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CC Catch is a German singer of Dutch origin, a star of the 80s, who won the hearts of listeners with perky pop and disco songs. For 40 years now, CC Catch songs have been heard on the radio and all dance floors in the world, and the artist herself has been gathering full houses.

Pictured: CC Catch

Childhood and youth

Carolina Katarina Müller was born on July 31, 1964 in the Netherlands, to a German father Jurgen and a Dutch mother named Corrie. Later, she had younger brothers: Marcel and twins Jurgen and Marco. Until the age of 14, Carolina rarely saw her father – he lived in Germany, while mother and daughter remained in Holland.

Carolina Katarina Müller

The future singer was accompanied by moving throughout her childhood. Cities, classmates, friends changed – and only my beloved mother was there. After graduating from elementary school (in Holland it is 6 classes), Carolina entered the school of housekeeping. The girls were taught how to disassemble the vacuum cleaner, cook and wash, taught the basics of the salesman. The diligent and gifted Carolina did well, but the lot of a housewife did not appeal to her.

Singer CC Catch as a child

In the late 1970s, the Muller family was reunited. Carolina and her mother moved to Germany, where the girl continued her studies – now in German, which she did not know so well. At the insistence of her parents, after school, Carolina began to study as a seamstress and practice at a garment factory.

CC Catch in his youth (pictured with brothers)

The new chapter of life turned into a nightmare: endless work and eternal lack of sleep. The girl had to endure the cries of a disgruntled boss, listen to the dirty gossip of employees and work overtime, sometimes 15 hours a day. The only outlet for the girl was a musical tavern in Bund, where she looked after work. It was there that she first thought about singing and performing in public.

CC Catch family: parents and younger brothers

First steps to glory. Optimal

Carolina’s parents supported their daughter’s aspirations, although they still prophesied her the fate of a dressmaker. Meanwhile, the girl began to take guitar lessons, went to jazz dances and participated in all talent competitions in a row. “Competitions helped me a lot, I learned to stand on stage, I got used to the public,” the singer shared. On February 6, 1982, Carolina made her first public appearance in a restaurant.

CC Catch in his youth

After sleepless nights and endless rehearsals, there was less and less energy left to work. It’s time to choose: factory or music. Carolina chose the second, with the support of her parents. But she was not the only one who decided to drastically change her fate. The girl’s father left his job and spent all his savings on opening the Orbit-music agency to help his daughter’s career.

Jürgen Müller has become his daughter’s biggest fan. He bought her a microphone and phonograms of popular hits, and the girl tormented relatives and neighbors with home “concerts” from morning to night. The man fully shared his daughter’s desire to become a star, for which she is infinitely grateful to him. Talent contests allowed Carolina to gain some popularity and status in the small town. One by one, the producers began to “woo” her, but they did not offer anything worthwhile. With the exception of Peter Kent, who immediately took the singer into circulation and invited her to become part of the female quartet Optimal.

Carolina Müller in the Optimal group

The members of the young team have already become familiar with each other at music festivals, so it was not difficult for them to work together. However, adjusting to three colleagues over time became increasingly difficult. “It was very hard, a real school of survival. I don’t miss those times at all. It’s so great to work solo, ”Caroline shared in an interview.

Performance by Optimal

The performance of young artists in 1985 near Hamburg intrigued Dieter Bohlen, an indispensable member of the Modern Talking group. The man invited the brightest member of the quartet – Carolina – to his studio for listening. This is how the world career of the artist, which we now know under the pseudonym CC Catch, began.

Dieter Bohlen and CC Catch

Solo career

One meeting was enough for Dieter Bohlen to understand that he had a future star in front of him. He offered the singer a contract, as well as a brighter stage name: CC Catch. The first letters “C” stand for the initials of the two names of the singer, and the prefix “Catch” just looked good with the initials.

Legend of the 80s CC Catch

The debut single of the singer CC Katch broke the European charts – the song “I Can Lose My Heart Tonight” is still listened to with nostalgia for bygone times. The popularity of the young star was rapidly gaining momentum. Concerts, tours, raging fans, twelve brilliant singles and four albums…

CC Catch – I Can Lose My Heart Tonight (Formel Eins 1985)

But the time has come to leave: Bohlen flatly refused to listen to the ideas of the young singer and stubbornly planted his preferences in music.

Dieter Bohlen has an unbearable character, he is very authoritarian. But it was he who instilled in me a taste for good music, for which I am already grateful to him.

It took CC Catch several months to wrest back the stage name she had already become famous from the formidable producer.

Chris Norman, Dieter Bohlen and CC Catch

She did not have to look for a new mentor for a long time. At a performance in Spain, the girl met Simon Napier-Bell, George Michael’s former manager. Delighted by the young artist, the producer immediately took her under his wing. The album “Hear What I Say”, released on the Metronome label, was released already at the end of 1989.

