Beautiful Gifts for Bookworms That Aren’t Books

Great Gifts for Bookworms

It can sometimes be hard finding gifts for avid readers. Obviously, your first impulse lies with buying them books, but it can be difficult picking out which ones to get for them, especially if they are picky about which books they will read, in which case it is better to leave the book buying to them.

If they have given you a solid list of all the titles they are interested in, great! Then buy them any of the books on that list. If not, however, here are some alternative gift ideas. The suggestions below are perfect for any gift-giving occasion. 

1. Gifts Cards

Gift cards can be a great gift for a picky bookworm. They can choose the books they wanted.

2. An E-Reader or MP3-Player

If you want to give something more than a gift card, then a reading device might be a good idea..

It could be a Kindle, Kobo, or other kind of e-reader, or an audiobook device such as an mp3-player. There are lots of them available at decent prices. 

3. Gifted Subscriptions

Subscriptions can another great gift idea. Unfortunately, you can no longer purchase a gift subscription of Kindle Unlimited, however, you can buy a gift subscription for amazon prime which now offers Prime Reading. With Prime Reading you have a variety of titles available to you at anytime.

An audible gift subscription is another awesome gift idea.

With both of these, the reader can choose their own books!

4. Special Mugs and Tea Blends

Smaller gifts such as special mugs can be wonderful gifts for bookworms. There are so many beautiful mugs out there, such as the ones depicted below. To get a closer look at them, simply click on the images. Another great gift idea is a special tea blend, such as the Anne of Green Gables tea mixes.

Mugs about books and reading

Fan mugs for specific books

Special Tea Blends

4. Other Small Gifts

Other small gifts such as tote bags, t-shirts, socks, throw pillows, decor, journals, pencils, stickers, and so much more can be really fun gifts. 

5. Reader Gadgets and Tools

What reader doesn’t want a special bookmark, book darts, or a fancy reading light?

That’s the entire list of suggestions. If you are interested in any of the products I suggested, then either click on the text links, or on the images.

All of the gift suggestions are appropriate for any occasion where gifts are exchanged. Some of them are more geared towards younger readers, while other are geared towards older readers.

I would love to hear from you in the comment section, what you think of this list, and any suggestions that you would add to it.

Happy reading!