Dieter Bohlen Net Worth

Biography of Dieter Bohlen

Dieter Bohlen is a famous German musician who gained the greatest fame after participating in the famous Modern Talking project. Together with this group, our today’s hero has reached simply unthinkable heights, becoming a true idol of his generation.

However, even after the disappearance of the legendary German team, Dieter Bohlen did not leave the world of art. Today his career continues. Therefore, our article will surely find its reader.

Early years, childhood and the family of Dieter Bohlen

Dieter Bohlen was born on February 7, 1954 in the city of Bern, but subsequently moved frequently. So, as you know, he received his education at once in three different schools, which were located in different cities – Göttingen, Oldenburg and Hamburg. During his school years, he was a member of the SPD, and also took an active part in the cultural life of each of his schools.

Dieter Bohlen in his youth

It is worth noting that our today’s hero began to study music as a child. While still at school, he participated in youth groups Mayfair and Aorta, for which he wrote about two hundred musical compositions. From the age of sixteen, Dieter Bohlen began to actively send out his best compositions to various record companies in Germany, trying to get a job there. However, for a long time the young guy received only refusals.

The situation changed only in 1978. During this period, Intersong showed interest in his services and offered the musician to take one of the vacancies. So, our today’s hero began to work as a composer and producer. In this capacity, Dieter achieved good success.

He wrote many successful compositions for various German artists. One of the most famous was the song “Hale, Hey Louise”, performed by Ricky King and instantly became a national hit in Germany. For this song, Dieter Bohlen received his first “golden disc”, and with it a considerable profit. It is noteworthy that during this period our today’s hero worked under the pseudonym Steve Benson.

Under this name, the musician also worked in the bands Monza and Sunday, which were quite famous in some regions of Germany at the turn of the seventies and eighties. In parallel with this, Dieter Bohlen (or rather, Steve Benson) recorded several solo singles, and also wrote a whole lot of songs for other famous performers of those years.

Modern Talking, Blue System and Dieter Bohlen’s unprecedented rise in popularity

In 1983, Dieter Bohlen began fruitfully collaborating with the young singer Thomas Anders. So already in the early eighties there was an image of the duet Modern Talking, which became the most successful project in the career of our today’s hero.

Modern Talking Dieter Bohlen – Moscow – Red Square – 03.04.2013

This team existed from 1983 to 1987, and then from 1998 to 2003. During this time, the group has managed to record twelve studio records, as well as sell more than 165 million copies of their albums. The CD “Back For Good” alone has sold 26 million copies.

The brightest example of the group’s popularity is the solemn ceremony in the Westphalian Hall of Dortmund, during which a small car loaded with 75 gold and platinum discs drove onto the stage. It was simply impossible to present such a number of awards in the usual way.

At its peak, Modern Talking was one of the most successful bands on the planet. Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders toured all of Europe with concerts, as well as South Africa, the USA, Australia and many other countries.

After the first collapse of the Modern Talking group, our today’s hero created a new team – the Blue System group. As the leader of this group, Dieter Bohlen traveled all over Europe, and also gave many concerts in the USSR. According to some reports, during the tour alone, more than 400 thousand people visited his performances in the largest cities of the Soviet Union. It is noteworthy that in 1989 Dieter Bohlen was recognized as the most famous foreign performer in the USSR.

During the eleven years of its existence, the group has released 13 albums, as well as about thirty successful singles.

Dieter Bohlen now

After the collapse of the Blue System group, Dieter Bohlen again resumed cooperation with Thomas Anders, thus reviving the previous project. After that, for five years, the talented musician worked as part of the Modern Talking group, with which he recorded several new hits.

In the 2000s, after the popularity of former projects began to slowly decline, Dieter Bohlen began to work again as a composer. During this period, he often wrote compositions for various German TV shows, series and films. In addition, in 2002, in collaboration with the German publicist Katya Kesler, the musician also released his official biography, Nothing but the Truth. Subsequently, the musician worked several times as a writer, presenting four more of his books to the public. Each of them was devoted to different aspects of the existence of the music industry.

Dieter Bohlen at present

Starting from the mid-2000s, Dieter Bohlen began fruitfully collaborating with young German performers. The most famous were his songs written for Natalie Tineo, Yvonne Caterfield, as well as singer Alexander and Mark Medlock. The last two artists are graduates of the Deutschland sucht den Superstar project (similar to American Idol). It is worth noting that Dieter Bohlen has been working very closely with the named show lately.

Dieter Bohlen – Brother Louie (NEW DB VERSION)

In 2006, Dieter Bohlen released his last album, presented as a soundtrack to the cartoon “Dieter – Der Film”, which told the life story of a famous musician. Nothing is known about the singer’s new musical projects yet. The musician pays the most attention to cooperation with other German celebrities. So, in particular, in recent years, Dieter has been closely collaborating with the singer Andreya Berg, as well as the Moving Heroes group.

Dieter Bohlen’s personal life

For most of his life, Dieter Bohlen lived with a woman named Erika Sauerland, who bore him three children – sons Mark and Marvin, and daughter Marilyn.

The second marriage of the musician was not so successful. In 1996, he married a girl named Verona Feldbusch. Their marital union lasted less than a year. And then ended in scandal.