CC Catch during a photoshoot

This is CC Catch’s last studio album to date. But what! The singer wrote seven songs of the album herself, realizing her old dream. The album sold well, but the artist hoped for more, because earlier with her hits she always ended up in the top five.

CC Catch in the early 90s

The listener was grateful and did not demand new songs from Carolina. With her concerts, the singer traveled all over Europe, not forgetting about the USSR. The girl repeatedly performed in Moscow, and in 1991 she took part in the festival “Children of Chernobyl – Our Children”, one of the organizers of which was her father.

Career break

On the Metronome label, the singer worked for a very short time. After parting ways with the producers on a good note, CC Catch decided to take a break from her music career. She focused on her spiritual growth, became interested in yoga and meditation, wrote poetry.

In 1991 CC Catch took a 7-year hiatus

Karolina devoted seven years to herself and her family (read more about this page of the singer’s life below in the “Personal Life” section). However, the inexorable craving for creativity eventually made itself felt. In 1998, to the great happiness of the fans, CC Catch returned to the scene.

Loud return

In the late 1990s, Europeans again felt an interest in disco music. And it is simply impossible to imagine this genre without CC Catch. The same Dieter Bohlen helped the artist to return to the stage. Together they came up with new versions of two of her hits, adding hard beats and rap to them.

In the late 90s, CC Catch returned to the scene

But not only Muller’s music has changed – her image has also undergone significant changes. CCCatch went from curly-haired brown-haired to a graceful blonde who still boasted a flexible girlish figure.

The popularity of Carolina did not waver under the pressure of young blood. Rap, backing dancers in catchy costumes – her impulsive and spectacular shows had a magnetic effect on the crowd. The audience still loved CCCatch and enjoyed dancing to its hits during “all the stars from 80’s” concerts.

Carolina Muller

Disco legends led by Muller in the early 2000s conquered the largest venues in Europe. In the post-Soviet space, the queen of the dance floor was accompanied by Tatyana Ovsienko, Soso Pavliashvili, Yuri Antonov and other stars.

The singer went to Russia not only to perform. The video for her song “Silence” was filmed in St. Petersburg, in the Polovtsev mansion on Kamenny Island. Carolina chose the filming location herself: it was here that she celebrated her 40th birthday and fell in love with the city of palaces and fountains with all her heart.

In 2003, Carolina covered the single “Shake Your Head”, a song with a long and interesting history. Back in the 80s, when recording this composition, the American singer Don Was collaborated with Madonna, but the result did not suit him. But the help of Ozzy Osbourne was much more useful. The song received its second birth in the early 90s, when it was adorned with the voice of actress Kim Basinger. And now, ten years later, the song again excited the hearts of listeners – now thanks to CCCatch.

Talented Singer CC Catch

In 2007, CCCatch was awarded the honorary Order of the Peacemaker, awarded for her contribution to the fusion of world cultures and the development of friendship between countries. This award was once received by members of Deep Purple, Nazareth, Smokie and others.

Personal life CC Catch

At the peak of her popularity, Carolina met her first great love, which turned out to be Aquamarine drummer Frank Otto. Alas, the novel ended rather quickly. The guy left the artist when she was pregnant. The prospect of becoming a single mother frightened the young girl. Having thought everything over properly, she decided to have an abortion, deleting the name of a cowardly lover forever from her life.

CC Catch and Frank Otto

Taught by the mistakes of the past, the singer no longer advertised the relationship. Carolina first married at the age of 34 – for her meditation and yoga teacher from London. The name of C.C. Ketch’s second husband is unknown even to her devoted fans. They lived in marriage for several years, but in the end decided to leave.

CC Catch is immersed in a career

In an interview at the end of 2018, the artist admitted that she often receives dating offers from wealthy people, but now she has taken a break and wants to devote all her time only to herself.

CC Catch in his youth and now

Many fans of the star are interested in the secret of her beauty. CCCatch admits that he does not put much effort into keeping himself in shape. The artist uses the most common moisturizer, which is sold in all stores, drinks a lot of water and tea. From coffee, meat products and alcoholic beverages, Carolina refused a long time ago. In addition, the singer practices meditation and tries to get as much sleep as possible.

That’s all, the rest is an attitude to life. I try to enjoy it. I try to just be grateful for what I have today.

CC Catch Now

Singer CC Catch continues to actively perform and tour. “Queen of Disco” pleases fans with new programs and colorful shows. The singer regularly visits Russia, visiting the capital and provincial cities with concerts.

CC Catch in 2019

At the end of 2019, the artist once again took part in the Russian music festival “Disco 80s”. Together with her, such heavyweights of the stage as “Kar-Man”, “Earthlings”, Yuri Loza, Thomas Anders and many others appeared on the stage.

Where did CC Catch go and what it looks like now

In one of the last interviews, Carolina said that she was going to leave show business. The artist complains that she spends too little time with her family and just wants to be at home. In the future, she is going to write a book, but she has not yet decided on the topic.

CC Catch Now