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Biography of Bogdan Titomir

Bogdan Titomir is the first rap artist in Russia, the idol of the youth of the nineties. His expression “People hawala” is heard to this day, and the video for the song “Do as I do” has become a kind of motto for young performers starting their musical career.

In the photo: Bogdan Titomir

Expression and brutality, cultivated by the artist at the peak of his popularity, have not lost their relevance even now. Today, Titomir is compared to Che Guevara on stage, and his eccentric actions, as well as a new format for performing songs, constantly arouse a wave of interest and discussion.

Childhood and youth

Bogdan was born in the spring of 1967 in the family of Pyotr Titomir and Zinaida Titorenko. Parents – a construction engineer and an economist-programmer – moved from city to city in Ukraine: first they lived in Odessa, where their son was born, then they moved to Severodonetsk, then to Kharkov and Sumy. There the boy went to school number 7. According to rumors, when Titomir became super popular, he returned to his native school and showered those who met with dollars.

My hero. Bogdan Titomir

As a child, the boy was kept in strictness, and so that he would not fall into bad company, Zinaida Vasilyevna enrolled him in the swimming section. Over time, the young man reached the level of CMS. Pyotr Ivanovich, who loved to sing with the guitar, taught his son to play the instrument, but there was one difficult problem in the family, which Titomir admitted in an interview:

My father was close friends with alcohol – so I had seen enough. The parents separated because of this. My father ran into my mother, sometimes I got it too. But now I am grateful to my parent for not letting me relax.

After the divorce of his parents, Titomir did not leave music lessons, deciding to master the piano. Possessing a naturally good voice, he expected to receive a conservatory education. After graduating from school, Bogdan left for Moscow and entered the Gnessin School, which he never graduated from, having studied there for only six months.

creative way

After being expelled, Bogdan was drafted into the army, where he was responsible for mass cultural work and organized an amateur ensemble, and after demobilization, he began arranging songs at the studio of the famous “Tender May”. Soon he became a musician in the Dmitry Malikov band, after which he collaborated with pop singer Vladimir Maltsev.

Bogdan Titomir in his youth

In his team, Titomir was a bass player, and Sergey Lemokh played keyboard instruments. Both young men were ambitious, talented and dreamed of breaking into the big stage as soloists. Once discussing their possibilities, they decided to create a duet “Kar Men” in the style of “pop-exotic”.

Bogdan Titomir and Sergey Lemokh

Lemokh offered to perform in the style of heavy metal, but Bogdan convinced his colleague that, wearing leather jackets and fashionable boots, they would perform much more effectively hip-hop, a musical genre that in the USSR in 1989 had a very vague idea.

Soon the Car Man were gathering stadiums all over the country, singing Cio Cio San, London Goodbye, This is San Francisco, Paris, Paris, Africa Boy. The dance expression of the duet complemented the compositions. Soon Titomir and Lemokh released their first joint album, Around the World. In 1990, the group received the Schlager award.

Kar Man – London, goodbye

The incredible popularity led to the fact that disagreements began between the performers about the leadership in the duet, and Titomir left Kar Men at the stage of recording the second album Kar-mania in a solo project.

Lemokh, who retained the promoted name of the band, rewrote the vocals of the already finished compositions and released the album as his first solo disc. Bogdan at the same time delighted fans with new songs by recording his solo album High Energy. The producer of the singer was Sergey Lisovsky.

Bogdan Titomir – Do as I do.

Titomir’s musical career progressed rapidly. The songs “Do as I do” and “Nonsense” became the artist’s first videos and were shown in the prime time of the popular 2×2 channel daily. Through the efforts of the producer, a report was made about Titomir by the American CNN channel, and the famous TV presenter Leonid Parfyonov called him a symbol of the nineties in his author’s project “Portrait against the background.”

Portrait on the background. Bogdan Titomir

It was in his program that the guest musician first said: “People … the public … everything hawala.” Subsequently, the phrase, shortened to two words, became a catchphrase in the show business environment.

Bogdan Titomir in the 90s

In 1993, the artist’s second album, High Energy-2, was released, and in 1995, The Biggest Love / X-Love. The stardom of the musician went through the roof. He was regularly invited to shoot in television shows. So, in 1996, in the image of a vocational school graduate, he appeared in the first project of “Old songs about the main thing”, and the next year he appeared before viewers as Karabas-Barabas in the show “The Newest Adventures of Pinocchio”.

Bogdan Titomir in the program “Theme” with Listyev (1993)

It seemed that superstardom would be a constant companion of the artist, but, much to the amazement of his many fans, Bogdan suddenly left everything and left for the States, allegedly to study the club business system. He later recounted:

I was “ordered”, and more than once. I was considered an authority among musicians. And of course, there were many acquaintances among the lads. So if an order for my “execution” was received, they immediately called me back. I somehow managed to maneuver. But when four people from different groups called and advised me to shut up somewhere for a year or two, I thought. And dumped in America for three and a half years.

