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Biography of Till Lindemann

Till Lindemann is a German singer, musician, actor and poet, the permanent vocalist of the Rammstein band since 1994 and the leader of the Lindemann industrial music band since 2015.

Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann

Childhood and family

Till Lindemann was born on January 4, 1963 in Leipzig (GDR) in the family of children’s poet Werner Lindemann and writer Brigitte Hildegard “Gitta” Lindemann. Till has a younger sister named Saskia.

Till Lindemann’s parents

When Till was 11 years old, his parents sent him to the sports school Empor Rostock Sport Club, which prepared a reserve for the GDR national team. The last three years before graduation, from 1977 to 1980, Lindemann lived in a sports boarding school. Meanwhile, relations between Till’s parents deteriorated. After 1975, Werner and Brigitte began to live separately, and soon divorced altogether. For some time, Till lived with his father, but their relationship deteriorated rapidly, because. Werner suffered from alcoholism.

As a teenager, Till achieved some success in sports: in 1978 he participated in the European Youth Swimming Championships, which took place in Florence, finishing 11th in the 1500-meter freestyle and 7th in the 400-meter freestyle. .

Future Rammstein vocalist (left)

After that, Lindemann was included in the German national team to participate in the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, but he failed to perform in the Russian capital. After an injury to the abdominal muscles received during training, Till retired from the sport. Lindemann later said that he did not like to study at a sports school because of the enormous workload.


In the mid-80s, Lindemann became interested in music. In 1986, he became the drummer of the punk rock band First Arsch and sometimes performed with the Feeling B band. The musicians staged their concerts outside the city, at abandoned construction sites and empty factories. According to Till, at such events, musicians and listeners had to be constantly wary of the arrival of the police.

Young Till Lindemann

After some time, Till left music lessons, but not for long. In 1993, guitarist Richard Kruspe, a friend of Till, invited Lindemann to try himself as a vocalist in his new band. After much persuasion, Till moved from the city of Schwerin, where he lived in recent years, to Berlin for a trial recording.

Rammstein. Start

Although Lindemann had a hard time getting used to the new role, the young band immediately applied for participation in the Berlin Metrobeat competition. To participate in the festival, the guys prepared their demo-recordings, which were created in the apartment. Unexpectedly for young musicians, their group won the competition, and far-reaching prospects opened up before the guys.

The official date of birth of the group is 1994.

Soon the new band was joined by musicians from Feeling B – rhythm guitarist Paul Landers and keyboardist Christian “Flake” Lorenz. For some time the group was nameless, but in the end the name “Rammstein” was chosen, which means “ram stone” in German (later the musicians claimed that they named the group in memory of the tragic collision over the Rammstein airbase in 1988).

One of the first performances of Rammstein (1994)

In 1994, the group signed a contract with Motor Music and released their first album a year later. After the release of the disc “Rammstein” went on tour in Europe, still together with other musicians. The soloist’s unusual voice, unusual lyrics and crazy performances (the musicians loved to arrange pyrotechnic shows) did not always resonate in the hearts of the audience: for example, in Poland, Rammstein was pelted with bottles.

For two years I took lessons from an opera singer, the star of Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess. Hated going to her. She was very strict: she ordered me to sing, holding a chair over my head, or to do push-ups during the performance of parts.

After David Lynch used two Rammstein songs in his film Lost Highway, the band’s fame spread beyond Europe. Soon the musicians went on tour to another continent. During a US tour with Korn in 1998, Till and Flacke were arrested for indecent behavior on stage. The musicians were released the next day after bail was paid.

How Till Lindemann has changed

Released in 2001, the album Mutter instantly wrote the band into the history of music. A video was recorded for the lead single of the album of the same name, in which the narration was conducted on behalf of a man conceived in a test tube who killed his mother. Every year her popularity only grew, and the musicians did not get tired of shocking the audience with spectacular performances and gloomy video clips. Lindemann was ready for any tricks to stun the fans. For example, during the filming of the video for the song “Ich tu dir weh”, Lindemann wished that light came from his mouth and asked to make a cut in his left cheek for a wire and a light bulb.

Till Lindemann’s height is 184 centimeters

In 2005, five Rammstein albums went platinum and the band received the World SalesAwards for over 10 million copies sold worldwide.

Rammstein – Du Hast (1997)

Over the years of activity, the Rammstein guys have earned a rather scandalous reputation in the eyes of individual religious and social activists. They tried to ban Rammstein songs and videos in many countries, and Russia did not escape this fate. In 2016, parliamentarian Roman Khudyakov appealed to Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky with a request to ban the performances of the German group in the country because of the propaganda of sadism, cannibalism and homosexuality.

Rammstein proposed to be banned in Russia

One of the band’s most famous music videos, for the song Mein Teil (“Part of Me”), was based on a true story. In 2001, the German Armin Meiwes searched the World Wide Web for a person who would agree to be eaten. Programmer Juergen Brandes responded to the ad. They became lovers; Meiwes subsequently killed Brandeis, kept his meat in a freezer, and gradually ate it. Upon learning of this act of cannibalism, Till was inspired to create the song. In some countries, the clip was severely censored, such as the removal of a scene in which an angel orally satisfies Lindemann. The theme of cannibalism was played up at live performances: Til went on stage in a leather apron and with a butcher’s knife in his hands, and a huge cauldron with Flake sitting in it was carried out onto the stage.

