Jung Ho Young Net Worth

Biography of Jung Ho Young

Jung Ho Young is a successful South Korean model, actress, star of the TV series Squid Game, released on Netflix in September 2024. The girl is popular not only in her native country, but also abroad, thanks to her collaboration with the brands Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermès and others.

Pictured: Jung Ho Young


The future star was born on June 23, 1994 in Seoul. The girl grew up in a large family with two brothers and a sister. Her father, a successful businessman, owner of the Gukbap restaurant, provided the children with everything they needed.

Jung Ho Young as a child

Already in her school years, Jung Ho Young volunteered to participate in the Korean Fashion Week. However, only as a volunteer. The responsibilities of the girl included assistance in organizing shows and working with models.

After graduating from high school, she entered Dongguk Private University to major in Modeling. According to the girl, she was always above her peers, so this area suited her perfectly.

Jung Ho Young on the catwalk

Her parents suggested that she follow in her father’s footsteps and enter the family business, but after graduating from university, the Korean woman insisted and promised that she would succeed as a fashion model. The father gave his daughter the opportunity to do what she loves and not worry about money.

Modeling career

Ho Young achieved her first success in modeling at the age of 16, when she was invited to participate in Seoul Fashion Week. There, the girl was noticed not only by the Esteem Models agency, which offered her a contract, but also by the editors of glossy publications. So, Vogue magazine compared the native of Seoul with world-class models – Cara Delevingne and Hannah Gaby Odile. Jeon impressed the model scouts not only with her tall stature and unusual facial features, but also with her fiery red, almost red hair color, which favorably distinguished her from the rest.

Unusual appearance brought success to Ho Young

The real breakthrough in Ho Young’s career was the participation in the show “Korean Top Model” in 2013. The second place taken in the superfinal can hardly be called a failure: already at the stage of filming, she was offered a contract by world agencies, and soon she appeared in photo shoots for Vogue Girl Korea, NylonKorea and ELLE Wedding magazines.

Ho Young on ‘Korean Top Model’

Jeon made her international runway debut in 2016 when she walked in the Louis Vuitton show in New York. Then there was collaboration with fashion houses Chanel, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry and Versace and collaboration in their advertising campaigns.

Gradually, photos of the top model began to appear not only on the pages of glossy publications, but also on the covers of magazines such as Vogue in Korea, the USA, Great Britain and Japan, as well as the South Korean Harper’s Bazaar.

Jung Ho Young often appears on the covers of glossy magazines

In 2017, the site Models.com named the girl the model of the year and awarded the nomination “Best Debut”, since 2019 she has been in the top 50 best models in the world.

“The game of squid” and other roles

In 2024, Jeon decided to try her hand at acting. The girl approached this choice thoroughly, realizing that one sweet face in this matter will not do. After completing the courses, she signed a contract as an actress with Saram Entertainment. According to Ho Young, she spent a lot of time outside her homeland, and wanted to express loneliness and emptiness through acting on the screen. A month after the girl hired an agent who was looking for roles in Korean films and TV shows for her, she received a letter in which she was offered to record a video with a test for a new Netflix drama.

Ho Young didn’t really hope to get the role the first time, but a miracle happened – the director noticed her among other aspiring actresses. It is interesting that already well-known and experienced actors played at the same stage with her. So, Lee Jong Jae, the lead actor of Song Ki Hoon (No. 456), by that time had starred in more than 40 projects.

Jung Ho Young in “The Squid Game”

In the story, 456 people with huge debts get into the multi-billion dollar game. What is happening only at first glance will seem like child’s play. Behind a large cash prize is rivalry, cruelty and other human vices that are revealed in the course of events. Jeon was cast as Kang Sae-baek, a North Korean refugee and thief. She dreams of getting her younger brother out of the orphanage and moving her relatives to South Korea. The girl prepared thoroughly for the shooting. In order to look more natural as a pickpocket, Ho Young had to wean herself from the model gait that had developed to automatism over the years. I also had to get acquainted with the culture, communicate with real refugees and study the local dialect of the inhabitants of North Korea – saturi.

On the set of “The Squid Game”

The actress admits that during the filming she experienced uncertainty and more than once wondered: “Am I not superfluous here?”. The lack of experience and the fear of letting the film crew down did not allow Jeon to calmly continue to work. But the director reassured the girl, saying that she just had to be herself.

Jung Ho Young’s personal life

Despite the great attention from fans, and especially men, the girl’s heart has long been occupied. Since 2015, Jung Ho Young has been dating actor Lee Dong Hwi, who is 9 years older than her.

Jung Ho Young is dating actor Lee Dong Hwi

As Chon herself admits, he is not only a close person for her, but also her best friend, colleague. The man is known in his homeland for his roles in feature films and TV series, for example, in the thriller The Maid and the drama Extreme Job. The actor also plays music and likes to dress stylishly.

Ho Young’s Chosen One – Lee Dong Hwi

Lee supported his beloved in every possible way in preparation for the first role and, according to the man himself, sincerely rejoiced at the successful debut. According to broadcaster SBS, the supermodel and her partner ranked third in the ranking of the strongest couples in South Korean show business.

Jung Ho Young now

Ho Young’s stunning debut in “The Squid Game” brought popularity to Ho Young, which was unexpected even for herself. In a couple of weeks, more than 20 million people subscribed to her Instagram page.

In addition to a large number of fans, this role helped the girl become the ambassador of the Louis Vuitton fashion house as the face of Adidas.

Jung Ho Young becomes the face of Adidas

Interesting Facts

Adventure attracts Ho Young no less than modeling and acting. “Once I jumped with a parachute. I was in Guam with my friends, I think I was 19 or so. We love to travel, ”the girl admits.

At the age of 19, the model went skydiving

She is also a fan of action movies and dreams of starring in a Quentin Tarantino film someday. Chung cites Ari Arister’s Solstice, Coen Brothers’ Fargo and Tarantino’s Kill Bill as her main influences.

Ho Young is fluent in English. She began to study it not only to communicate with European designers and colleagues, but also for a future acting career, which the girl planned to start as soon as possible.

On the set of The Squid Game, Jeon was supported by her friend, Blackpink member Jennie Kim. The latter even sent a food truck directly to the site. The girls have been communicating on social networks since 2019.