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Introducing the Annes Around the World

Welcome back to this  next post in the month of Anne series! If you missed the last post in this series, you can find it here.

Before I begin showing several of the translated editions of Anne of Green Gables and giving the rough translations of their titles, I will just say that I cannot speak most of these languages and I am relying on outside sources (other than google translate) to give me the title translations. If they are wrong, let me know! I won’t take offense, and will even put in the correct translations. I find different languages fascinating and I want to be as accurate as possible.

Note: The covers shown in the pictures below are not necessarily the original covers from the dates mentioned.

Swedish – Anne på Grönkulla

The very first translation of Anne of Green Gables was Swedish – ‘Anne på Grönkulla’ which came out in 1909, one year after the original was published. The translation appears to be ‘Anne at Green Hill’. ‘På’ can be translated into ‘at‘ ‘Grön‘ is the word for ‘Green‘ and ‘Kulle‘ is the word for ‘hill‘, which gives us ‘Anne at Green Hill‘.

Polish – Ania z Zielonego Wzgórza

The next translation of Anne of Green Gables came out in 1911 in Polish titled ‘Ania z Zielonego Wzgórza’. This roughly translates to ‘Anne from the Green Hill‘. 

Norwegian – Anne fra Bjørkely

This third translation of Anne of Green Gables came out in 1918 this time in Norwegian titled ‘Anne fra Bjørkely’. I could not find a proper translation for this one.

Finnish – Annan Nuoruusvuodet

The next translation of Anne of Green Gables comes to us in Finnish, published in 1920 it was titled ‘Annan Nuoruusvuodet’. This one again I could not find a proper translation for.

French – Anne ou les Illusions Heureuses

‘Anne ou les Illusions Heureuses’ is as you might have guessed, the French translation which came out in 1925. Honestly, I am a little surprised that it wasn’t translated sooner. ‘Anne ou les Illusions Heureuses’ translates to ‘Anne, or Happy Illusions’. Later, in the 1960’s it was brought out again as ‘Anne et le Bonheur’ as depicted above. The newer title translates to ‘Anne and Happiness’.

Estonian – Punapäine Anne

The next translation of Anne came in 1939 entitled ‘Punapäine Anne’ being the Estonian translation meaning ‘Redheaded Anne’.

Portuguese – Anne Shirley

The first Portuguese translation of Anne of Green Gables also came out in 1939 and was titled ‘Anne Shirley‘ I don’t think there is any need for me to provide a translation for that one. However, a later Portuguese translation was titled ‘Anne dos Cabelos Ruivos‘ meaning ‘Anne of Red Hair.’

Japanese – 赤毛のアン (Akagenoan)

The first Japanese translation of Anne of Green Gables came out in 1952. The title is 赤毛のアン the transliteration of that is ‘Akagenoan’ meaning ‘Redhead Anne.’

Slovak – Anna zo Zeleného domu

The next translation came out in 1959 in Slovak. The book title was ‘Anna zo Zeleného domu’ meaning ‘Anne of Green House.’

Spanish – Anne, la de Tejados Verdes

The last translation on this list is ‘Anne, la de Tejados Verdes’ meaning ‘Anne of Green Rooftops.’ This translation came out in 1994.

That is the entire list! As I mentioned above, if you have a better translation of one of the titles above, please feel free to mention it in the comment section below.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you are interested in more of this sort of thing, you can take a look at the L. M. Montogomery Institutes page or visit this site.

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