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Biography of Eros Ramazzotti

Eros Ramazzotti is a world-renowned Italian singer who first made his name at the Sanremo Festival in 1984. Sold over 100 million records. He performed a duet with Tina Turner, Joe Cocker and Andrea Bocelli. The most successful hits are Сose Della Vita and Musica E.

Pictured: Eros Ramazzotti


Eros Ramazzotti was born on October 28, 1963 in Rome, in the family of a construction worker Rodolfo and housewife Raffaella Ramazzotti. The mother chose the name for her second son. Being a not very educated woman, she believed that the boy, named after the ancient god of love Eros, would grow up to be a favorite of women. And so it happened, only the magic of the name has nothing to do with it. This is due to talent and determination, bordering on obstinacy.

Eros Ramazzotti as a child

According to the singer’s memoirs, his childhood was not happy. There were no books in the house, everyone was talking rudely, no one really brought up the boy. Rodolfo was a domestic tyrant and severely suppressed all attempts to go against his opinion. He was worried about his son’s softness and dreaminess, and he tried to make him a real man by showing him obscene photographs.

Eros had few friends, he grew up reserved and shy. At school, he endured bullying because of an unusual name and was jealous of his older brother – he got a completely ordinary Italian name Marco!

Eros Ramazzotti in his youth

From an early age, the boy showed an aptitude for music. At the age of 7 he started playing the guitar. Rodolfo, who in his youth dreamed of becoming a singer himself and even participated in several song competitions, taught his son to play on the legs of glasses. A few years later, his father shook off his old connections and arranged for Eros to audition, but the boy was so embarrassed by his voice and poor clothes that he disgraced himself at the performance and was refused.

After school, Eros tried to enter the conservatory, but he was not taken because of a weak voice. Ramazzotti began studying in college as an accountant, but continued to study music (mainly playing the guitar to his yard friends), because of which he missed classes. He was expelled in his second year.

First steps in music

In 1981, Eros performed the song “Rock 80” at the Voci Nuove (“New Voices”) young talent competition. He managed to reach the final. And although the singer Zucchero became the winner of the competition, representatives of the DDD label Roberto Galanti and Lando Lanni became interested in Eros.

Young Eros Ramazzotti

Accepting their offer, Ramazzotti moved to Milan with his brother and mother. At first they had to live in the building where the record company was located. There was no kitchen in their temporary residence, and Eros was so shy that he was afraid to go to restaurants, so he ate almost nothing.

On DDD he released the first single Ad un amico. In 1984, Eros entered the Sanremo competition with the song Terra Promessa. Then the general public first recognized him.

Eros Ramazzotti in Sanremo in 1984

In 1985, the singer again participated in San Remo, but took only 6th place. But the song Una Storia Importante became a big hit in France, where it sold 1 million copies.

Una Storia Importante – Eros Ramazzotti

On January 31, the debut album Gouri agitati was released, which took 10th place in the Italian chart.

In 1986, Eros performed for the 3rd time in San Remo, this time with the song Adesso tu Ero. And finally won. His second album Nuo Vieroi became an international breakthrough, being certified platinum in Switzerland and Germany.

Eros Ramazzotti in his youth

In 1987, Ramazzotti released his third album, In certi momenti, which sold over 3 million copies worldwide and topped the Italian chart. The disc was produced by the composer and producer Piero Cassano, who in different years collaborated with Demis Roussos, Ginette Renaud, Anna Oksa and other world stars.

Eros Ramazzotti on stage

In 1990, Eros Ramazzotti became the first Italian to sell out at Radio City Music Hall, New York City’s premier concert venue. However, the musician was disappointed when he later learned that the majority of the audience were Italian immigrants. During the US tour, Ramazzotti also appeared on the Jay Leno television show.

International success

August 10, 1993 Ramazzotti released his most successful album at the time, Tutte Storie, which sold 5 million copies. Thanks to this, the singer received a contract with BMG International. The song Cose Della Vita won the MTV Europe Music Awards in Berlin.

Eros Ramazzotti with guitar

The video for the song Cose Della Vita enjoyed great success: it was shot by a black director Spike Lee, known for acute social works dedicated to “black” culture and discrimination. Eros became the first “white” person with whom Spike decided to cooperate.

Eros Ramazzotti – Cose Della Vita (1993 directed by Spike Lee)

The singer cemented his success with a big tour of Europe and 15 countries in Latin America, for which he released a Spanish-language version of the album.

In the summer of 1995, Eros took part in the European festival along with Rod Stewart, Elton John and Joe Cocker.

Tina Turner and Eros Ramazzotti

On May 13, 1996, the album Dove cie museca was released, which sold 6 million copies. Ramazzotti himself produced the record from beginning to end. The disc topped the charts in 5 countries, including Germany. In the same year, Eros became the father of a beautiful daughter, Aurora, and slightly slowed down. Over the next two years, he wrote the song “That’s All Need To Know” for Joe Cocker and released a greatest hits compilation, including a couple of new songs.