Every Rammstein concert turns into a grand show

At one time, many parents who decided to join the interests of their children were shocked by the Pussy clip (slang for “pussy”, “female genital organ”). The 4-minute video had a lot of explicit angles, including scenes with naked musicians (although in some scenes they were replaced by doubles).

This song has a no less outrageous live performance – during its performance, Till, as a rule, sat down on an assembly resembling a male penis and poured white foam on the audience.

Live performance of “Pussy”

In 2013, Lindemann announced the band’s sabbatical. In May 2015, he also announced the start of work on a new Rammstein album. According to the singer, it was supposed to last until 2017. In March 2017, it became known that 35 tracks were ready, but the question of the release date of the disc remained open.


In 2000, Swedish musician Peter Tägtren of the death metal band Hypocrisy and the industrial band Pain helped the guys from Ramstein curb bikers who were asking for a fight. A friendship struck up between the musicians, but they were not able to find time to record a record in their busy schedules for a long time.

Peter Tägtren and Till Lindemann. Photo shoot for the album Skills in Pills

On his 52nd birthday in 2015, Till announced the creation of a side project “Lindemann” with Peter Tägtgren. The debut album Skills in Pills was released in June 2015 and took first place in the national music chart. Soon, the friends presented the clip “Praise Abort” (“Bless the abortion”), which is not inferior in outrageousness to the previous clips invented by Lindemann.

Frame from the clip “Praise Abort”


Lindemann played several supporting roles in a number of European films. Together with Christoph Schneider, Till starred in the 1999 Swedish drama Paul X, in which his colleagues acted as drummers.

Scene with Rammstein from the movie “Paul X”

In 2002, Till and the rest of Rammstein starred as themselves in the action movie xXx, starring Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel and Till Lindemann at the premiere of “xxx”

Lindemann can also be seen in the German family film “Penguin Amundsen” (2003) and the film “Vincent” (2004) as an animal advocate.

Shot from the film “Penguin Amudsen”

Poetry and art

Since the early 1990s, Till has been writing poetry. In 2002, with the assistance of producer and director Gert Hof, the book “Messer” (“Knife”) was published, which included 54 poems by Lindemann.

In 2013, Till’s second book of poems, In stillen Nächten (In Quiet Night), was published.

“In a Quiet Night” – the second collection of poems by Till Lindemann

In 2014, Till presented two sculptures and original drafts of his poems, included in the collection In Quiet Night, at the Dresden Holger John Gallery.

In an interview in March 2017, Ramstein guitarist Richard Kruspe said that the musicians have recorded 35 new songs, but the release date of the band’s seventh studio album is still in doubt.

Rammstein continue to play concerts

In May, Rammstein embarked on a European and US tour with new producer Sky Van Hoff. In a July interview with Resurrection Fest, Kruspe stated that the new album could be the band’s last.

In September 2017, there were reports in the press about the breakup of the group, but there was no confirmation of this from the musicians themselves.

It is believed that the next Rammstein album will be the last

In October 2017, Till’s new book was published in collaboration with American musician Joe Kelly, Yukon: My Hated Friend. In it, the reader learns about Lindemann and Kelly’s breathtaking canoe trip down the Yukon River.

Til Lindemann’s personal life

Lindemann married quite early – at 22, but soon divorced. His first daughter Nele was born in 1985. For 7 years he raised his daughter alone. She often watched her dad during rehearsals, but while he was on tour, she visited her mother and her new family.

The musician’s second daughter, Marie Louise, was born in 1993 in a civil marriage with teacher Anna Közelin. In those years, the musician drank a lot and lost control of his emotions. He often cheated on Anna, and did not even hide acts of adultery. Sometimes it came to assault. After her husband broke her nose, Anna inflated the scandal, which was widely reported in the press. Since then, Lindemann has been trying not to disclose details about his personal life.

Vocalist Rammstein is still unmarried

In 2007, Nele gave birth to Till’s grandson Fritz Fidel.

Children of Till Lindemann: on the left – Nele, on the right – Marie Louise

From 2011 to 2015, Till dated German actress Sofia Thomalla.

In the photo: Till Lindemann and Sofia Thomalla

In May 2018, Svetlana Loboda had a daughter. It would seem, where does Till Lindenmann? However, in the summer of 2017, they had a fleeting romance, and when the singer became pregnant, rumors appeared in the press that the lead singer of Rammstein became the father of the child. Svetlana did not confirm these conjectures, but did not refute them either, stirring up the interest of fans.

Till is called the father of Svetlana Loboda’s child

Lindemann’s favorite bands are Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, and favorite musicians are Marilyn Manson and Chris Isaac.

Lindemann is an atheist. According to the artist, none of the Rammstein members believe in God.

Till Lindemann now

In 2019, the band Rammstein with Till released their seventh studio album – fans had to wait for it for 10 years since the release of the previous one. In the same year, Till released an independent F & M record. Lindemann had a concert scheduled in Moscow for March 2024, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he had to hold two, dividing the audience into the allowable number of people. Soon Till was hospitalized in Germany with suspected coronavirus, but the test was negative.

Till Lindemann & David Garrett

In December 2024, Lindemann presented a composition recorded with violinist David Garrett – the single “Alle Tage ist kein Sonntag” became a cover of a song popular in Germany in the 20s.

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