Mika Newton Net Worth

Biography of Miki Newton

Mika Newton is a popular Ukrainian singer who managed to become famous not only in the CIS countries, but also on other continents.

Ukrainian singer Mika Newton

Huge popularity for the girl was brought by work with the TV series “Kadetstvo”, for which she wrote the soundtracks. In addition, in 2011, Mika represented her native country at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Miki Newton’s childhood

Oksana Gritsai, known under the pseudonym Mika Newton, was born on March 5, 1986 in the town of Burshtyn, Ivano-Frankivsk region in western Ukraine. As a child, the girl walked with friends, studied diligently and dreamed of becoming a famous singer.

Mika Newton as a child

Mika’s love for music came from her roots. My father played the guitar in a local band most of his life, and my grandfather was a legend in general. Without his participation, the villagers did not hold weddings, since he played the violin best of all, although he never studied this business.

Parents supported their daughter in every possible way, so at the age of 9 they enrolled her in a theater group. From that moment on, the life of the young beauty has changed dramatically, because now, instead of walking and having fun, the girl had to perform on stage. Thanks to her talent and the assertive nature of her father, at the age of 10, the girl could already boast of her first album, which included cute children’s songs.

Mika Newton – brunette

If ordinary children went only to classes, then Newton, in addition to this, also attended a music school, where she learned to play the piano and sing. Since she had no time for secondary tasks at all, her father agreed to choose tracks and work on arrangements. It was he who was an ardent supporter of making his daughter’s dream a reality.

When Oksana was 14 years old, she unexpectedly decided to move to Kiev and enter the circus college at the faculty of pop vocals. Parents did not mind, so Newton moved to the capital, continued to improve her skills, and also attend various competitions in the hope that she would be noticed and appreciated. In addition to this, she often visited the karate section, because she did not want to be very different from her sister, who went to serve in the army.

At one fine moment, at the next competition, the girl finally won the attention of the judges and deservedly won first place. Thanks to this, she met producer Yuri Falesa. At the age of 16, Mika could already boast of a lucrative contract.

Miki Newton’s musical career

Having filmed the first video clip for the track “Run away”, the girl was disappointed in Ukrainian television, as it refused to broadcast the video. This was due to the fact that the video too frankly showed the weaknesses of modern man – drug addiction, alcoholism and prostitution.

Listening to the adults, Mika agreed to choose a new song for the video sequence – “Anomaly”. From that moment on, the life of the newly minted singer has changed dramatically. Well-known directors happily recorded clips, and the crowds of fans grew larger. It is not easy to achieve success, so Mika, together with her team, spent most of her time rehearsing.

The songs of Mika Newton were liked by listeners

In 2006, the girl was invited to the film studio, where she happily starred as a supporting actress in the film “Life by surprise”. According to the plot, an ordinary 18-year-old Muscovite accidentally meets an influential prince who arranges her on television. At first, everything goes well, but as you know, popularity and money can both create and destroy.

After filming, Newton presented to the public her debut album Anomaly, released by the Russian record company Style Records. It is interesting that the presentation took place in a rather unusual place – in the hangar, where the largest aircraft in the world, the Dream, was assembled. In order to accommodate all the invited guests, they decided to place a stage under the tail, a dressing room under the side, and festive tables near the wings. After the presentation, the first meeting of the fans of the singer and her team was held.

In the spring of 2006, the girl made her debut on the big stage, performing at the “Song of the Year” concert. At that moment, Mika conquered everyone present with her gorgeous track “Tsunami”. A few weeks later, the singer was nominated for the Discovery of the Year award, but she never received the award. Despite the failure, she did not give up, but rather continued to work with even greater zeal. Thanks to the assertive character, a new video clip “Warm River” was released in the same year, and then the second disc of the same name.

Mika Newton and Alexander Golovin

The next achievement of the talented girl was a lucrative contract with the English producer Brian Rowling. It is noteworthy that Mika is the only Ukrainian singer who has entered into an agreement with a popular producer. Thanks to this collaboration, a new video clip for the track “I’m sorry” was born.

Also in the same year, Newton managed to evaluate her strength as a TV presenter of the Mystery Cinema program on the Kino TV channel.

At the end of 2006, the singer’s soundtracks could be heard in the sensational series “Kadetstvo”. Thanks to this, they began to talk about the girl in many CIS countries. In 2007, a new video began to be played on television – “White Horses”, recorded together with Alexander Golovin.

Mika Newton – White Horses

A little later, the singer again pleased her fans, but already as an actress of the first plan, in the film “Money for Daughter”. This time, she reincarnated as the naughty daughter Romana, who graduated from high school but failed the entrance exams to the institute. In order not to ruin her daughter’s life, the mother decides to turn to her ex-husband for help, hoping to get money for re-evaluation. The film also starred Lyudmila Kurepova, Tatyana Lyutaeva, Andrey Rudensky and Oleg Zamyatin.

Mika Newton with the song “Captured”

In May of the same year, Mika took part in the 16th Taurian Games festival. It is also worth noting that, thanks to her merits, she managed to get on the pages of the famous American gloss Billboard. At the end of the year, the popular music website Coloradio recognized Newton as the singer of the year.

Miki Newton’s personal life

Little is known about the beauty’s personal life. The girl spent most of her time at rehearsals and the stage, but despite this, the annoying paparazzi still managed to find out about a possible guy.

Mika Newton and Clayton Johnson

During the filming of the “I wanna love” video, Mika met an old friend, musician and actor Clayton Johnson. The pictures show that the guy gently hugs her and has warm feelings for her. After that, the media began to talk about the intimate relationship of the young couple. There were even rumors that Clayton, for the sake of Newton, broke up with a famous actress whom he had been dating for more than two years.

Mika Newton today

In 2008, Mika took 11th place at the New Wave competition, and a little later her tracks began to sound in another television series – I’m Flying. The main roles were played by Vladislav Galkin, Maria Gorban, Andrey Lebedev, Alyona Ivchenko and Vladimir Steklov. A little later, the release of the third disc “Exclusive” took place, which included 7 tracks.

Mika Newton with a caret

In the winter of 2011, Newton, thanks to her sonorous voice and the track “Angels”, won the Ukrainian selection for Eurovision. It is noteworthy that it was appreciated in all three stages – SMS, Internet voting and the decision of the judges. After the qualifying round, a scandal erupted, as Anna Herman doubted the honesty of the competition. Perhaps this is due to the fact that she liked Jamal more than Mika. Despite all the difficulties, the girl nevertheless went to the competition, but managed to take only 4th place.

Mika Newton performance at Eurovision 2011

Immediately after Eurovision, the girl disappeared from the radar of the paparazzi, as she moved to America. There were rumors that she found a rich husband, but in fact, Mika went to the USA to relax. Once abroad, she studied English and improved her acting skills. As for singing, she told reporters: “To be honest, I have not sung for more than 2 years and even missed the stage, the crowd of fans and the tour.”