Group Disco Crash


Foundation date: 1990

The country: Russia

Town: Ivanovo

Nikolay Timofeev (vocals)


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Biography of the group “Disco Crash”

“Disco Crash” is a Russian musical group from Ivanovo, based on the decline of the USSR. Their main direction is dance music with light catchy lyrics and layers of musical styles. Artists received special recognition at the beginning of the 2000s.

The once legendary pop group “Disco Crash”

History of creation

The activity of “Disco Crash” began in 1990, although in fact the performers began to delight the public with their DJ sets, if it could be called that, back in 1988. Initially, Alexei Ryzhov and Nikolai Timofeev studied together at the Ivanovo Power Engineering University, played in KVN .

The group was founded by Nikolay Timofeev and Alexey Ryzhov

Once the creative guys were instructed to hold a disco in the student club “Electron”. During a performance in a room that has seen its best years, the lights went out, but either Timofeev or Ryzhov hastened to reassure the people: “Everything is fine, because we are Disco Crash.”

Disco Crash – Drink beer

A little later, the guys were offered a job at the Ivanovo radio, where they became real innovators. As part of the show, they reviewed new music, made remixes (although this word was still new) on popular compositions, for example, they could overlay a house section and cool samples on Alla Pugacheva’s song – young listeners were delighted. The transfer, of course, was called “Disco Crash”.

The name “Accident” often justified itself in a negative way. The Kiev tour brought the group a wheel pierced in the middle of a flat road, during a performance at the stadium, right in front of the band’s exit to the public, the wiring caught fire, in front of the club where the musicians held a concert, a stone fence collapsed for no apparent reason, which had previously stood here for about a hundred years, and so Further. Since it was possible to do without victims in each such incident, the artists were ironic about “collecting” their PEs.

The main stages of creativity

The tandem turned into a trio in 1992, when an actor from the puppet theater Oleg Zhukov joined them, to whom the nickname “Fat Man” quickly clung. Performances began to be of a regular nature, and the song material has accumulated more than one album.

In 1992, Oleg Zhukov joined Disco Crash

Since the mid-90s, the songs of “Disco Crash” began to be included in collections of popular music from the recording studio “Soyuz”. When compiling the albums, the compilers of the albums were guided solely by the demand for a particular composition, and therefore the songs of Time Machine, Boris Moiseev or Agatha Christie perfectly coexisted with Disco Crash.

Members of the Disco Crash group in their youth

The first album “Dance with me” “Disco Crash” was presented in 1997. After that, Alexey Serov came to the team. There were several memorable songs on the cassette (“Malinki”, “Drink beer”, etc.), but it cannot be said that the recording made a splash.

Golden composition of “Disco Crash”

The first one hundred percent hit from the “Avarians” was the song “New Year” (1999) with a bright animated video. It still remains very popular on the eve of the holidays. Also, the all-Russian popularity of the team was influenced by remixes for “You threw” and “I won’t soon” by Lyapis Trubetskoy.

Disco Crash – New Year’s

Since there were many developments, non-numbered albums “Song about you and me” (1999), “Marathon” (1999), “Accident against!” (2000). Their track list contained the original compositions of “Avaria”, but most of them were remixes of songs by other performers: “Mumiy Troll”, “Brilliant”, “Beetles”, etc.

But the album “Maniacs” released in 2001, which included 11 songs and included a bonus “New Year’s”. Songs “H.H.H.I.R.N.R.” (which stood for “hip-hop, house and rock and roll”) and “Sky” were released as maxi-singles, both took top positions in the music charts. The clip for the last one was called the best clip of the year according to Muz-TV.

Disco Crash – X.X.X.I.R.N.R.

In the same year, the hit “You hesitated!” brought the first “Golden Gramophone” to the “Avarians”. A year later, they were among the laureates of the Song of the Year. Throughout their career, the group received these awards more than once.

The ninth track on the album “Maniacs” was the song “Disco Superstar”, which praised the talent of the “fat DJ” Oleg Zhukov. They filmed it when the seriously ill Zhukov had already come to terms with the inevitable. The video was released in 2002 – posthumously.

Perhaps the most charismatic member of the group was not only a good DJ, but also a masterful rapper. Alas, simultaneously with the advent of popular fame, in August 2001, Oleg was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Everyone’s favorite “Fat Man” hid the illness from the press and the public for a long time, survived the operation, after which there was an improvement, but in November 2001 he was no longer able to perform with his comrades. When asked where Oleg disappeared, the musicians laughed it off. So the death of 29-year-old Zhukov on February 9, 2002 came as a surprise to the fans of the group. The last clip of “Disco Crash” with the participation of Oleg Zhukov was the video for the song “On the edge of the attack.”

