Tina Kunaki Net Worth

Biography of Tina Kunaku

This young French beauty has conquered the best European catwalks and appeared in advertising for leading fashion brands in just two years. But world fame brought her marriage to Vincent Cassel, who, after a divorce from the dazzling Monica Bellucci, no longer hoped to meet a new love.

French model Tina Kunaki

Childhood and youth

The future model was born in 1997 in Toulouse, a major industrial and cultural center of France, located near the Spanish border. Italian and African blood flows in the veins of the sultry mulatto: her mother Nadia is from Sicily, her father Robin is a Frenchman of Moroccan origin.

Little Tina Kunaki with her mother

Parents met in Toulouse, fell in love at first sight and never parted again. They have been together for more than twenty-five years, and their tenderness, care and respect for each other have become for Tina, her sister Cassandra and brother Zachary an example of an ideal relationship between a man and a woman.

Baby’s father – Robert Kunaki

When Tina was three years old, the family moved to the coast, to the picturesque resort town of Biarritz. There, our heroine spent her entire conscious childhood, enjoying the beauty of the surrounding mountains and the majestic power of the ocean. The girl became interested in windsurfing and even planned to devote her future life to this occupation, but the injury crossed out her plans.

Tina Kunaki in childhood

But in her modeling career, she was predicted a great future – from the age of eight, a charming baby with button eyes and a naughty head of curly hair was successfully filmed for advertising, and as a teenager she turned into a real beauty.

Model business

Parents traveled a lot with their children, trying to develop their horizons and show them life outside of France. When Tina was fifteen, they sent her to study at a liberal arts college in Madrid so that the girl could learn foreign languages ​​and get acquainted with European culture. And so it happened – a few months later Tina was already fluent in Spanish and English, and Madrid became her hometown. Soon, a young beauty with an exotic appearance came to the attention of representatives of leading modeling agencies, signed a contract first with the Spanish Mad Models Management, and then with the British SUPA and IMG Models.

Tina Kunaki had contracts with the largest modeling agencies

In 2016, the young model starred in the video for the song Belinda by the popular French artist Matt Pokkor. The video collected an impressive number of views on YouTube and became a powerful springboard for Tina in her already quite successful career.

Tina Kunaki in M. Pokora’s video – Belinda

After that, such titans of world fashion as Jean Paul Gaultier, Loreal, Armani, Marie Claire and many others became interested in the girl. The sultry mulatto defiled on the best European catwalks, appeared on the covers of leading glossy magazines, starred for Victoria’s Secret lingerie and swimwear catalogs.

Tina Kunaki’s height is 174 cm

However, Tina’s world fame was brought not by her professional activities, but by an affair with the famous French actor Vincent Cassel, the former husband of Monica Bellucci.

Tina Kunaki and Vincent Cassel: a love story

The acquaintance of the 18-year-old model and the 49-year-old actor happened in 2015, during a vacation in Ibiza. Vincent saw Tina on the beach and was captivated by her exotic beauty and natural grace. The man invited the charming mulatto to a restaurant, where they spent the whole evening having a fascinating conversation. During the conversation, Kassel learned that his companion was not yet twenty, and Tina discovered that her new acquaintance was a famous actor.

Tina Kunaki and Vincent Cassel

Between them immediately arose sympathy, which soon grew into a real feeling. However, the lovers were in no hurry to advertise their relationship, and declassified them only a year later, posting a joint photo on the Web.

The picture caused a stormy response – many fans still cannot forgive Kassel for a divorce from Monica Bellucci, considering him a traitor and a traitor. Meanwhile, several years have passed since their separation, and the new passion of the actor has nothing to do with it.

The wedding of Tina Kunaki and Vincent Cassel

In the fall of 2016, the couple appeared together in Paris at the show of the new Victoria’s Secret collection and from that moment on, they finally stopped hiding their close relationship.

In 2017, rumors spread about Tina’s romance with rapper A$AP Rocky, with whom she got into the paparazzi lenses during her stay in New York. However, it soon became clear that the model starred in the musician’s new video, and they were connected only by long-standing friendship and professional relations.

New 2018 Tina and Vincent met together in Rio de Janeiro, and in March the couple visited Moscow. In the summer, it became known that the lovers were preparing for the wedding, which took place in the bride’s homeland, in the suburbs of Biarritz.

Tina Kunaki: how to look sexy 24 hours a day

In April 2019, baby Amazoni was born, who became the first child of Tina and the third daughter of Vincent. A month after giving birth, the model showed a perfect figure, appearing with Kassel at the Cannes Film Festival.

Tina Kunaki now

Tina successfully combines her new role as a wife and mother with modeling and business projects. She continues to actively collaborate with fashion houses Dior and Louis Vuitton, recently launched her own line of women’s clothing with the Etam brand, and also dreams of acting in films with her beloved husband.