Tina Kandelaki’s business: what does the TV presenter earn on

Tina Kandelaki, as the owner in various equity shares, owns the Tinatin restaurant of Georgian cuisine, the Copernicus spa clinic, and the AnsaLigy cosmetics company. The TV presenter does not hide her earnings, she openly says that the business is developing and bringing in a good income.

Tina Kandelaki turns 44 in 2024, which did not affect her appearance at all. One of the businesses that helps her maintain her great shape is the cosmetics company AnsaLigy. In addition, the TV presenter is the owner of the Tinatin restaurant and the luxury beauty salon In Copernicus. According to the declaration of Vasily Brovko, Director for Special Assignments of Rostec and Kandelaki’s spouse, her earnings for 2018 amounted to 132.7 million rubles. Compared to 2017, profit has doubled due to the development in the field of cosmetology. Tina does not hide her income, she is proud of her achievements. She remains the general producer of the Match TV channel, speaks at public events, attends social events.


The restaurant is part of the Gonzalez Project chain, the menu includes Georgian and European cuisines. Kandelaki draws attention to the fact that her mother participated in the development of the assortment, so it turned out to be traditional, homely and unique. The institution was opened in 2010, located in the center of the capital on Plyushchikha. Positioned as a place for family holidays, there are separate meeting rooms. The menu is regularly updated, the company is actively promoted in the media.

Photo: hall in Tinatin.  Source: tinatinrest.ru

Photo: hall in Tinatin.
Source: tinatinrest.ru

Since 2019, the restaurant began to hold days of meetings with Tina. Stars of Russian show business come to them, they cook Georgian dishes together. An active PR campaign is being carried out: recipes prepared by TV presenters, bloggers and businessmen are published on the institution’s page on social networks; if desired, dishes can be recreated at home. As a result, the outreach to young people has increased, the restaurant’s revenue has tripled, and the average check has increased.

Source: @tina_kandelaki/

Source: @tina_kandelaki/

“Tinatin” began to be chosen as a venue for events, corporate parties. Publications with the personal participation of Tina Kandelaki gained the most activity, due to this, brand awareness was increased. During the period of self-isolation, the restaurant switched to delivery, profits fell, but managed to hold on, despite the restrictions.

Interesting idea! New generation restaurant.

“In Copernicus”

Tina opened an elite beauty salon in partnership with her childhood friend Linda Petrovna Guseva (they have known each other since they were 3 years old). The organization provides a full range of cosmetology services and occupies one of the best buildings in Moscow on Bolshaya Yakimanka Street. Recently, the company has slightly changed its profile and began to work as an aesthetic medicine clinic, where beauty injections, massage, body shaping and other popular procedures are performed. The place is one of the most expensive in the capital, but the reviews and quality of services here are on top.

Photo: salon

Photo: salon “In Copernicus”

Part of the salon is owned by Tina’s daughter Milana (19 years old). According to Kandelaki, this happened by prior agreement with Linda Guseva, the shares in the business will go to the children.

The TV presenter is not going to develop this direction yet, despite the fact that familiar businessmen offer her to expand or sell a franchise. While Tina is watching from the sidelines, what successes similar organizations receive on this path.

“In Copernicus” is already history. To be honest, we still don’t know if we will develop it in terms of multiplication. Because everything worked out well there – on those 150 sq. meters that I have, the net profit is very high. It’s really good there. Since we have learned to make such a profit in such a small space relative to other salons, I, of course, receive offers to either expand or sell a franchise. But I am very sensitive to this, watching how colleagues sell the franchise. ”

T. Kandelaki.
Source: Forbes.ru

AnsaLigy Company

The production of organic cosmetics is now a priority business for Kandelaki. The opening of a factory for the production of care masks, patches and other products took place in 2015. The indie brand gave an unexpectedly good start and brought tangible income to Tina Kandelaki, which increases several times every year.

The initial investment amounted to only 100 thousand rubles, after 3 years the revenue was more than 10 million rubles. According to information from shareholders, for the first quarter of 2019, income amounted to about 130-150 million rubles.

Source: @ansaligy

Source: @ansaligy

The company’s task: to create a Russian brand of cosmetics, accessible to every woman in the country, at the expense of affordable prices and efficiency. AnsaLigy was founded together with a proven partner Linda Guseva. Alexander Kabakov (one of the investor partners of the Typhoon Digital Development venture fund) invested €300,000 in the company. Another of the owners, Alexander Tsvetkov, holds the post of general director.

“Today the whole world is working on customization by region. But Western professional cosmetics, which are mainly represented in Russia, in fact, have little to do with the needs of a Russian woman.

T. Kandelaki.
Source: Forbes.ru

AnsaLigy has its own production, the first developments were provided by the “elder” of the cosmetic industry in Russia – Valentina Demenko. The idea for the patches that have become AnsaLigy’s most famous product came to her many years ago, but to bring it to life, she needed to find manufacturers. At first, cosmetics were produced piece by piece, for the personal use of Linda and Tina. After the products began to be sold and tested in the salon “In Copernicus”. The clients liked the effect, and it was decided to initiate production, Kandelaki became the face of the brand.

Source: @ansaligy

Source: @ansaligy

On her Instagram page, the TV presenter demonstrates methods of application, recipes using AnsaLigy cosmetics. According to investors, the project has become one of the best investments, and the reason for the rapid growth in popularity is the influence of Tina’s personal brand, the public’s interest in her life. Gradually, the company is separated from the name of Kandelaki, but it continues to be the main part of the organization’s marketing.

“Tina has her own media system. She can publicly and loudly say something and be heard. To do this, it is not necessary to be included in some circles. Tina is just not afraid of anything.”

A. Tsvetkova.
Source: Forbes.ru

Tina plans to bring the cosmetics business to a value of 1 billion rubles. in the next 3-5 years. Difficulties are associated with the lack of production of luxury components for cosmetics in Russia on a small business scale. Creating a full-cycle product within the country is a key task for the company in the near future.

In addition to business, Kandelaki makes money from public speaking and interviews. She holds 50 such events a year, including 25 for money and 25 for free. The fee for one performance, according to the celebrity herself, reaches 50 thousand €.