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Biography of Joe Cole

Joe Cole is a charismatic British actor who starred in many television projects and gained worldwide fame after the release of the crime drama saga Peaky Blinders.

British actor Joe Cole

Early years. Carier start

Joe Cole was born in south London on November 28, 1988. Cole Sr. worked at the port, and his wife devoted herself to caring for the family and raising Joe and his four younger brothers.

Joe Cole (left) as a child

The future actor grew up in Kingston, among his friends or acquaintances there was no one who belonged to the creative environment, which, however, did not prevent him from falling in love with the theater. According to Joe, the school teacher helped him believe in himself and after school he entered the National Youth Theater, after which he planned to continue his education at the university.

Joe Cole in his youth with his brother

Despite the fact that Joe was one of the best students in the Youth Theater, he could not enter the university. The aspiring actor experienced the bitterness of the first defeat and decided to try himself as a sales agent. The job of selling carpets did not bring Joe any material or moral satisfaction, and he realized that he must follow his heart and go to his dream.

The parents, who initially did not support their eldest son, had to come to terms and soon they experienced real pride in Joe, who first appeared in an episode of one of the most popular British detective television projects, Purely English Murder.

Joe Cole on stage

Following the first role, others followed, and in 2010 Joe’s filmography was replenished with minor works in the TV series Holby City and The Score. The young actor showed amazing tenacity, because, unlike others, he did not have a professional education or a degree in art or literature. “I just had to do a lot more than anyone and believe in luck,” says Joe.

The main part of the more than modest income of the actor went to pay for the services of agents and rented housing, but Joe’s efforts have already begun to bear fruit – new roles in the series. At the conclusion of the comedy-drama television series “Skins”, known in Russia under the name “Skins”, Joe played the role of Luke, and on the set he met with Jack O’Connell, Lily Loveless and Kaya Scodelario.

Joe Cole in the series Skins

In the series Injustice, starring James Purefoy, Joe appeared in four episodes. Also, among the works of the actor of the initial period of his career, roles in the projects “Hour” and “Let’s fly with me” stand out.

Best works

In the 2012 British drama thriller The Outlaw, Joe played a young worker obsessed with the idea of ​​revenge for the attack on his girlfriend, the character Kimberly Nixon. Despite the fact that the picture received more negative reviews than positive, Joe’s performance was recognized as a master, and the actor was widely known for his work in his next project.

Joe Cole about the movie “Criminal”

In an interview, Joe says that until the last moment he did not believe that he was approved for the role of John Shelby in the Peaky Blinders television project. In preparation for the audition, he studied the script and accepted any role in a project that was to reconstruct one of the most difficult and interesting periods in the history of England. The first season was released in 2013, and Joe’s older brothers were played by his idols Cillian Murphy and Paul Anderson.

Joe Cole in the series Peaky Blinders

In the 2014 drama The Fall, Joe played the role of the brother of the heroine Maisie Williams, and in the 2015 thriller Dive Danger, he joined Matthew Goode, Alan McKenna and Danny Huston.

Joe Cole in The Fall

Released at the end of 2015, the remake of the Spanish psychothriller The Secret in Their Eyes became one of Joe’s Hollywood successes. In a controversial tale of fairness and justice done by the victim’s loved ones, the British actor was lucky enough to meet Julia Roberts, Chivitel Ejiofor and Nicole Kidman.

Shot from the film “The Secret in Their Eyes”

Also in 2015, the punk horror Green Room was released, in which Cole collaborated with Anton Yelchin.

Joe Cole in The Green Room

In 2017, Joe was cast as a young British drug addict who is imprisoned in Thailand and forced to master the martial art of Muay Thai in order to take part in the battle for his own life. The painting was called “The Dawn Prayer” and was based on a book written by Billy Moore based on his memories of his time in a Thai prison and the price he had to pay for his freedom. For his performance as Moore, Joe Cole won the BIFA Award for Best Actor, and most critics recognized his performance as exceptional.

Joe Cole’s personal life

In an interview following the premiere of A Prayer Before Dawn, Joe noted that he considers the development of his career to be the main vector that determines his priorities.

Shot from the series “Black Mirror”

Fans follow Joe’s Instagram page closely, but their idol does not post personal photos.

Despite the scarcity of information about the details of Joe’s private life, his fans are sure that such a handsome and talented man simply cannot be alone and he still has a lady of the heart. True, in an interview in 2017, Joe himself said that he was too deeply immersed in work and too busy to waste time on girls.

Joe Cole with brothers

Joe’s younger brother, Finn Cole, decided to follow in his footsteps and also chose the profession of an actor. One of the most popular projects with his participation was the series “According to Wolf Law”

Joe Cole now

Fans are hoping that in the final fifth season of the historical crime television series Peaky Blinders, the hero Joe will appear. It is known that the key cast has not undergone significant changes, but Tom Hardy will not participate in the filming.

Joe Cole continues to star in Peaky Blinders

In 2018, Cole starred in the comedy-drama Happy New Year Colin Burstead, in which he collaborated with Sarah Baxendale, Asim Chaudhry and Charles Dance.

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