Lee Jong Suk Net Worth

Lee Jong Suk


Name: Lee Jong Suk (Lee Jong-suk)

Birthday: September 14, 1989 (aged 32)

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Place of Birth:
Yongin, South Korea

186 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Zodiac sign: Virgo (characteristic)

Eastern horoscope: Snake


Family status:

not married

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Biography of Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk (Lee Jong Suk, Lee Jong-suk) is a sought-after actor and model who in 2005 became the youngest fashion showcase in Seoul Fashion Week history. Winner of more than two dozen film awards, including the South Korean television Drama Awards, famous for his roles in the popular TV series School 2013, Pinocchio, I Hear Your Voice, While You Sleep, W.

Pictured: Lee Jong Suk

He is also known for his participation in the creation of music videos, in particular, for the tracks “Love Is” by the duo Davichi, “My Valentine” by singer Jung Yep, “Don’t Play Around” by the girl group CHI-CHI.


The artist, who is deservedly called “talented, charming, courageous and charismatic”, was born on September 14, 1989 in Yongin (according to other sources – in Seoul). He grew up as a very timid, quiet and avoidant child. In the family, he was the eldest of three children: in 1991, she replenished with a son, and two years later, with a daughter. The younger brother and sister were more lively, not as introverted as he was.

Little Lee Jong Suk

The first-born always felt fear of his father, who treated him as an elder especially demanding and strict. Even as an adult, the young man usually felt constrained in his presence and never dared to contradict.

Lee Jong Suk with his sister

Apparently, in order to develop firmness and self-confidence in his son, his father sent him first to the boy scouts, then to the taekwondo section. Although the boy was more fond of drawing, playing the piano or the board game “go”, he conscientiously attended training and subsequently became the owner of a black belt. Relatives did not allow him to give up martial arts even after suffering a knee injury, when Lee had an accident and tore his ligaments.

Star Trek

While in high school, the youngster began his modeling career by showcasing the Seoul Collection menswear collection during the 2005 Fashion Week in the Korean capital, which was attended by leading designers and fashion enthusiasts from around the world. He then became the youngest model in the country to participate in shows of this magnitude.

Lee Jong Suk in his youth

In the same period, he became a trainee [стажер в поп-группе, много репетирующий в ожидании, когда его включат в основной состав – прим. uznayvse.ru] in one of the idol groups, signing a contract that included his acting debut. However, after three months, he tore it up (due to the counterparty’s failure to fulfill obligations regarding acting).

Lee Jong Suk

Then he successfully passed the selection of actors at the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) broadcasting station and at the age of 16 he first appeared on the screen, starring in the short film “Sympathy”. At the same time, according to the results of voting, he was the winner among new models and the owner of the South Korean Superstar Selection Competition. In 2006, he also became the first among the contenders for the SMART Model Contest award in the category “Most Photogenic” (“Charming Faces”).

For the next three years, he continued to participate in shows and go to auditions, but to no avail. Due to the failures and dissatisfaction of his parents, Lee began to feel depressed, he stopped leaving the house and communicating with friends. But in 2010, he was finally cast in a supporting role in the romantic mini-drama “Charming Prosecutor” about a young girl, Ma Hye Ri (played by Kim So Yeon), who gradually becomes an excellent lawyer. Then he made his debut on the big screen in the horror film “Ghost”.

Lee Jong Suk in the movie “Charming Prosecutor”

At the end of 2010, the young actor began acting in the drama Secret Garden, where he played a small role as a talented homosexual musician Han Tae Sang, who is romantically interested in pop singer Osaka (Yoon Sang Hyun). The novice actor began to be recognized on the street, and even a strict father praised his efforts and play.

Lee Jong Suk in “Secret Garden”

The young man gained even more popularity after the release in 2011 of the comedy-romantic sitcom “Unstoppable Kick 3: Shorty’s Revenge”. He was entrusted with the role of hockey star Ahn Soo-jun, the brother of the heroine of the actress and singer Jung Krystal. For her brilliant performance, he received a nomination at the Baeksang Arts Awards.

Lee Jong Suk in the sitcom “Unstoppable Kick 3”

On the wave of success in 2012, Lee appeared in four projects at once. He played rookie pilot Ji Suk-hyun in the feature film Return to Base about the Korean War, as well as a small role as North Korean Choi Keng-sub in the sports drama As One, which told about the events that took place during the table tennis competition. in 1991 in the city of Chiba (Japan) when the United Korea team won the gold.

