Bilak Bogdan Net Worth

Bilak Bogdan Ivanovich – the founder of the construction company LevBud.

Place of Birth. Born on July 14, 1990 in the village of Bilki, Irshavsky district, Transcarpathian region. He grew up in a large family with two sisters and a brother. His mother is a pharmacist by profession, and his father is involved in organizing freight transport.

Career. After graduating from school in 2007, Bogdan moved to Kiev and began working at a construction site. He found his first clients with the help of friends who at that time were engaged in the manufacture of wooden stairs. Subsequently, he gathered his team and began to work as a foreman. Since 2008, he has organized the construction of brick cottages and houses made of wood and felling. In 2011, he received his first large-scale order for the construction of a restaurant and hotel complex “Golden Oak” in the village of Kryukovshchina. In two years, under the leadership of Bogdan, 9 houses, a restaurant, a bathhouse and a swimming pool for a cozy family vacation were erected. From 2008 to 2012, the team led by Bogdan grew to 70 people and implemented 18 construction projects with a total area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters.This period can be considered the time of the origin and formation of the LevBud company.

In 2012, the history of the emergence of a new direction of LevBud’s activity began – the manufacture of furniture, which would later become a separate branch of the company under the name LevLoft. In his native village Belki Bogdan bought the premises of the former sawmill and began to reconstruct it into a factory. In the period from 2012 to 2018, 3500 sq.m. workshops were completed on the site around the old premises. At first, Bohdan had the idea to create in Ukraine the construction of cottages and residential buildings in the half-timbered style inherent in the German architectural tradition. For these purposes, he planned to use the updated plant. But after analyzing the market and calculating all the costs of such a construction, I realized that in the Ukrainian realities such projects would be unprofitable, so I decided to abandon this idea. And exactly at that moment, when Bogdan was looking for a new niche for his business, an old friend who was engaged in the production of forged products met. He invited LevBud to take over the sale of his products. This is how a partnership began, which pushed Bogdan to a new idea for the plant.

A friend’s company operated an automated system: various metal products were assembled using the KUKA robot, which was previously used to collect cars. Bogdan decided that in his workshops it was necessary to equip an automated production line and produce furniture, with which clients could equip cottages built by LevBud. It was then that the minimalist loft style was gaining popularity, so furniture developers decided to focus on it, hence the name LevLoft. Now the assortment includes various tables, chairs and racks. All furniture is made from environmentally friendly wood and high quality metal.

The idea to establish another branch of the company arose when LevBud began to build entire cottage townships that required constant maintenance. So in 2015, LevBud Service was founded – a company that ensures the life of residential complexes and provides services for the protection, cleaning, landscaping and lighting of territories. After all, LevBud cares about the space in which their clients live, and tries to create the most comfortable living conditions for them, even after the commissioning of the object.

Bohdan has always been interested in innovations in the construction industry, and after rejecting the idea of ​​building half-timbered cottages, he did not stop searching for new architectural solutions that took root in Ukraine. Once, looking through the resources of European construction companies, he came across information about the manufacture of modular buildings and realized that this is exactly the niche in which he sees the development of LevBud. The main idea of ​​the project is to create a reliable and stylish modular framework that can perform various architectural functions, while being mobile and does not need special and complex foundations. It can be installed anywhere and transported at will. These designs can be tailored to suit different needs. It can be both residential buildings and premises for cafes, restaurants, shops, offices and even bus stops. Bogdan first of all saw the owners of mountain recreation complexes as the main customers of modular houses. After all, it is very expensive to build brick and wooden houses in the mountains, considering the logistics and delivery of all materials, so the installation of ready-made modular houses could be an excellent alternative solution. And so it happened: the first batch of 10 modular houses in LevBud was ordered for a recreation center in the village of Yablunitsa in the Carpathians. The houses are already ready and will soon go to the mountains, and LevBud is already starting to work on the manufacture of modules for new customers, because the demand for this architectural innovation is growing every day.

At the end of 2024, the construction of a business class cottage town Escape in Kryukovshchina near Kiev is underway. This is a new level of comfortable country life, which is aimed at helping people forget all worries and worries when they are at home. Closed guarded territory, separate road to the ring road, modern style of houses, complete infrastructure. All of this has been combined to create a city of dreams, a place to return to.

The ESCAPE complex combines modern Scandinavian style with high-tech style, diluted with European-style houses. The uniqueness and pleasant color scheme create a sense of harmony and comfort, exclusivity and exquisite taste. The settlement includes 87 comfortable cottages with different layouts ranging from 100m2 to 180m2. The location of the houses is carefully thought out so that each courtyard in the complex has its own green area and parking spaces. The central park of the complex surrounded by exquisite architecture with promenade and play areas will provide maximum comfort, peace and safety for residents. The territory of the complex is completely closed and guarded.

Life principles. In doing business, Bogdan is guided by the slogan: “A satisfied client is a regular client.” The comfort of people who will live in houses built by LevBud is always in the first place, because the good name and image of the company depends on it. The founder of LevBud entered the construction business in order to leave behind something that would benefit people. That is why the main goal of his company is the creation of modern housing with a developed infrastructure. An example for Bogdan is his great-grandfather Ivan Firtsak, who was recognized as the most powerful man on the planet in the 20th century and about whom the film “Ivan Power” was made. “He left his glorious name to his descendants, I want to leave behind houses in which people will live happily ever after,” Bogdan shares.

Family… has a 5 year old daughter and a 6 month old son.