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Biography of the group “Silver”

“Silver” is one of the brightest groups on the modern Russian stage. Their incendiary hits are popular both in Russia and the CIS countries, and in Europe. The biography of the group began with a bronze place at Eurovision, but this success, which many performers have been waiting for years, was only the beginning.

Members of the group “Silver”

History of creation

For the first time, the female pop trio “Serebro” was heard on March 10, 2007, during the selection for Eurovision. It was the first performance in the history of the group: not a single concert, not a single single in history. The risk of sending such inexperienced performers to Helsinki was huge, but the creator of Silver, producer Max Fadeev, was known for his flair for successful projects. The expert group approved their candidacy, making up behind Alexander Panayotov, Alexei Chumakov and the “Beasts” group.

The first composition of “Silver”: Lizorkin, Temnikov and Seryabkin

Before the selection, the public only heard something about Elena Temnikova, a former member of Star Factory-2, where she met a famous producer. In 2005, Olga Serbyakina was accepted into the group, who performed as a backup dancer with another Fadeev ward, Irakli. And the third girl, Maria Lizorkina, was found through an Internet casting in 2006. The first single “Silver” was planned to be released in 2008, but plans changed when Fadeev’s pets were sent to Eurovision.

Eurovision 2007: Silver – Song #1

On March 12, 2007, the single “Song #1” went on sale. The creator of the video of the same name, released a month later, was Fadeev himself. It was with this song that the Silver group represented Russia at Eurovision and took 3rd place. On May 13, 2007, the members of the trio woke up famous. This date is considered the official birthday of the group.

The main stages of creativity

After a successful debut, “Silver” pleased the listeners with the compositions “Breathe”, “Whats Your Problem”, “Opium”, “Say, don’t be silent”, and on April 25, 2009 they presented their first studio album “Opium Roz”, which included 7 English-language and 4 Russian-language track.

Permanent producer of the Silver group Maxim Fadeev

From the first days of its existence, the Serebro group promoted the ideas of female friendship, sexuality and independence, which were successfully combined with the bold outrageous images of its members. This feature was especially pronounced after Masha left the group in June 2007 in order to come to grips with the career of an artist, and Anastasia Karpova took her place. Like her predecessor, the girl got into Silver by submitting an application on the Internet.

Anastasia Karpova (left) was a soloist of “Silver” for more than 4 years

Six months later, there were reports in the press about the departure of Lena Temnikova due to an affair with Fadeev’s brother Artem. But everything worked out, and the group continued to perform in the old line-up, and their new song “Sweet” won the title “Song of the Year”.

In the summer of 2011, the girls recorded the song “Mama Lover”, the title track of their future album, and 6 weeks later they released a video for its Russian version, “Mama Lyuba”.

Silver – Mama Lyuba

The second studio album of the trio “Mama Lover” went on sale in June 2012. The disc was in English and was not sold in Russia. Russian listeners were able to purchase the Mama Lyuba album four months later.

In the summer of 2013, Serebro released a video for the song “Mi mi mi”, which hit the top 6 most viewed videos of Russian groups, losing only to the video for the songs “You are so” by singer Natalie, “505” by the group “Time and Glass”, “Crazy” by Alexei Vorobyov, “Exhibit” by Sergey Shnurov’s group and Timati’s viral video “Lada Eggplant”.

In the fall, Anastasia Karpova left the group, who decided to start a solo career. Her departure did not come as a surprise to Fadeev: he immediately announced that a new soloist, Daria Shashina, had been found to replace Nastya.

Daria Shashina joined the group in 2013

After 5 months, Lena Temnikova also left the trio. The official reason was the singer’s health problems and her desire to start a family. For some time, instead of Lena, Anastasia Karpova returned to the group, until in June 2014 Fadeev finally found a replacement for her. She was a native of Volgograd Polina Favorskaya.

“Silver” has one of the brightest and most outrageous images on our stage

October 30, 2015 “Silver” presented their third studio album, called “The Power of Three”. The disc with 16 tracks topped the Russian and Ukrainian iTunes charts. 10 tracks were previously released as singles. Yandex.Music called the release the best album of 2015.

In the spring of 2016, Shashina said goodbye to her colleagues due to health problems. In two weeks, a new soloist, model Katya Kishchuk, was found through Internet casting.

Serebro new line-up: Polina Favorskaya, Olga Seryabkina and Katya Kishchuk

In April 2017, the group became the face of the cosmetic brand Sephora. In support of this company, the girls recorded the song “Love Between Us”. A post with a new song appeared in the official community of the VKontakte group and broke the record for collected likes – more than 20,000 in 2 days.

Silver – In space

After 3 months, the group again changed. This time, Polina, tired of constant rehearsals and tours, announced her departure. “Silver” released a video for the song “In Space”, which became Favorskaya’s farewell gift. After that, Fadeev thought about changing the format of the group from a trio to a duet, but in the end he abandoned this idea. Polina’s place was taken by Tatyana Morgunova.

On the first day of 2018, the group released a video for the song “New Year” – a cover for the song of the group “Steklovata”. Previously, the video was shown on the Big Russian Boss Show YouTube show. And the first single of 2018 was the song “111307”.

Collaborations with other artists

  • Sound Sleep – “Silver” ft. OMA-VEGA
  • “Not enough of you” – “Silver” ft. The Tough Beard
  • Blood Diamond – “Silver” ft. yellow claw
  • “Ugar” – “Silver” ft. DJ MEG
  • Young Yummy Love – “Silver” ft. DJ Feel


In 2016, the former soloist of the group Lena Temnikova spoke about the humiliation that she was subjected to by Max Fadeev. According to her, she left the group because she was tired of the image of “sexual terrorists” that the producer began to push through. Moreover, the previously featured story about Temnikova’s relationship with Fadeev’s brother Artem was invented by the producer for PR of Artem’s new musical. At the same time, Fadeev regulated the singer’s personal life and forbade her to meet with men.

At the request of Maxim Fadeev, Lena Temnikova imitated an affair with his brother

February 2017 almost started for the group with an international scandal. Olga Seryabkina and Katya Kishchuk played the video game Mortal Combat live, while answering questions from fans along the way. As soon as the presenter began to ask a question that began with the words “In Kazakhstan …”, Seryabkina threw: “Kazakhstan? Don’t give a damn about Kaz…” Realizing that she had said something wrong, Olga fell silent. After that, the group’s social networks were full of angry messages from residents of Kazakhstan. The girl had to publicly apologize, and Fadeev asked “not to stone the girls.”

Olga Seryabkina “spits” on Kazakhstan

In November 2017, MP Vitaly Milonov called Olga Serbyakina an “AIDS picker” on the air of the Big Russian Boss Show and was indignant that the girl had once had a sexual experience with a woman. In response to insults, the producer of the group named three reasons why Milonov is a latent homosexual.


  • “Opium Roz” (2009)
  • Mama Lover (2012)
  • “Power of Three” (2014)

Group “Silver” now

At the end of 2018, it first became known about the expiration of the contract of Olga Seryabkina and her departure from the group from the beginning of next year. However, later Katya Kishchuk and Tatyana Morgunova also announced their departure. “Silver” does not cease to exist, but the composition of the team will change completely. With the help of Internet casting, three new participants were selected: an actress by education Marianna Kochurova, a former athlete Irina Titova and an aspiring singer Elizaveta Kornilova.

New composition of Silver

The debut of the group in the new line-up fell on Valentine’s Day 2019. The girls sang the song “Love Between Us”.

Silver – Love between us

Silver – listen online