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Biography of Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is a legendary American singer and film actor, whose name is associated with the heyday of rock and roll in the mid-twentieth century. The post-war youth, like air, needed the incendiary rhythms of new music, free and energetic. The embodiment of this musical freedom was the idol of millions Elvis Presley.

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His hits half a century ago are extremely popular even today. And while the memory of the singer who literally blew up the musical world with his temperamental songs is alive, the true spirit of rock and roll is also alive.

Childhood and youth

Elvis Aaron Presley was born on January 8, 1935 in the tiny town of Tupelo, Mississippi. Together with him, his twin brother Jess Garon was born, who died shortly after his birth.

Elvis Presley as a child

Elvis’ father, Vernon Presley, was a descendant of immigrants from Germany and Scotland; mother, Gladys Presley, had a richer pedigree: her ancestors were Scots, Irish, Normans, and Cherokee Indians.

The Presleys lived extremely modestly, since Vernon could not find a permanent job, and after he was imprisoned (he was accused of forging checks), the financial situation of the family worsened even more.

Elvis Presley as a child with his parents

Despite financial constraints, Elvis believed that his childhood years were happy: Gladys dearly loved her little son, pampering him as much as possible. The boy forever remembered how his mother, not having enough money to give him such a coveted bike, bought what she had enough money for – a guitar, which ultimately determined the main occupation of Elvis’ life.

Elvis Presley with mom

The boy loved the music that accompanied him all the time: all family members were believers, so for Elvis it was obligatory not only to attend church services regularly, but also to rehearse in the church choir.

Elvis Presley with his father

With a beautiful clear voice, he sang gospel – religious chants filled with expression, and the parishioners, with tears in their eyes, incessantly repeated that the boy simply had a divine talent …

First steps towards your dream

Not surprisingly, after moving to Memphis, Tennessee in November 1948, the teenager Elvis began to consciously and with deep interest delve into the features of pop music that sounded on the radio day and night. He listened to country melodies, comparing them to Negro blues, boogie-woogie, rhythm and blues, and traditional pop music. Often attending dance parties and concerts of famous singers, Elvis realized at the age of 14 that he also wanted to become a pop singer.

Tour of Elvis Presley’s house

After graduating from high school, young Elvis worked as a truck driver, simultaneously mastering the specialty of an electrician at evening courses. But such a high workload did not prevent the young man from devoting a lot of time to singing and polishing his masterful guitar playing. The first and most grateful listener of the beginning singer was his mother, to whom Elvis dedicated songs as his closest friend in those years.

Elvis Presley and Sam Phillips

The turning point in the fate of the future King of Rock can be safely called the young man’s chance acquaintance with Sam Phillips, the owner of a music studio, who instantly appreciated the great talent and sensual voice of the young man. Instinct did not let down the producer, who later became famous as the “discoverer” of Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley while serving in the army

Soon Sam Phillips brought the young singer together with local musicians – bassist Bill Black and guitarist Scotty Moore, and together they recorded those dynamic, groovy compositions that brought Presley deafening popularity.

Variety and cinematographic activities

Elvis Presley’s fame grew and expanded thanks to new recordings combined with continuous tours of the southern states. From the beginning of 1955, Tom Parker, who received the title of colonel in the US South, began to promote the singer. This highly experienced producer had a solid baggage of useful connections in the American show business, so his patronage was a real success for the novice performer.

Elvis Presley and Tom Parker

In the summer of 1955, the demand for Presley’s records overcame the boundaries of the province: the most prominent music observers in the American capital called the singer a rising country star, which Parker did not fail to take advantage of. He persistently advised the management of a large recording company RCA Records to pay attention to a talented young man. And on November 21, 1955, the contract with Presley was finally signed. This momentous moment in Elvis’s life may well be marked as the vertical rise of his career.

Elvis Presley’s contract with RCA Records can be considered the rise of his career

Recorded on RCA Records, the debut album “Elvis Presley” and the single “Heartbreak Hotel” took the lead in the US National hit parade. The discs, released in more than a million copies, were instantly sold out.

Elvis Presley – “Blue Suede Shoes” (1956)

Presley’s first performance on central television made a splash, and the singer’s name became known throughout the country. Invitations to participate in various shows came from all television studios. Without refusing these tempting offers, Elvis at the same time recorded new singles one after another, and also toured a lot, invariably causing an incredible stir with his person.

King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley

The widespread hysteria of Elvis Presley and his work is explained by the organic combination of the incendiary, clear rhythm of the singer’s compositions with the inexpressible charisma of his nature. The king of rock and roll, who was natural and liberated on stage, revived in the souls of his listeners a thirst for self-expression. His songs are a synergy of feeling and energy, which with irresistible force influenced the audience, which always filled the concert halls to capacity.

Top 10 Elvis Presley Songs

Abroad, Presley was also widely known to fans of pop music: by the end of the 50s of the last century, his singles occupied the first places in the charts of Canada, Germany, England, Italy, Australia, and South Africa. He was well known even in the USSR, despite the complete absence of Elvis Presley records on sale during the years of his world popularity.

Elvis Presley in Love Me Tender

Large Hollywood companies did not bypass the singer with their favorable attention. He was offered to play in such films as Love Me Tender (1956); Prison Rock (1957); “King Creole” (1958); “Burning Star” (1960); “Blue Hawaii” (1961) and others. In total, more than 30 films were shot with the participation of Presley, almost in each of which his unique music was used, and, most importantly, his unique organicity and charisma were forever captured on film.

Elvis Presley’s personal life

In the late 50s (December 20, 1957), Presley was called up for military service. He was enrolled in the 2nd Panzer Division, located in West Germany – it was there that Elvis met his future wife Priscilla Bouillet, who was then only 14 years old.

Elvis and Priscilla Bouillet wedding

They celebrated their wedding in May 1967, but after 5 years the couple officially divorced: Patricia, taking her daughter Lisa-Maria, left, unable to withstand her husband’s frequent tours and his depression caused by excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs.

Elvis with his wife and daughter

In the summer of 1972, Presley began dating singer and actress Linda Thompson, who won the Tennessee beauty queen crown. After 4 years, Elvis broke up with Linda.

Presley’s companion in the last months of his life was Ginger Alden, a fashion model and actress.

premature death

The life of the King of Rock and Roll ended on August 16, 1977. Being in a severe mental decline, he took an exorbitant dose of sedatives – and Presley’s heart stopped forever.

Elvis Presley: the last 24 hours

Perhaps the singer would have managed to cope with his next depressive state, as he had managed before, but the situation worsened due to the betrayal of loved ones.

The singer’s father fired Presley’s closest friends Red and Sonny West, along with David Gebler, who acted as bodyguards. In retaliation, they published a book detailing the singer’s aggressive touring escapades, drug addiction, and bouts of morbid suspicion.

Funeral of the King of Rock and Roll

Elvis, shocked by this ruthless blow to the back, plunged into a pool of terrible experiences. Due to woeful reflections, he began to suffer from insomnia, so he decided to resort to medication. An overdose of drugs made Elvis fall asleep forever…

Elvis Presley’s grave

However, for their loyal fans, Presley and his music remain alive to this day!

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