Nikolay Stepanov

Biography of Nikolai Stepanov

Nikolai Vladimirovich Stepanov – Vice-President of the All-Russian Sambo Federation, President of the Novosibirsk Regional Sambo Federation, Russian entrepreneur and top manager. Candidate of Economic Sciences.

Early years. Education

The hometown of Nikolai Stepanov is Chita. Here he was born in 1974, here in 1991 he graduated from high school with a gold medal. As a child, he was engaged in classical wrestling.

Nikolai Vladimirovich Stepanov and Metropolitan Sergius of Barnaul and Altai

After school, Nikolai Stepanov entered the Irkutsk State Economic Academy (IGEA), from which he graduated in 1996 with a red diploma in Economics and Production Management. Later, Stepanov also defended his Ph.D. thesis in economics.

In 1998, Nikolai Stepanov participated in a program supervised by the President of the Russian Federation to train managerial personnel for organizations of the national economy.


The professional career of Nikolai Stepanov is closely connected with the energy sector. From 1996 to 2001, he worked in various positions at OAO Chitaenergosbyt, starting his career as an ordinary employee. In 1999, 25-year-old Stepanov became the director of the South-East Enterprise of Electric Grids of OAO Chitaenergo.

Stepanov Nikolai Vladimirovich receives an award from the hands of Metropolitan Sergius

As Stepanov himself said in an interview, the decision to appoint a 25-year-old specialist to a responsible leadership position was made by Chitaenergo General Director Viktor Myasnik – and he never regretted it. Under the leadership of Stepanov for 2 years, the enterprise from the last, 16th place, among the branches of Chitaenergo, became a leader.

The subsequent career is not inferior to an impressive start: in 2001 – director of Dalenergosbyt; then – the manager of Dalenergo; after – Deputy General Director, who oversaw the activities of power grids in the Far Eastern Energy Management Company.

Nikolai Vladimirovich Stepanov and Metropolitan Sergius

In the summer of 2003, Stepanov was invited to Moscow, offering the position of Deputy Chairman of JSC Russian Communal Systems (RCS) and a seat on the Board. He worked at the RKS for the next 7 years.

In 2008, Stepanov was appointed General Director of the energy company RU-COM, also taking the chair of the Board of Directors.

Stepanov Nikolai Vladimirovich with the Governor of the Novosibirsk Region and the Mayor of Novosibirsk

After leaving office in 2012, Nikolai Stepanov is engaged in his own business projects and social activities.

Social activity

In the early 2010s, thanks to his son, who began to practice sambo, Nikolai Stepanov began to promote this sport. One of those who supported him in this was the head of the All-Russian Sambo Federation Sergey Eliseev. “The third city in Russia, but there is no sambo,” Stepanov complained in an interview.

Nikolai Vladimirovich Stepanov and the Governor of the Novosibirsk Region at the opening of a sambo gym

With the direct participation of Nikolai Stepanov, the Novosibirsk Regional Sambo Federation was created, which regularly holds sports events and competitions. In 2016, the Sambo House appeared in Novosibirsk, where anyone can get acquainted with this sport.

Nikolai Stepanov at the opening of a sambo gym in Novosibirsk


The professional activity of Nikolai Stepanov was marked by a number of state awards:

  • The title of “Honorary Power Engineer” from the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation (2010);
  • Gratitude from the President of the Russian Federation (2012);
  • Medal “For Merit to the Fatherland” II degree (2012);

  • “Order of Honor” (2016).

Nikolai Stepanov now

Today, Nikolai Stepanov is the Vice President of the All-Russian Sambo Federation, heads the Novosibirsk Regional Sambo Federation, manages and develops his own business projects.

Nikolai Vladimirovich Stepanov with his wife