Dmitry Sychev Net Worth

Biography of Dmitry Sychev

The childhood of Dmitry Sychev

Dmitry’s hometown is Omsk. There he grew up and was brought up in a sports family. His father is a football player who played for local clubs until the age of forty. And the mother of the future football player was an athlete. The boy was brought up in a sports environment, he was destined to become an athlete, since sport was in his “blood”.

From an early age, the father played football with his son, he did it at home, and also took Dima to training. From time to time the little boy was allowed to take a series of shots on goal.

Dmitry Sychev. From sadness to joy

Dmitry literally raved about football. His father took him to training, when he was busy, his grandmother took him. But besides football, the young athlete was also interested in hockey. Until the age of nine, he played both football and hockey, week after week. Having matured a little, he nevertheless settled on football. At nine, the boy came to the sports school of the Dynamo society. There he received a football education.

Already at an early age, the leadership qualities of a small football player could not be overlooked. The coach appointed him as the captain of the youth team, in which he began to appear as a striker.

The early successes of football player Dmitry Sychev

First there was a win in the Ural Cup, then participation in the Russian Championship. Having played several times in the national team of the Ural region, Dima attracted the attention of many coaches, and was invited to come to St. Petersburg. There he studied at “Change” – a football school.

Dmitry Sychev at different times played for different football clubs

Already at that time it was clear that a very responsible player was growing. Even after training, he was in no hurry to leave the stadium, he carried out additional training for himself in general physical training, and increased his personal workload. That was the decision of the teenager himself. While training at Smena, Dima became the champion of the city, he was even called up to the youth team of Russia, which took first place in the qualifying round, and after that he successfully performed at the European championship. Being a sixteen-year-old guy, Dima was already playing in the second league of the national championship.

Early career: Dmitry Sychev in Spartak

In the summer of 2000, the aspiring footballer was already playing for Spartak Tambov, and two months later he scored his debut goal when he played with Orel. In January 2001, the footballer, together with the youth team, became the winner of the Granatkin Memorial and the top scorer of the tournament.

Such successes could not go unnoticed, Sychev was noticed, among other things, by the coaches of the capital Spartak. This year, the athlete graduated from high school and became a student at the Ural University. Dima continued to practice, each of his appearances on the field attracted more and more attention to the athlete. Soon the fans of Tambov went to cheer on Sychev specifically. He was distinguished by the ability to easily get rid of an opponent, accurate and unexpected blows.

What did Dmitry Sychev do

Fans in crowded stands could not be indifferent to such a game. It was clear that such a talented player would not remain in the second division team for long. Already in January 2002, the player was bought by Spartak. In less than two weeks, Dima sent the ball into the Sheriff’s goal during the participation of the capital’s Spartak in the Commonwealth Cup.

After that, Dmitry signed a five-year contract with Spartak. Despite the fact that Sychev was still a very young player, he appeared on the field along with experienced players. His professionalism grew from match to match. The coaches saw this, so they were sure that a real “star” would soon grow in the team. He played in his so-called “Sychev” manner and in 2002 he managed to score nine goals while playing for Spartak.

Dmitry Sychev in the Russian team

In the spring of 2002, Dmitry played for the national team for the first time. In 2002, he became the youngest player to score a goal at the World Cup. Dima immediately became famous, he had admirers and fans.

Football player Dmitry Sychev is not yet married

In August 2002, despite the fact that the athlete had signed a contract for five years, he decided to leave the team. The statement was written by Dmitry just two hours before the match with Alania was to take place. In autumn, by decision of the FTC Bureau, he was disqualified for four months.

Dmitry Sychev in the Marseille “Olympic”

Immediately after the expiration of the period of disqualification, the athlete was sold and ended up in the Marseille Olympic, where for a long time he only came out as a substitute. As part of this team, Dima won the bronze medal in 2003 at the French Championship.

Time passed, and the footballer did not have a place in the permanent composition of the Marseille team, he continued to sit on the bench. Sychev understood that time was running out, and there were less and less goals and game training opportunities. At the beginning of 2003, Dima was included in the Russian team. At that time, he considered the European Championship in Portugal to be his goal.

During the off-season in 2004, Sychev went to Russia, where in Lokomotiv he began to score one goal after another, thus proving that he deserved a place in the national team.

Dmitry Sychev in the Moscow Lokomotiv

At the beginning of 2004, the football player signed a three-year contract with the capital’s Lokomotiv. He became a striker who managed to close the team’s most problematic line. On the field, Sychev was distinguished by diligence and dedication, the ability to accurately fulfill the task set by the coach.

The team was coached in those years by Yuri Semin, who completely trusted Dima and let him out on the field in every match.

Dmitry Sychev met with fans

Sychev, as he dreamed, got to the 2004 World Cup as part of our team. In 2004, he was able to become the most productive striker. His result is seven goals. During the same year, playing for Lokomotiv, he scored seventeen goals. His team became the champion of Russia.

The next year for Sychev started very well, but in the middle of the season he received a serious knee injury. He underwent surgery, after which the player recovered for six months. Only in March 2006, the athlete appeared on the field.

In 2007, Dima extended his contract for another four years. Coaches at Lokomotiv changed one after another, but each time with the arrival of a new coach, the player spent less and less time on the field. Slaven Bilic, who became a coach, did not want to see Sychev in the team. In the 2012-13 season, the athlete was on the field for only thirty-two minutes in this team.

Dmitry Sychev at present

For about six months in 2013, Dmitry played in the Belarusian Dynamo, and then was rented by the Nizhny Novgorod Volga. In Minsk, for six months, the footballer scored only two goals.

Personal life of Dmitry Sychev

The athlete leads a normal, not “star” lifestyle, rides the subway, goes to the movies. His favorite dishes are borscht, meatballs, solyanka, mashed potatoes. Hockey, which he was fond of as a child, remains Dmitry’s hobby today. Whenever possible, he enjoys riding with a stick.

Dmitry is still single. He does not share the news of his personal life with journalists. It is known that he had many girls, but none of them became his legal wife. It is possible that in the future a girl named Anna will become his wife. They have been together for quite some time. She can often be seen at games where she comes to cheer for her boyfriend.