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The MBAND group is a Russian boy band created by Konstantin Meladze, the group’s producer and song composer, as part of the TV project I Want to Meladze.

MBAND – boy group of Konstantin Meladze

History of creation

November 22, 2014 is considered the official birthday of MBAND – the finale of the TV show “I Want to Meladze”. A year earlier, in the similar show “I Want to VIA Gro”, producer Konstantin Meladze chose a new line-up for the female trio, opening up new horizons for three singers: Erica Herceg, Misha Romanova and Anastastia Kozhevnikova. The show was a great success, so Meladze decided to repeat it and create something similar to the British group One Direction, especially since there was a shortage of new “boy” groups on the stage.

Thousands of young people from different CIS countries came to the casting. The selection took place in 6 stages: blind auditions, a group number in a randomly formed line-up, then the audience was waiting for the solo numbers of each of the remaining participants, numbers from the mentors’ repertoire, the performance of a world-famous hit and their own song. The sixth stage was divided into 3 parts, including a duet with a celebrity. Two groups reached the final – the winner was determined by SMS-voting of the audience.

After counting the votes of the jury and the audience, the top four were chosen: Vlad Ramm, Anatoly Tsoi, Nikita Kiosse and Artyom Pindyura. It was the team of Sergey Lazarev, their result was 52.75% of the vote. Opponents, led by Anna Sedokova, received the remaining 47.25%.

The winners of the show “I want to Meladze” with mentor Sergey Lazarev

All members of the newly created boy band – some more, some less – already had experience of performing on stage.

Kiosse Nikita Vyacheslavovich – a native of Ryazan, born in 1998. Participated in the Ukrainian TV project “Voice. Children ”on channel 1 + 1, was in the team of Tina Karol, reached the final.

Nikita Kiosse

Tsoi Anatoly Vyacheslavovich was born in Alma-Ata, born in 1989. He took part in the Second World Delphic Games, took third place in the nomination “Pop Vocal”. He fought for the victory in the Kazakh version of the show “X-Factor” and in a similar project “SuperStar KZ”.

Anatoly Tsoi

Pindyura Artyom Viktorovich from Kiev, born in 1990. Before the reality show, he was known under the pseudonym “Kid” – he performed hip-hop.

Artem Pindyura

Ramm Vladislav Alekseevich, a resident of Kemerovo, the youngest of the four – born in 1995. He graduated from a music school, studied with a vocal teacher, after school he entered the theater college of Oleg Tabakov, but did not succeed.

Vlad Ramm

The main stages of creativity

The main and debut hit of MBAND “She will return” became one of the most popular songs of 2015 in Russia. She was first heard at the final of the show, and for the next few weeks she topped the Golden Gramophone charts. Artem Pindyura – co-author of the words, the music was written by Konstantin Meladze.

MBAND – She’ll be back

The starting concert in the history of MBAND was “Big Love Show 2015” – the first major performance of the band. Then the guys went on tour. They did not expect such a stir around their work. In some clubs, 2 times more tickets were sold than it was foreseen by the size of the premises. From the first lines of the song “She’ll be back” – “Okay, I was wrong again, but you decided right, I guess …” – the fans began to scream and rushed to the stage.

MBAND at the very beginning of the group’s existence

In May 2015, the boy band presented a new single “Look at me”, and a month later a video for it, where Meladze himself starred as a gardener, and the famous singer Nyusha played the heroine. Later, they collaborated with Nyusha on the set of a Coca-Cola advertisement, recording a panoramic video “Try it … Feel it”.

Panoramic clip from Nyusha and MBAND

For the anniversary of Valery Meladze, a gift album was released, where the team sang a reworked birthday song “Do it right now”. The first solo concert of the group took place on October 10, 2015 in the Moscow club Bud Arena.

At the end of autumn 2015, the public learned that Vladislav Ramm was leaving the team.

In April 2016, the comedy “Fix Everything” was released, where the members of the group starred, and the main villain, the capricious singer Zvezda, was played by Nikolai Baskov.

Frame from the movie “Fix Everything”

In July 2016, the video “Intolerable” was released, in November their first studio album “Without Filters” (as well as its acoustic version) went on sale, and in December the group pampered fans with a video for the song “Ballerina”, which later became the soundtrack to the song of the same name cartoon.

In the spring of the following year, the boy band recorded the track “Life is a cartoon”, which sounded in the Ukrainian-made cartoon “Nikita Kozhemyak”, where Nikita Kiosse also spoke in the voice of the main character. The single “The Right Girl” and “Slow Down” were released next.

Promo for the show “Bride for MBAND”

The group was a frequent guest on TV: “One day with MBAND”, “Bride for MBAND”, “The whole truth about MBAND”, and the members were also mentors in the show “Battle of Talents”.

In March 2018, the group released a new song – “Thread”. The same year became significant for the team due to the victory in the ZD Awards in the nomination “Group of the Year”.

MBAND continue to win the hearts of listeners

In November of the same year, Artem Pindyura announced his departure from the group by posting a photo on his Instagram with bruises on his face. What exactly happened to the singer, the publication did not explain, but Artem’s words made it clear that he was starting a solo career due to disagreements with the team. However, a week later the young man admitted that he had flared up, and after a conversation with his comrades, the disagreements were left behind.

Collaborations with other artists


In just a year of existence, the MBAND group has achieved incredible success. The more unexpected was the departure from the team of Vlad Ramm, who shared the palm in popularity with Nikita Kiosse.

In the photo: Konstantin Meladze and MBAND, still in full force

Konstantin Meladze separately noted that the singer did not leave of his own free will – he was fired: “The decision to remove him was not my sole one, but the guys breathed a sigh of relief.” Ramm denied everything and said that the decision was completely his own – he left because he wanted to become a solo artist.

According to the terms of the contract with MBAND, Vlad could not perform solo until 2024. Nevertheless, he found a new producer – Yana Rudkovskaya (before that, Max Fadeev and Igor Krutoy refused to work with him) and soon released his solo album “First”.


  • “No Filters” (2016)
  • “Acoustics” (2016)

MBAND group now

In April 2024, the MBAND group broke up, all of its members took up solo projects.