Kandelaki Tina Net Worth

Place of birth, education. Born in Georgia. Full name - Tinatin.

In 1993, she entered the Tbilisi Medical Institute with a degree in maxillofacial surgery, but did not graduate - she became interested in television. She moved from medical school to the journalism department of Tbilisi University.

Career. In parallel with her studies at the university, she worked on television and radio.

After moving to Moscow in 1995, T. Kandelaki worked for M-Radio, Radio for Adults (RDV), Silver Rain radio station, on 2x2 TV channels (in the Biz-TV program), Muz -TV" (in the program "Vremechko"), TV-6 (programs "Hello, people!", "Oh, moms!", "I know everything").

September 2002 to 2007 - host of the "Details" program on the STS channel (Russia). Format - candid studio interviews with famous people. With this project, she was also awarded the TEFI award.

Since March 2003, she has been the host of the "Most Smart" program on the same STS channel. In 2004, this project won the most prestigious Russian TV award TEFI in the Children's Program nomination. For several seasons in a row, the project was also aired on the Ukrainian TV channel "1 + 1" (under the name "Naurozumnishy").

Since 2004, together with Alexander Tsekalo, she has hosted the Good Songs program on the STS, 1 + 1 and Domashny channels.

Since January 2006, she has collaborated with radio "Echo of Moscow". Permanent host of the program "Special Opinion" (a joint program with the RTVi channel). One of the hosts of the U-turn program (morning interactive broadcast).

Since January 2007 - the host of the show "Wedding Planner". Since the autumn of the same year - the host of the show "STS Lights a Star".

In 2009 she took part in the project "Two stars"(First channel) as one of the leading.

In 2009, she was the host of the Armenian version of the TV game "Fort Boyard".

Since 2010produced the project "Infomania" on the TV channel STS and hosted the weekly summary of the program.

In 2010 she was a member jury major league KVN, the host of the television show "Ideal Man" on the TV channel STS, member of the jury of the festival of parodies "Big difference in Odessa on Channel One.

In December 2012, the television game "The cleverest", where Kandelaki was the leader, and her company was the manufacturer. Since its launch in February 2003, the program has won twice "TEFI" (2004, 2009).

From February 17 to June 2013 (together with Margarita Simonyan) - leading political talk show on the NTV "Iron Ladies".

From July 2015 to September 2024 - general producer of the Russian federal sports TV channel "Match TV".

September 8, 2024 - appointed Deputy General Director of Gazprom-Media.

Business. Tina Kandelaki was a co-owner of the Apostol company. In May - November 2011, she was a member of the board of directors of Vyatka-Bank.

Since 2010, Tina has been the owner of the Tinatin restaurant of Georgian cuisine in Plyushchikha, Moscow., earlier there was a restaurant "Prince Bagration".

In March 2012, Tina Kandelaki signed a contract with Oriflame, according to which she represented Oriflame products in Russia and the CIS countries for two years, and also participated in all company events. Kandelaki's fee amounted to $2 million.

Regalia. In addition to two TEFIs, was awarded the title "Person of the Year - 2005" in the nomination "Television" (the competition was organized by the company "Rambler"). Bypassed Andrei Malakhov ("Let them talk" on Channel One, second place) and Vladimir Pozner (talk show "Times" on Channel One, third place).

According to the results of voting by the Ukrainian edition of Telenedelya, she was recognized as the best TV presenter of 2005.

Winner of the fashion and style award "Astra - 2006" in the nomination "The most stylish TV presenter".

Winner of the "Glamour 2006" award in the special nomination "Form and Content".

Recognized as the sexiest TV presenter in Russia among 10 winners of the "Top 10 Sexy" award in the "television" category.

Since 2007 - member of the Academy of Russian Television.

Criticism. The TV presenter, according to fellow journalists, personifies the phenomenon called "Putin's glamour." She was criticized for her lack of talent and self-promotion, unscrupulousness, conformism and love for the current government, thanks to which she became a member of the Public Chamber.

Family. Ex-husband (until 2010) - businessman Andrey Anatolyevich Kondrakhin, artist, co-owner of the ASCON multidisciplinary clinic. Daughter Melania Kondrakhin (born January 11, 2000) and son Leonty Kondrakhin (born April 28, 2002).

The second husband (since 2014) is Vasily Brovko, one of the founders of the Apostol and AM-Invest companies, director of communications and strategic research at the Rostec state corporation.