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Biography of Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba is a famous professional footballer of Guinean origin. He plays as a central midfielder. Is a citizen of France. As part of the French national team, he won the silver medal of the 2016 European Football Championship. That same year, Paul Pogba’s transfer from Juventus to Manchester United was the most expensive in football history. In August 2017, this record was broken by Neymar.

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba’s childhood: first steps on the football field

Paul Labille Pogba was born on March 15, 1993 in a commune in the eastern suburbs of Paris, to a Guinean and Congolese family. His parents emigrated to Lagny-sur-Marne from Guinea in 1991. Paul is not the only child in the family, he has two older brothers – Florentin and Matthias. Parents first of all decided to send their children to the youth football academy for the reason that all three sons loved to play football from an early age. They ran with the ball from morning to evening, often came home bruised, but were incredibly happy.

Yeo Pogba, Paul’s father and the head of the family, dreamed of becoming a professional football player as a child, but his parents did not allow him to abandon his studies for the sake of his favorite business. Yeoh dreamed that his own children could make his dream a reality. He often brought home video cassettes with the game of legendary football players and told his sons that sport was not just a game for them, but the future.

Paul Pogba. Crazy tricks and goals

On the football field, Paul stood out from the background of his brothers, and specialists noticed him almost immediately. And already at the age of six, he joined the Roissy-en-Brie children’s team. Here Paul spent seven whole years, after which, in 2006, he moved to the Torsi team in the capital.

Paul Pogba as a child (pictured in his Roissy-en-Brie uniform, 2008)

At Torcy, the younger Pogba was only a year away, but in such a short time he was able to establish himself as an incredibly technical and hardworking midfielder. The first to see these qualities were scouts from the French football club Le Havre, who offered the young talent to play for a more eminent team. The boy’s career grew at a rapid pace. As part of Le Havre, Paul won silver medals in the French youth football championship. However, the footballer himself dreamed of playing for a world-famous club. He always admired the game of the English club Manchester United and could not even imagine that in a few years he himself would have the chance to enter the field in the colors of his favorite team.

The beginning of Paul Pogba’s professional career: from Manchester to Turin

In the fall of 2009, the dream of 16-year-old Paul Pogba came true. A football player with a scandal, but still moved to the English Manchester United. The leadership of Le Havre was shocked by this decision of the boy and his parents, but they could not influence the transfer in any way. However, the tale was not as beautiful as it might first seem.

Paul Pogba for Adidas

Paul Pogba’s career at Manchester began with the youth team, and then continued in the second squad. It was difficult for the young man to find a common language with the team’s main mentor, Alex Ferguson. Paul believed that the coach point-blank refused to notice his giftedness. The mother of the central midfielder has repeatedly said that her youngest son often came home in tears.

Paul Pogba after winning the FA Youth Cup (2011)

But already in September 2011, Paul Pogba entered the field in the main team of Manchester United in the Football League Cup match. Pogba made his Premier League debut on 31 January 2012 against Stoke City. In July 2012, the Mancunians’ main mentor announced that the Frenchman was leaving the team’s location and moving to the Italian Juventus. It was a truly unexpected announcement.

Paul Pogba has been playing for Juventus since 2012

Paul left Manchester with a scandal. The player’s agent, Mino Raiola, dissuaded him from renewing the contract with the titled English club, although Pogba himself was eager to play and prove his fitness to the coach, but at the last moment agreed with Raiola’s opinion. This event radically changed the midfielder’s career.

Pictured: Paul Pogba and his agent Mino Raiola

On September 22, 2012, Paul Pogba took to the field for the first time in a Juventus jersey. Already in the first match in the Italian Serie A, the midfielder made a good impression. Head coach Antonio Conte trusted the young football player and regularly released him in the first team. A year later, Paul was recognized as the best young player in Europe. He was regularly called up to the location of the French youth team, and then to the main national team.

Paul Pogba raps

Paul Pogba’s personal life: Italian passions

Fans began to take an active interest in the personal life of a football player at a time when Paul Pogba began to shine in the Italian Juventus. The football player himself does not like to spread information about his personal life, but he cannot deny that he was often seen by journalists in the company of various girls.

Paul Pogba’s girlfriend is a model from Italy

The pictures make it clear that Paul had a lot of fleeting novels. Since 2014, Paul Pogba has been in a relationship with the Italian model, but the football player was in no hurry to reveal her name. The couple could often be seen in photos on the social networks of a football player.

Paul Pogba’s hairstyles are as famous as the footballer himself

Paul Pogba now: “I’m back home”

Today, Paul Pogba is considered one of the best central midfielders in the world. His fantastic growth in the Italian championship forced many football experts to radically change their attitude towards him. In the summer of 2016, it became known that Paul Pogba again became a football player of the English club Manchester United. The Frenchman returned for a record 110 million euros. He became the most expensive football player in history, beating Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale in this ranking.

In 2016, Paul Pogba became the most valuable player in history.

The Frenchman himself, after arriving in Manchester, said that he always felt part of this team. Paul Pogba is sure that his career should develop at a new pace in this team. In an interview given immediately after his arrival in Carrington, Paul said that for him being in Italy was like a vacation, but now he has finally returned home. But he returned not to rest, but to work hard and win trophies.

Today Paul Pogba is one of the best central midfielders in the world.