DiscoSuperstar released posthumously

Timofeev, Ryzhov and Serov decided not to look for a replacement for their deceased friend. Oleg’s comrades took a creative break and disappeared from the radar. In 2006, Disco Crash returned with a new album, Four Guys (the name indicated that Oleg continued to be the fourth member of the group), but the solemn comeback did not work. Although the song “Malinka” jointly with Zhanna Friske was actively played on all radio stations, and a provocative video was shot on “Severe Rap”, the fans did not accept the new work, and some even accused the team of “opposing”. “We have slipped into banality and plagiarism!” the listeners were indignant.

After the death of Oleg Zhukov, Disco Crash began to lose listeners

In 2011, Disco Crash was awarded the Silver Galosh anti-award in the Plagiarism of the Year nomination: in their song Aram-zam-zam, they found similarities with the soundtrack from the Soviet Hounds of the Baskervilles with Livanov and Solomin. In the same year, a new album “Non-Children’s Time” was released.

Disco Crash – Aram-zam-zam

In 2012, Nikolai Timofeev went into free swimming. The discord of old friends was explained by creative contradictions: Ryzhov and Serov said that Timofeev performed solo with the “common” songs of the group at the Slaviansky Bazaar festival, although he did not have the right to do so. And from the point of view of Nikolai, the reason for his departure was the conflict with Ryzhov – former friends constantly argued about who does more for the group. Moreover, he accused Ryzhov of legal fraud, as a result of which the rights to all the songs of Disco Crash were transferred to Alexei.

Nikolai Timofeev left his brainchild due to a conflict with Ryzhov

In November, Timofeev’s place was taken by Anna Khokhlova, a participant in the third season of the Ukrainian show X-Factor. Already in the new line-up, the disc “Girl behind the wheel” (2014) was released.

“Disco Crash” with Anna Khokhlova

The fans considered the joint work of the “Avarians” with Philip Kirkorov to be remarkable. The song “Bright Me” (2016) received its own video, where the band members caught some kind of Pokemon, more like the king of Russian pop music.

Disco Crash ft. Philip Kirkorov – Bright me

In 2017, the band brought fans together for a big live-streamed concert.

Collaborations with other artists

  • “Pasha Face Control” – feat. DJ Smash
  • “Labyrinth” – feat. Batishta
  • “Mohair” – feat. “Bread”
  • “Electro Music” – feat. E-not
  • “Malinki” – feat. Zhanna Friske
  • “Weather Forecast” – feat. Christina Orbakaite
  • “Bright I” – feat. Philip Kirkorov
  • Dreamer – feat. Nikolay Baskov


“Disco Crash” very difficult to break off relations with a member of the team Nikolai Timofeev. Many unpleasant words were said towards each other on both sides of the conflict. At the end of 2013, Ryzhov even sued an ex-colleague for copyright infringement. In response, a similar lawsuit from Timofeev followed. Litigation dragged on for several years. Everyone was dissatisfied with the decision: Nikolai was forbidden to perform the songs he claimed, but Alexei did not receive the compensation he initially insisted on.

In August 2018, Alexey Ryzhov was unable to leave with his family for a vacation in Italy. The artist was deployed at the airport: he was not allowed to leave the country due to debts and non-payment of taxes.


  • “Dance with me” (1997)
  • “Song about you and me” (1999)
  • “Marathon” (1999)
  • “Crash Vs!” (2000)
  • “Maniacs” (2001)
  • “Four Guys” (2006)
  • “Unchildish Time” (2011)
  • “Girl driving” (2014)

“Disco Crash” now

In 2018, the group presented a fresh song “Dreamer”, in the recording of which Nikolai Baskov also participated. The video for it has collected more than 5 million views on the band’s official YouTube channel.

Disco Crash – Dreamer

During the World Cup, which was held in Russia, “Disco Crash” together with the musician Chinkong presented a clip for the song “Welcome To Russia”. The video used footage from matches, views of stadiums, footage of fans from different countries, as well as the players and coaches themselves, including Luka Modric, Stanislav Cherchesov, Cristiano Ronaldo, Diego Maradona. The group is a regular guest of provincial towns and is well received in the regions. For example, in September 2018, Disco Crash became the headliner of the Day of Tomsk holiday. In the fall, the team also promised to perform at the big “Disco of the 90s” along with “Na-Na”, “Hands Up!”, Melanie C from the Spice Girls and other idols of the decade before last.

Disco Crash – listen online