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Biography of Hozier

Hozier (real name Andrew Hozier-Byrne) is an Irish superstar, indie rock singer-songwriter and fast-paced rise to fame, 2015 Grammy nominee.

Pictured: Hozier

With his powerful, dramatic voice and hypnotic eyes, the musician’s calling card is his very special single “Take Me To Church”, which has received more than 240 million streams on the Spotify Internet service and has become multi-platinum in several countries, including the UK, Canada and the USA.

His debut album “Hozier” (2013) topped the charts in his homeland and entered the Top 10 in the world charts. The second disc “Wasteland, Baby!” (2019) took a leading position not only in the Irish chart, but also in the authoritative US Billboard 200.


The future charismatic and successful singer-songwriter, who won legions of fans, was born in the city of Bray, located 20 km from the Irish capital, Dublin. The boy grew up in a friendly and creative family. Mom is an artist, it was she who drew the cover for his first album, his brother is a director, he helped in the filming of videos.

Andrew Hozier-Byrne is from Ireland

His father took three-year-old Andrew with him to blues concerts, where he played drums in the Free Booze group. According to the singer’s recollections, instead of Disney cartoons in childhood, he was turned on the criminal musical “The Blues Brothers”.

When the boy was 6 years old, the head of the family fell seriously ill and, after an unsuccessful operation, which was complicated by nerve damage, ended up in a wheelchair. According to Hozier, this circumstance greatly influenced his emotional state and perception of the world. There was a period when he was not very willing to make contact with others, closed in on himself.

Talented musician Hozier

While studying at school, Andrew showed his creative potential and musical abilities – excellent hearing, sense of rhythm, powerful and clear voice, so he was a regular member of the choir and concert performances. From the age of 15 he began to write his own songs and music. His data did not go unnoticed by professional groups, and he began to receive offers of joint work.

Career Development

Having received a high school diploma, Andrew began studying music at Trinity College Dublin, but after six months he left the walls of this revered educational institution and, in collaboration with the popular pop rock musician Niall Breslin, began recording at Universal Ireland Studios.

After school, Andrew came to grips with music

Soon, Andrew was accepted into the Trinity Orchestra symphony orchestra, which consisted of teachers and students from his former university, where he quickly became one of the soloists of the classical ensemble. A video of him performing “The Dark Side of the Moon” by famed rock band Pink Floyd, posted online in 2012, went viral.

Hozier in his youth

He worked hard and enthusiastically, also participating in the Anúna choir, touring with them in Norway and the Netherlands, playing in the ZASKA group of leading Irish artists in the style of Future Soul from a mixture of jazz, funk and R&B, in the Nova Collective playing progressive rock .

In 2013 Hozier released his debut album

With such a busy schedule, he had practically no time for solo work, but he still managed to release his debut EP “Take Me to Church” (“Take me to church”) in 2013, which made him an overnight superstar. The musician did not think that this composition would even reach the level of “mainstream”, but it became a real anthem for all the suffering and offended, taking a leading position in the world charts.

Hozier – Take Me To Church (Official Video)

The composition touches upon religious themes, a description of a romantic relationship between two men, a homophobic reaction, including the topic of discrimination against gays in Russia. Cover versions of the song were subsequently performed by many famous musicians, including Ed Sheeran, Morgan James, Demi Lovato, Kaiza. It has been used in a number of films, commercials and television projects, and was also nominated for a Grammy in the Song of the Year category.

Short interview with Hozier (Russian voiceover)

In 2014, the singer’s fans met the second mini-album of their idol “From Eden” (“From Paradise”). It peaked at number two on the Irish Singles Chart and charted in Belgium, Canada, Britain and the United States. Hoizer has been a guest at various music festivals and performances, including the popular British entertainment show The Graham Norton Show, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and the American comedy Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Hozier is a frequent guest on television shows

In September, the musician released his first studio album “Hozier” and went on an American and European tour in support of it. In 2015, he won the BBC Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, European Border Breakers Awards, Teen Choice Awards.

At the Big Music concert in New York, he won the audience vote on the music channel VH1 for the title of “Artist of the Year”, ahead of two other contenders for this title – Tori Kelly and James Bay.

At the same time, an emotional dance video for “Take Me to Church” appeared on the Internet, created by dancer Sergei Polunin, a native of Ukrainian Kherson, the former premier of the London Royal Ballet, together with the master of “surrealistic glamor” David LaChapelle, which collected more than 3.5 in three days million views In addition, Hozier presented a new video for the song “Someone New”, where the role of a daring seductress was played by British actress, star of “The Hunger Games” and “Game of Thrones” Natalie Dormer.

Hozier and Natalie Dormer

A year later, the singer wrote the song “Better Love”, which became the soundtrack to a new action adventure starring Alexander Skarsgard called “Tarzan. Legend”, based on the famous works of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Hozier in 2018

In 2018, the artist, who embodied “every aspect of Irish masculinity” (as The Irish Times wrote), released the EP “Nina Cried Power”, which included a collaboration of the same name with American singer Mavis Staples and three other compositions: “Moment’s Silence”, ” NFWMB” and “Shrike”.

Hoiser’s personal life

An intelligent and talented young man is not married, and due to the heavy workload and constant moving, he does not have a girlfriend.

Irish musician Hoiser’s heart is still free

The first love, which ended at the age of 21 with a heavy and painful break, left a deep mark on his soul and provided many dramatic themes for his early compositions. The singer is a participant in many social projects, performs in concerts to raise funds to combat homelessness, in companies for the observance of human rights.

Hozier now

In March 2019, the talented performer presented his second album Wasteland, Baby! It included 14 tracks, including the magic single “Movement”, which previously blew up the Network (it collected more than 21 million views in 2 months). The ballet genius Sergei Polunin again became the star of the official video clip for this composition. The plot of the video showed the inner struggle of a person overwhelmed by contradictions. In the same period, the famous Irishman surprised New Yorkers with a performance at the Rockefeller Center subway station, performing his hits Take Me To Church, Nina Cried Power, Movement, Almost (Sweet Music), Work Song with a group of backing vocalists and a keyboard player. In 2024, Hozier released the song “The Parting Glass”. In August of the same year, the musician performed with the online performance Caravan, performing a song by Van Morrison – in honor of his 75th birthday.

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