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Biography of rapper Drake

The most successful rapper in hip-hop history, Drake began his career by releasing mixtapes. In just a few years, an ordinary Canadian guy became a rap idol, collected a bunch of prestigious awards and entered the top of the most influential musicians in the world.

Rapper Drake


The full name of the artist is Aubrey Drake Graham, he was born on October 24, 1986 in Toronto in the family of African American Dennis Graham and Jewish Sandra Sher. At one time, Dennis was a famous musician and collaborated with the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis, but he traded his musical career for drugs. After the first term for the distribution of narcotic substances, he promised his wife to quit, but did not keep his word.

Drake as a child

Sandra did not want to wait for her husband to deign to settle down, and divorced him. From constant experiences, she began to progress rheumatoid arthritis, which she suffered from her youth. Together with her five-year-old son, Sandra moved to the outskirts of Toronto, and Dennis again went to jail.

Drake with his father

The woman was helped to raise her son by her brother, who owned a small business that made custom-made furniture. Suffering from pain in her joints, she stopped working and devoted all her time to raising her son. Aubrey went to a Jewish school, studied music and literature.

Drake family

Having learned about the next release of her ex-husband, Sandra did not interfere with his communication with her son. Aubrey was a reasonable guy, and she was not afraid that Dennis would have a bad influence on him.

Carier start

Sandra made sure that her son devoted every minute of his time to study and creativity. After classes at school, Aubrey attended a theater group, went in for sports, tap dance, ballet and music.

Drake in his youth

His friend’s father was a casting agent, it was thanks to him that fifteen-year-old Aubrey landed a significant role in the popular youth project Degrassi. Filming in the series and the first popularity prevented Aubrey, who even then began to call himself Drake, to study at a prestigious college, and he left school with a light heart and to the strong displeasure of his mother.

Drake in Degrassi

In the series, Drake played several seasons, and when the filming ended, he already knew that he did not want to be an actor. In addition, Sandra felt worse and worse, Drake had to take care of his mother, and the money he received for participating in Degrassi was not enough for this.

Call of blood

According to Drake, music is in his blood, because his father played with Jerry Lee himself, and his grandmother nursed future soul queen Aretha Franklin. By the beginning of 2006, the young man was seriously interested in music, and finally Dennis, who had settled down, advised him to dilute the recitative with singing. Subsequently, this will become Drake’s trademark and he will be grateful to his father for advice.

Drake always dreamed of singing

After two mixtapes that instantly became popular, in 2009 Drake released a mini “So Far Gone” under October’s Very Own label. The disc included seven tracks that reliably drove the name of Drake into the heads of even those who were far from rap music.

Rap crooner #1

The combination of rapping and singing polished by Dionne Osbourne’s vocal lessons, as well as his sense of style and ability to express what he feels, made Drake a star before his debut album was released. Mini “So Far Gone” went gold and was named the best rap album of 2010. All subsequent Drake albums met the same fate.

The first full-length album “Thank Me Later”, released in the summer of 2010, confirmed the birth of a new star. The album contains 14 songs, including the gentle “The Resistance”, the melancholy “Fancy” and, of course, “Find You Love”, in which Drake uniquely wove vocals with a leisurely beat.

“Take Care” followed, and the hip-hop community, which, contrary to speculation, is a very conservative subculture, was forced to accept new rules of the game.

The third album “Nothing Was the Same” unconditionally became the best album of 2013 and amazed the listeners with its emotional power, the revelation of a man who does not even try to seem brutal, as is customary in hip-hop culture. Here Drake is amazingly sincere. He can afford to appear weak and vulnerable. The album was created with the participation of Drake’s old friends Noah “40” Shebib and Dionne Osbourne.

The subtle and lyrical Drake was neither black nor white, he sang more than he read and balanced on that fine line that separates art from vulgarity.

In “Views” and “More Life” released two years later, Drake again sings about love, and in such a way that everyone wants to sing along with him. “More Life” features Kanye West and Sampha. Drake’s commercial success breaks all records, and fans fight to the death, arguing which of his compositions is better. Luxurious video clips take first place in all sorts of hit parades and charts. In just a few years, the guy from Toronto managed to create a unique style and become one of the most influential musicians in the world.

Drake’s personal life

Aubrey is a big lover of women and does not even think to hide it. Reporters vying with each other talk about his novels. It is known that he was in love with Nicki Minaj and met with Rihanna, the break with which he was painfully worried.

Drake and Nicki Minaj

Drake is credited with an affair with J. Lo, and his relationship with Madonna is legendary.

Drake and Madonna Kiss

In 2017, he appeared at events with the famous NBC reporter Rosalynn Gold-Onwood, and in early 2018 with an Instagram model with a strange name Malaika for a Russian ear. In the summer of 2018, it became known that the French porn actress gave birth to a child from Drake. But which of them will be Drake’s chosen one? Who will get the fabulously expensive collection of Birkin bags that he put together for his future wife?

Rapper Drake and Rihanna

The musician is not ready to answer this question, but one thing is clear to everyone. The main woman of his life is still his mother. Sandra is an amazingly beautiful woman, and Drake is very proud of her. For her, he bought a house in Toronto and often visits her. The musician himself lives in California, he has a huge estate with a real castle, waterfalls and a park area, which is decorated with statues of puffy women.

Drake with mom

Rapper Drake now

In the fall of 2018, the double album “Scorpio” was released. In just one week from the date of release, it was listened to over a billion times! Like previous albums, it became an event in the world of show business, but unlike them, it received unflattering reviews from critics. If before they laughed at Drake’s sentimentality and his passion for luxury, now they accused him of speculating on sexuality, a broken heart and a clear commercial focus of the album.

Drake’s song “In My Feelings”

The musician works hard, records videos and gives concerts. In the fall of 2018, it became known that Drake plans to buy the Toronto Basketball Club.

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