Paul Wesley Net Worth

Biography of Paul Wesley


Although Paul was born in New Brunswick, he grew up in Marlborough. The actor’s parents Thomas and Agnieszka Wasilewski are natives of Poland. In addition to Paul, they had three more children. The eldest Monica, as well as the younger daughters Julia and Leah. Wesley speaks excellent Polish, having lived in Poland for four months each year until his sixteenth birthday.

First roles

Paul studied at Lincroft, where he studied at the Christian Brothers Academy, and besides, he gnawed at the granite of science at Marlboro High School. During his high school years, he was selected for a role in the television series Guiding Light. Agents were looking for a suitable candidate for the incarnation of Max Nickerson. Paul Wesley passed the audition successfully and began work on the film. But due to the tight acting schedule, he had to transfer to a new school. He sat at the desk of Lakewood Prep School, which was in Howell. Already in 2000, Tom received a matriculation certificate and went to study further, at Rutgers University. However, he was never able to get an education, because of work on the set, the university had to be abandoned after a semester. The actor just received several job offers, and he decided that the career of an artist was secured for him without additional education. Career only contributed to a bright and interesting appearance.

In 2005, the actor changed his last name. Now she sounded not Vasilevsky, but Wesley. And when Paul is asked why he decided on such an act, he simply answers: The name Vasilevsky was very difficult to pronounce. The actor asked the family for permission, and they were not against changing their surname.

Popular film actor

However, not yet having a sonorous surname, Paul played episodic roles in a number of TV series. In addition to “Guiding Light” were “Secrets of Smallville”, as well as “Oh. S. – Lonely Hearts “and” 8 simple rules for a friend of my teenage daughter “. But the most famous work of the actor is the role in the film “Widower’s Love”. There, Paul played Tommy Callahan. After Wesley appeared in the television series Law & Order. Special Corps”, however, only in the second season, in the first episode.

Breakthrough: The Vampire Diaries

Well, the real glory of Paul Wisley brought the TV series “The Vampire Diaries”. He came out in 2009 and there he plays one of the main roles – a young man named Stefan Salvatore. Now the name of Paul is just associated in this role, and the long sad look, which is supposed according to the script of the series, has already been remembered by millions of women from all over the world.

By the way, Wesley does not like journalists, he himself is a very modest young man. And despite the huge popularity of his person, as well as regular public appearances, he can get away from scandals and stay away from tabloid correspondents. Therefore, he can never be seen in the sensitive stories that Hollywood stars love to get into.

The actor himself is quite reverent about his starring role in the television series The Vampire Diaries. Paul does not even think that his character can be compared with Edward Cullen. Once Wesley told reporters that in addition to the obvious similarities, the characters are completely different. And it’s hard to understand what the actor really wanted to say, because, according to him, he didn’t even open a single book from the Twilight Saga, moreover, he didn’t watch its film adaptation either.

Paul Wesley on video

“No, Stefan is not cute,” Paul said, “he’s a vampire. Constantly goes on the warpath with the dark side. In addition, he has a constant need to fuel his powers with human blood. And it is constantly in it. Stefan, under my leadership, constantly shows his anger and character, then at the same time he has love and passion, tenderness for Elena. He loves the girl and is ready to die for her, but still, he is cruel.”

In addition to acting, Wesley is engaged in producing. He, for example, was listed as an associate producer of the film “Norman” in 2010. It starred Emily Van Kamp and Dan Beard.

Paul Wesley’s personal life

Paul Wesley in April 2011 secretly married fashion model and actress Torri DeVito. Already in May of the same year, at the Young Hollywood Awards, he introduced the girl as his wife. By the way, together they starred in the film “Killer Movie”. And before Torrey, Paul met with a colleague, actress Marne Patterson. Their romance began in 2004.

In his spare time, Paul Wesley prefers to play hockey, strum the guitar and snowboard.

Paul at the casting

It was originally planned that the storyline with Lucas Luthor performed by Paul in Smallville, which was shown on the air of STS, would be extended. This did not happen, because the actor managed to sign an agreement to shoot another series. He, by the way, never appeared on TV screens. Paul Wesley made his primetime debut. In 2001, the actor played Luke Gates in the film Wolf Lake.

In 2000, Wesley received a Youth Award nomination at the YoungStar Awards. His talent was noted in the category “Best Young Actor in a Daytime TV Series”. He received such an assessment after the release of the film “Guiding Light”.

Paul especially liked shooting in Everwood. All because they took place in Utah, and there the actor could indulge in his hobby – snowboarding – as they say, on the job.

During his studies at Marlborough High School, Paul constantly attended a variety of extracurricular activities, including ice hockey. And for some time, the actor even spent time at a Catholic school for boys called the Academy of the Christian Brothers, which is located in Linkroft.

With my beloved wife

Paul has close friendships with fellow actors Brittany Snow, Emily Van Kamp, Tammy Blanchard, as well as actors Jordi Vilasuso and Paulo Benedeti. And he met Van Kamp through his work on Everwood.

Thanks to Polish roots, Paul is a natural blond with green eyes.

In 1999, the actor starred in an advertisement to prevent the bad habit of smoking among young people.