thomas and Dieter created the duo Modern Talking in 1984, which became a real event in the pop culture of the 80s.

Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen

During the four years of its existence (1984 – 1987), the group recorded six albums in the light and pleasant Europop genre, repeatedly became the owner of prestigious music awards and awards, collected stadiums during world tours. The clips of the group were shown even on the air of the Central Television of the USSR.

But, despite the resounding success, the musicians could not overcome internal disagreements in the team, and at the very peak of their popularity they decided to stop working together. Each of them continued their musical career, but they failed to repeat the success of Modern Talking.

Modern Talking – You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul

In 1987, Thomas returned to solo activities. With the help of producer Gus Dudgeon, who previously worked with David Bowie, Elton John and Paul McCartney, he recorded the album Different.

Subsequently, the singer created his own music agency, toured a lot in the cities of the USA and Europe. In 1994, he released an all-Spanish-language album, Barcos de cristal (Glass Boats).

Thomas Anders

In the same year, the musician made his film debut, starring in the sports drama “Stockholm Marathon” as pop star Ypsilon, while recording the title song “Marathon of Life” for the film.

Thomas Anders in the movie “Stockholm Marathon”

In the late 90s, the singer was gradually forgotten. To remind himself, Anders returned to Germany again and in 1998 received an offer from Dieter Bohlen to revive the team. The return of Modern Talking brought the audience into indescribable delight. The group again firmly took first positions in the world charts, recorded 6 new albums and collected all the most prestigious music awards in five years. In 2003, the duo broke up again, this time for good.

Thomas Anders with the song “Tenderness”

Personal life of Thomas Anders

Thomas’ first wife, the beautiful Nora Balling, played a fatal role in his life and most directly influenced his musical career. She was jealous of his fans, interfered in the creative process, conflicted with Dieter Bohlen, who reacted painfully to her constant presence. It was her fans who blamed the breakup of the group and Anders’ departure to America.

Thomas Anders and Nora Balling

When Thomas again decided to return to Germany, Nora refused to accompany him and remained in the States. Soon the couple divorced, and the singer began dating his translator Claudia Hess.

Thomas Anders and Claudia Hess

The girl turned out to be kind and accommodating, the complete opposite of her ex-wife, although she looks like her in appearance. In 2000, the lovers got married, and two years later their son Alexander was born.

Thomas Anders with his wife and son

Thomas Anders now

The former lead singer of Modern Talking continues his solo career. In April 2017, his seventh solo album Pures Leben was released. Translated from German – “Pure life”. This is the first disc recorded in German in Anders’ musical career. According to the musician, he tried to return to the style of the “golden era of Modern Talking”.

Clip by Thomas Anders for the song Lunatic