In 1998, Eros broke the lull by going on a world tour, took part in the Luciano Pavarotti show, and in 1999 sang a duet with Andrea Bocelli. They recorded the track “Nel Coure Lei” for Bocelli’s album “Sogno”. In the same year, Eros was awarded “Best International Artist of the Year” at the Echo Music Awards in Germany.

Andrea Bocelli

On May 30, 2003, the singer released the album “9”. The single Unie mozione per semper topped the Italian chart for 14 consecutive weeks. The record was produced by the singer’s friends Claudio Guidetti and Celso Valli.

Eros Ramazzotti singer

On April 13, 2006, Ramazzotti released his autobiography, co-written with journalist Luca Bianchini.

In 2008, at the Beijing Olympics, Ramazzotti performed the song “Per me Per sempre” during the presentation of the gold medal to Valentina Vezziali.

Eros Ramazzotti

May 12, 2015 Eros Ramazzotti released the album “Perfetto”. The album was recorded in Milan, Los Angeles and Rome. The track Alla Fine Del Mondo was released as a single on March 27, 2015.

On March 21, 2018, at the Bravo International Professional Music Awards, Eros presented the Singer of the Year award to Svetlana Loboda. The ceremony was held at the State Kremlin Palace.

On October 11, 2018, Ramazzotti performed at the Moscow Crocus City Hall, and on October 13 at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg. The singer came to Russia as part of a world tour in support of the Vita Ce N album. The album contained duets with Luis Fonsi and Alessia Cara.

Personal life of Eros Ramazzotti

Eros Ramazzotti rarely talks about his personal life. He does not like gossip and speculation, and does not give them a reason. By nature, the singer is monogamous, and over the years this trait has only intensified. In his youth, he had two girls, Rosa and Donatella, and he had serious feelings for both, but, alas, it did not work out.

Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti

In May 1998, the singer married dancer, model and TV presenter Michelle Hunziker. They met in 1994 at a nightclub. Michelle brazenly tried to get into the VIP area, and the guard was about to turn her around, but Eros stood up for the beauty, lying that she had come with him. At that time, Eros was not yet a world-class star, either in his native country. But the stranger had no idea who he was. Or, as the singer guessed years later, she faked indifference to his person in order to kindle his interest.

Even before the wedding, in 1996, Michelle gave Eros a daughter, Aurora. Eros enthusiastically tried on the new role of a father, but the role of a husband was not given to him. And in many ways it wasn’t his fault. The marriage was not happy. Michelle was a stubborn and headstrong woman. The couple often quarreled, she drove Eros into a frenzy, several times he even beat her.

Eros Ramazzotti and daughter Aurora

It was Eros who got Hunziker on television, where Michelle flirted with all the famous TV presenters. During the tour of the musician, she repeatedly cheated on him. She neglected maternal duties, could leave Aurora with a friend and go to a party. “I got entangled in this marriage like in barbed wire,” the singer later commented on the relationship with Michelle.

In 2002, the couple divorced. After the divorce, Ramazzotti tried to sue his daughter, but he was only allowed to see her on weekends. He traveled a lot with Aurora, showed sights, dedicated songs to her.

Eros and Michelle

Michelle traumatized the singer so badly that in the first years after marriage, he had to visit a psychotherapist in order to regain his self-confidence.

In 2009, at the Wind Music Awards, Eros met model and actress Marika Pellegrinelli. She presented him with an award instead of Monica Bellucci, who did not appear on the show. On June 6, 2014, they got married. To the surprise of Eros’ friends, the singer’s new wife was a copy of the first, moreover, 24 years younger than the 50-year-old Italian.

Eros Ramazzotti and Marika Pellegrinelli

In marriage, the singer and Marika had a daughter, Rafaella Maria, and a son, Gabrio Tullio. Marika easily became friends with Aurora.

On July 29, 2019, the singer divorced his wife Marika Pellegrinelli. It was a joint decision of the spouses. They remained friends.

Eros and Marika

Eros Ramazzotti loved football since childhood, and could even make a career in sports, but made a choice in favor of music. In 1984 he played for the National Team of Italian Singers with a similar team from the USSR. Ramazzotti played as a striker, and Valery Syutkin was guarding him.

Being a Roman, the singer has always been a fan of Turin’s Juventus.

Eros Ramazzotti at the stadium

On March 26, 2012, Pavel Nedved awarded Eros with a nominal medal as the most devoted fan of the team.

Ramazzotti does not have a car, he rides a motorcycle.

Ramazzotti on a motorcycle

He never refuses fans an autograph, but does not like to take selfies:

There are moments when the artist looks bad, but someone takes a selfie with him, and everyone sees that he turned out to be far from handsome. You see, we sometimes spend a whole year looking for the right album cover, and then someone takes a bad selfie, and it instantly circles the entire planet.

More than anything, he values ​​his family and the joy of fatherhood. During the tour, the singer tries to communicate with his family every day, sends them photos and touching messages.

Eros Ramazzotti now

Although Eros has not spoiled listeners with new albums since 2018, he still does not forget about creativity. So, in 2024, he recorded a duet with the Italian Fabio Rovazzi. The song is called “La Mia Felicità” (“My Happiness”).

Fabio Rovazzi and Eros Ramazzotti – La Mia Felicita