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Biography of Cream Soda

The work of the young pop trio Cream Soda cannot be attributed to any one direction of pop music. Inspired by fashionable European trends and classical compositions of famous European pop artists, the music of the Russian band combines the quality of arrangements, impeccable taste and originality, which, combined with ethnic motifs and a deep semantic component, makes it a unique phenomenon not only in the domestic musical space, but also on a global scale.

Cream Soda Group

History of creation

The founders of the team are Dima Nova, a native of Yaroslavl, and Ilya Gadaev, born in Orekhovo-Zuyevo, near Moscow. The guys were fond of music since childhood, both parents were somehow connected with the world of art. Ilya’s father played keyboards in the band, his grandfather sang in the choir and played in the theater. Having become interested in his father’s synthesizer, the young man soon began to write music himself. And Dima’s interest in music at first resulted in collecting vinyl records of drum’n’bass and jungle performers, then he became interested in DJing himself.

In the photo: Ilya Gadaev and Dima Nova

At the end of 2008, they met on the popular online platform Promo DJs. In search of their own, unique sound, young DJs boldly experimented with drum and bass and new breaks, performed in clubs, watching the dancing public, and when vocalists Valeria Russo and Anna Romanovskaya joined the guys in 2012, the direction of the newborn the band completely shifted towards light danceable electro-pop.

A few years later, Ilya and Dima called the audience for which they played at the dawn of their careers a marginal crowd, for which it was only important to drink beer and shake their hair. But it was the indifference of the drunken public of dubious nightlife that pushed the musicians to move from heavy drama to light, but not frivolous electronic pop music.

The guys chose the name for their group spontaneously, they just liked the way the phrase Cream Soda sounds, which fully reflected their cheerful and fresh mood and desire to create, as Dima Nova put it in one of his early interviews, something worthwhile, but not having a specific genre identification.

The main stages of creativity

The very first tracks, written by young musicians at the initial stage of their joint work, earned the attention of fans of synth-pop and electro-house. In 2016, the release of the debut electro-pop album “Pozhar” was a real gift for Russian music lovers, but some critics still could not resist comparing the compositions with an inept attempt to imitate the work of the famous Icelanders GusGus or the British duo Disclosure.

Debut album Cream Soda was released in 2016

A more friendly audience called the album an adaptation of European dance electro-canons to Russian realities, but both opinions were adequately perceived by the musicians, who took into account the reviewers’ assessments when working on the next disc. Two years later, the band, which had already “packed” their musical preferences in a light, somewhat melancholic wrapper, finished work on the second album. Choosing a label, the guys came to a mutual agreement and turned to Ivan Dorn. According to the musicians, Black Star and Gazgolder would not suit them because of their rap orientation, and Xuman Records preferred to work exclusively with indies.

The album “Krasivo” released in 2018 by the Masterskaya label united several musical genres, such as pop-house, R&B and downtempo. By this time, Anya Romanovskaya remained the only vocalist in the group. Her voice seemed detached, devoid of emotion, and precisely adjusted beats seemed to envelop it.

The album includes the compositions “Wanderer”, “Go away, but stay”, “Do not forget”, “So noisy” and others, which have an almost hypnotic or meditative effect on the listeners. The tracks were perceived not at the level of understanding or meaningfulness, but apart from the semantic component, emotionally, but they did not leave anyone indifferent.

Cream Soda – Beautiful

In the fall of 2018, a dramatic and ironic video clip was released for the song “Go away, but stay”, in which Alexander Gudkov starred, tirelessly impressing fans with new facets of his talent. The mini-movie was directed by Roman Kim, author of the grotesque video production for the song “Ibiza” by Philip Kirkorov and Nikolai Baskov, and co-author of the outstanding video for the less outstanding song “Mood Color Blue”.

Cream Soda – Leave but stay

Collaborations with other artists

Acquaintance with Ivan Dorn, whose label was signed by three young electronic musicians, gave them a chance not only to release high-quality musical products, but also to collaborate with other musicians.

Album cover “Beautiful”

So, in the spring of 2019, the video “Heaven” was released, recorded by MC Antokha together with the Ufa house band Laud and the trio Cream Soda.

In addition to the Ufimians, Laud also took part in the recording of the album “Comet” and the indie duet Lurmish. In July 2019, the presentation of the third studio creation of the Cream Soda trio took place. The name “Comet” was chosen by the guys consciously, it fully reflects the cosmic depth of the compositions. Author’s, albeit somewhat depressing revelations about love and the inevitability of death, about loneliness and the futility of life, the musicians dressed in an airy dance form with an admixture of disco-retro and ethnic.

Album cover “Comet”

Like the previous album, “Kometa” was born in the picturesque town of Dievo-Gorodishche near Yaroslavl, in the house that Dima’s parents built. The album includes 12 tracks, among which are Sold Out, TTT, Hide and Seek and, of course, No More Parties.

Cream Soda – No more parties

The video for the last track gave it an unexpectedly ironic, if not to say, comedic flavor, which conceptually changed the semantic component of the song. The participation of Alexander Gudkov and the company, dressed in the style of the singer Shura of the late 90s, and Alexander Bashirov was enthusiastically received by the audience, who appreciated the non-trivial view of the creators of the video on lovers of fishing in picturesque and secluded places.

In the summer of 2019, the band visited Rostov-on-Don, Volzhsky and Yaroslavl, as well as several other small Russian cities with a concert.


  • “Fire” (2016)
  • “Beautiful” (2018)
  • “Comet” (2019)
  • Intergalaxy (2020)

Cream Soda now

In 2024, the group released the fourth album “Intergalaxies” – a conceptual, space-themed album. In the same year, two singles were released that tore apart the dance floors: the hit “Crying for Techno”, recorded together with the Khleb group, and “Akvadiskoteka”, which Alexander Gudkov had a hand in creating. The last song was recorded after the sensational investigation of Alexei Navalny about “Putin’s palace”.

Cream Soda – I cry for techno (LIVE @ Avtoradio)

In the same year, the guys from Cream Soda tried themselves as producers and helped Feduk record the album “Yay”. In 2024, they founded their own label, Trunk, whose mission is to “develop a culture of music and the right values ​​of sound in Russia.” At the moment, among the wards of the label: the duet “Best Friend” (Mark Valkovsky and Roman Svirgunov) and the electronic trio “Laud”.

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