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Biography of Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul is a famous artist who could be a real role model for many. She began her career as a member of a cheerleading group, and subsequently managed to grow to the status of one of the best choreographers in the world. For many years this talented American has been a real world star. What allowed her to go through such an impressive path? What are the milestones of her stage career? Today we will try to understand all this together.

Childhood and family of Paul Abdul

Paula Julie Abdul was born on June 19, 1962 in the sunny Californian city of San Fernando. Her father was from Brazil, but had Syrian roots. Her mother was Jewish of French-Canadian origin. All these genealogical lines were reflected in the appearance of the future celebrity. Having a European-style thin and graceful physique, the girl at the same time differs in an oriental clear and expressive facial features.

Paula Abdul is known not only as a choreographer, but also as a singer.

Perhaps it was the bright appearance of the American beauty that allowed her to take her first step in the world of show business. After entering college in Northridge, she took part in the casting of girls for the cheerleading team and unexpectedly easily passed the rigorous selection. So our today’s heroine ended up in the support group of one of the strongest basketball teams on the planet – the Los Angeles Lakers. Together with this legendary team, Paula Abdul traveled half of America.

It was here that the Jackson brothers saw the talent of the young beauty at the NBA championship games. After finding her after the game, they asked the dancer to work with them on staging the dances in their new video “Torture”. It was very difficult to refuse such an offer.

The experience of cooperation with The Jackson 5 has become very successful. The clip and its choreography received high marks from American critics. Therefore, very soon, Paula Abdul began staging dances for the entire concert tour of Michael Jackson and his brothers (“Victory”).

Paula Abdul

After this success, our today’s heroine began to often collaborate with famous American artists. In 1985, she choreographed a number of choreographies for Janet Jackson, and after that began to collaborate frequently with George Michael, Dolly Parton, DURAN DURAN and many others. Somewhat later, the girl also began to perform the functions of a choreographer in some Hollywood projects. So, in particular, the dances staged by her can be seen in the films “The Doors” by Oliver Stone, in the TV series “Dragnet”, in the blockbusters “American Beauty”, “Running Man”, as well as in many other films.

Paula Abdul’s Star Trek: How to Become a Singer

In 1987, Paula Abdul won the MTV Choreographer of the Year Award. After that, the artist signed a contract with Virgin and, unexpectedly for everyone, recorded several musical compositions.

Her first singles were rather coolly received by the public and American critics, but very soon our today’s heroine managed to record several songs that brought her great success.

In 1988, the artist presented her first studio album “Forever Your Girl” to the public, which went platinum very soon. In the next few months, the songs presented on this disc topped the charts in the USA, Britain, Canada and some other countries of the world. In a matter of weeks, Paula Abdul has gone from local celebrity to global star. She often toured, gave interviews, starred in gossip columns, and often performed in concerts.

Paula Abdul

However, after the first success very soon came the first painful fall. In 1990, Paula began to have problems with his voice. Taking advantage of the moment, one of the backing vocalists of the celebrity stated that most of the songs from the successful album “Forever Your Girl” were performed not by Paula Abdul, but by her. This scandal led to a series of litigation, which greatly crippled our today’s heroine. Paula Abdul won the copyright case, but was forced to retire for a while. Only a year later, the artist again returned to active creative activity. In 1991, she released the album Spellbound. This record was sold in 7 million copies and gave the world several new hits.

Four years after the release of her second album, Paula Abdul released her third album, Head Over Heels. The album sold over 3 million copies, but this success was overshadowed by many personal problems. The artist began to have health problems. Bulimia, which the artist had previously suffered from, almost cost her her life. However, a series of troubles still managed to pass.

Paula Abdul has been married twice

In the second half of the 90s, interest in Paul Abdul from the audience began to slowly decline. In 1997, the artist made an attempt to return to the stage and even recorded the song “Spinning Around”, which was supposed to be the title track of the new album. However, the album was never released. As a result, the song went to Kylie Minogue and, by the way, became a real hit.

Paula Abdul is currently

In the late nineties – early 2000s, the singer starred in several little-known films, and also played episodic roles in several TV series. However, real success returned to her only a little later. A new stage in the career of the actress was the American Idol project, in which Paula Abdul worked for eight years as a jury member and choreographer. After this competition, the artist’s musical career began to gain momentum again.

It is currently known that the singer is working on recording her fourth studio album, which should be released in the near future. In addition, in recent years, Paula Abdul has also worked as a model and jewelry designer. She also owns her own dance studio, Co Dance.

Paula Abdul’s personal life

The first husband of our today’s heroine was the famous actor Emilio Estevez. Their marriage lasted two years, and then broke up. This episode caused a long depression for the artist, which was complicated by a difficult situation in the creative field.

Only in 1996, the American beauty again decided to tie the knot. This time, entrepreneur Brad Beckerman became her husband. But their marriage was also short-lived.

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