He arrived in the USA as Oleg Titorenko and worked in nightclubs as DJ Bo. In the States, Titomir got into trouble with Interpol because of drugs, after which he decided to change his lifestyle. According to him, he got rid of addiction, seriously took up health. Carried away by the philosophy of Buddhism, he invented his own methods of overcoming bad habits and refused to eat meat food.

Stas Baretsky vs. Bogdan Titomir

In the early 2000s, Bogdan Titomir returned to Russia with new ideas and became one of the founders of the Gazgolder youth club in Moscow. In addition to developing his own musical career, he became the producer of Oleg Gruz, the Malchishnik group, then the rapper Basta, whose work he found during a trip to Rostov-on-Don. With Masha Malinovskaya in 2008 he hosted the Stars of Striptease program. According to Bogdan, when choosing a stage image, he was guided by Che Guevara, and now he feels very organically.

Bogdan Titomir performing at the club

He expanded his own discography with the disc “Freedom” in 2006, the double album “Gentle and Rough” in 2010 and the disc “Very Important Pepper” in 2011. The latter was distinguished by jazz, funk compositions interspersed with hip-hop. The title song of the same name from the album became the anthem of the Peretz TV channel, headed by Dmitry Troitsky. He also acted as a co-producer of Titomir’s disc. The musician himself is sure that people are tired of the “dance-floor stupid swotting”, and the aesthetic public lacks precisely his music.

The image of Bogdan Titomir now

At the end of 2024, Bogdan pleased his fans with his appearance in the Superstar. Return”. Alisa Mon, Irina Shvedova, Nikolai Trubach also appeared in it.

Personal life of Bogdan Titomir

Titomir has repeatedly said that he is an amorous person, and the young ladies at the peak of his popularity themselves offered Bogdan closeness. But he really fell in love only in the early 2000s, when he returned from the USA to Moscow. The girl was very young, lived with a strict mother. They met for a year, until the singer realized that he needed his beloved like air, and invited her to live together.

Titomir admitted that they had such a powerful mutual understanding and strong feelings that he seriously thought about his family and children. They were vacationing in Sochi when he found out that his beloved was pregnant. But her sister, who told her mother about everything, also found out about it. The girl was almost taken with the police to Moscow, where her parent forced her to have an abortion. For Bogdan that year, according to him, everything collapsed.

Bogdan Titomir and Rimma Agafoshina

For a long time, Titomir did not start a serious relationship, although there were a lot of rumors and press reports about his novels. So, he was credited with a connection with the assistant of the program “Field of Miracles” Rimma Agafoshina and “Miss Russia-2009” Sofia Rudyeva, whom he met on the set of the Bix video long before her ascension to the rank of the first beauty of the country.

Sofia Rudyeva

In 2008, the musician made an offer to the soloist of the girl group “Velvet” Anna Igoshina, whom rapper Timati introduced him to. But the wedding of the two stars never took place, and Titomir once again became a participant in the scandal: the pornographic actress Angelina Doroshenkova, a former MGIMO student, accused him of rape and assault.

Bogdan Titomir and Anna Igoshina

Bogdan did not comment on these revelations, saying that he did not have time to comment on nonsense, but in one of the television broadcasts he confirmed his long-standing passionate affair with the blonde beauty actress Elena Kondulainen.

Currently, Titomir remains an enviable bachelor, but it seems that such a life suits him more than.

Bogdan Titomir now

At the beginning of 2024, the musician became the winner of the TV show Superstar. Return”. True, he shared the first place with Irina Shvedova, but this did not detract from his vocal merits and talented productions.

Bogdan in the show “Superstar. Return”

New compositions appeared in the singer’s repertoire, including “We will make you happy”, “Dog Eros”, “Great tennis”.

Despite the fact that the main rapper of the nineties is over fifty, he never ceases to amaze loyal fans with both his creativity and his outrageous antics. For example, he took part in the YouTube show “What happened next?” together with Vasily Utkin, and during the show he insulted the hosts in every possible way and flaunted in strange poses.

Bogdan Titmoir in the show “What happened next?”

Important events in life

  • 1989: together with Sergei Lemokh, he created the Kar Men group.
  • 1990: the album “Around the World” was released. The group was awarded the “Schlager” award. “Kar Man” was recognized by “Moskovsky Komsomolets” as the winner in the “Discovery of the Year” and “Group of the Year” nominations.
  • 1991: left Car Man.
  • 1992: released his first solo album “High Energy”.
  • 1993: released his second solo album “High Energy-2”.
  • 1995: released the album “The Biggest Love / X-Love”.
  • 1996: became a member of the show “Old songs about the main thing.”
  • 1997: became a member of the show “The Newest Adventures of Pinocchio”.
  • 1998: left for three and a half years in the United States.
  • year 2001: returned home. Created the club “Gazgolder”.
  • 2006: released the album “Freedom”.
  • 2008: became the host of the show “Striptease Star”.
  • 2010: released a double album “Gentle and Rough”.
  • 2011: began to cooperate with the Peretz TV channel. Released the album “Very Important Pepper”.
  • 2021: became the winner of the show “Superstar. Return”.