Interview with Lee Jong Suk

In the same year, he played the central role of student Go Nam-soon in the drama ‘School 2013’, which focuses on anecdotes from the life of students in a troubled educational institution in Seoul. He conveyed the deep feelings of his character in a very convincing and realistic way and earned his first KBS Drama Awards in the Best New Actor category.

Frame from the drama “School 2013”

Lee successfully demonstrated his acting talent in the melodrama “When I was beautiful.” He reincarnated as the main character Yoon Jong Hyuk, a handsome student. While visiting a friend in the hospital, his hero met a very nice girl. She aroused such strong feelings in him that the young man faced a very difficult choice – what to do and who to give preference to?

Frame from the film “When I was beautiful”

During the same period, the actor was a guest on the variety shows Strong Heart and Happy Together, and became the host of SBS’s The Music Trend.

Lee Jong Suk dancing to PSY

The next important project in Lee’s career was the series I Hear Your Voice, released in 2013 and brought him several new film awards for best actor. In this captivating melodramatic fantasy comedy, he portrays a young man named Park Soo Ha who can hear his thoughts. His hero was in love with a beautiful lawyer (Lee Bo-young), investigating complicated crimes, and tried his best to help her.

Frame from the series “I hear your voice”

Fans of the artist could also see him in one of the highest-grossing films of 2013 – in the historical drama “Face Reader”, where he played Jinhyun, the son of the protagonist Nae Kyung (actor Sang Kang Ho). In addition, he appeared in the key role of a swimmer in the sports melodrama Without Breathing.

2014 was marked by the release of three movies starring the actor, including the melodramatic comedy with elements of the thriller Doctor Stranger, which by the end of the season had over 600 million views and brought the performer an SBS Special Award, and the detective sitcom Pinocchio. For his role in the latter, he was awarded the Drama Awards in two categories (Best Actor and Couple / with actress Park Shin-hye).

Actor Lee Jong Suk

In 2016, the artist graduated from Konkuk University with a degree in Professional Cinematography and Art, and starred in three projects. The key role of Kang Chul, he played in the fantasy series “W” (better known in Russia as “Parallel Worlds”). According to the script, his hero, a comic book character, began a romantic relationship with a girl from the real world, Oh Yeon-joo (actress Han Hyo-joo).

Lee Jong Suk in the drama “W – Between Two Worlds”

A year later, fans enthusiastically greeted his two new works – in the feature film “VIP”, where their idol played the role of the son of a high-ranking official who committed crimes with impunity, and in the TV series “While You Sleep”, which told about how his hero, Prosecutor Chung , successfully collaborated with the girl Nam (Bae Suzy), who had prophetic dreams.

Shot from the film “Praise of Death” with the participation of Lee Jong-suk

In 2018, the historical drama “Praise of Death” was released, which told about the tragic romance of the outstanding theater scriptwriter Kim Woo-jin (performed by him) and Korea’s first soprano Yoon Sim-deok (Shin Hye-sung).

Personal life of Lee Jong Suk

The actor tries not to publicize his private life. He noted that he dreams of meeting a girl with a high level of intelligence, so that he would have the motivation to develop his own abilities.

Lee Jong Suk and Han Hye Joo

At various times, he was credited with novels with model and actress Han Hye-joo, with a member of the Miss A group Bae Soo Ji, with partners in the series Pinocchio Park Shin-hye and I hear your voice Lee Bo Young.

Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye

The star’s latest alleged love interest was “Hello Venus” singer Nara. But in August 2019, a representative of his agency “A Man Project” denied this information.

Lee Jong Suk now

In 2019, the comedy television series “Romance in the Plus” (“Romance Supplement”) was released about the development of relations between the young editor-in-chief of a publishing company, the brilliant writer Cha Eun-ho, whose role was embodied by Lee, and the beautiful Kang Dan Yi (Lee Na-young). In the story, she is a former talented copywriter and his old friend, who has problems with employment. Fans were delighted with a number of intimate episodes, for example, when she fell asleep on his shoulder, and he, without the knowledge of the girl, gently touched her lips with his own. In March of the same year, the actor was called up for compulsory military service. But due to the consequences of an injury received at the age of 16 in an accident (rupture of the cruciate ligament), he was unfit for service. Military duty (according to his label) he will perform until January 2024 as a public worker.