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Biography of Misha Collins

Misha Collins is a talented American actor, producer, director and poet. He became famous for his role as Castiel in the TV series Supernatural. In 2011, he founded the charity organization GISHWHES.

Misha Collins

Childhood of Misha Collins

Dmitry Tippens Krushnik was born in Boston (USA), in a poor family. The father of the future star, Richard Edward Krushnik was a simple worker. Mom, Rebecca Tippens, was a committed hippie. Even in her youth, she visited the USSR and, according to some media, met a guy named Mitya. Subsequently, the woman named her son in his honor. Later, three more children appeared in the family: son Sasha and two daughters, Elizabeth and Daniel.

Misha Collins in childhood and now

The surname Krashnik is not typical for the USA. It is known that the Krashnik family lived in Canada for six generations, but it is not completely clear where their ancestors came from: from Ukraine, Poland or Russia.

Misha Collins speaks Russian

Misha’s mother played in the amateur theater, and also worked as a professional storyteller of fairy tales. Being very small, Misha participated in her plays. Perhaps it was this experience that later influenced Misha’s professional choice.

Misha Collins Education

The parents of the future actor constantly moved in search of work, so the boy changed schools almost every year. But in the end, in 1992, he managed to graduate from the very prestigious Northfield School.

Having received his secondary education, Misha entered college. During the training, the house of the Krasnik family burned down, which worsened their already disastrous financial situation. To pay for his studies, the guy was forced to work as a carpenter, carpenter, and a little later he got a job at the National Public Radio, even later he became an advertising producer. He liked the last profession: he enjoyed compiling advertising slogans and articles for the Weekly Edition show.

In addition, Misha cherished the dream of becoming a politician and, as a student, did an internship at the White House. Thanks to hard work, the guy managed to get a degree in sociology from the University of Chicago. And then the guy did an unexpected act – he went on a trip to the monasteries of Tibet and Nepal in search of enlightenment. In the future, this practice has become a tradition for the actor. Once or twice a year he retires from people and meditates for 10 days.

Film career of Misha Collins

After graduating from a higher educational institution, Misha created a company specializing in educational software. However, he began attending acting classes and actively used his abilities to promote the company.

Misha has always been a creative person and admired art. He sought to create new images, things, and even write poetry. Therefore, his interest in acting was natural.

After a long and hard work, he achieved the first film roles. He appeared in the series NYPD Blue (1993), ER (1994), Seven Days (1998). In 1999, he took part in the filming of the series Charmed, where he played the role of a friend of one of the main characters.

Young Misha Collins in Charmed

Gradually, he noticed that his acting career brought him more money than his company, and decided to concentrate on stage activities. The guy took the pseudonym “Misha Collins” and moved to Los Angeles, where he continued his acting career. He soon announced himself quite loudly in the TV series 24 Hours (2001), where he played a Russian named Alexis Drazen. In this case, knowledge of the Russian language helped him a lot. Misha had such a convincing accent that the film producer even asked the guy what country in Eastern Europe he was from.

Misha Collins as Alexis Drazen

Sometimes Collins accepted risky roles. So, in 2006, he played in the film “Karla” the maniac Paul Bernardo, who killed three girls (the film was based on real events). It was such an ambiguous character that Misha even regretted his participation in the project. The actor later stated, “Before filming the violent scenes, I wasn’t sure if I could do it. But when we started filming the most violent scenes, I was surprised to look into the depths of my psyche and see there the seeds of that cruelty that I never cultivated in myself and did not show in ordinary life, and at that moment I could fall into their trap . This put me on hold. I was very scared”.

In the movie “Karla” Misha Collins played a maniac

Misha Collins and the series “Supernatural”: a new round of popularity

A huge success was the appearance of Misha in the fourth season of the Supernatural series in the role of the angel Castiel. Collins thoroughly prepared for the shooting and even read the “Revelation” of John the Evangelist. At first it was planned that the actor would take part in only six episodes. But his character was very popular, and the directors had to make changes to the script. Misha played thirteen episodes in season 4 as a guest actor, and in season 5 he already entered the main cast, and in the eleventh he also tried on the role of Lucifer.

Supernatural: Misha Collins as Castiel

At the same time, the actor tried himself as a director. Under his leadership, the 17th episode of the 9th season of the series was filmed.

Dedication of Misha Collins to directors

During this period, Misha struck up a real friendship with his colleagues in the film – Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles are great friends in real life

Of course, many people wondered why this project is so popular. Collins also suggested: “I think the show is popular because it’s not just about two guys hunting evil monsters, but it’s about two completely different brothers who fight the forces of darkness to deal with their own stories and to cast out your inner demons.”

Misha Collins in Castiel’s cape

Misha is not only a famous actor, he is also a published poet. In 2008, he published two poems: “Old Bones” and “Children’s Pants”.

In addition, Collins developed in the direction of directing and producing work. On his initiative, the fantasy series Divine: The Series (2011) was filmed, as well as the web series TSA America: Level Orange (2014).

Misha Collins personal life

Misha Collins dated his school friend Victoria Vantoch for quite some time. The couple legalized their relationship in the fall of 2001. His wife was fond of anthropology, received a bachelor’s degree and began to study issues of beauty, gender relations and popular culture. In 2007, she received a scholarship from NASA.

Misha Collins with his wife and son

On September 23, 2010, the couple had a son, West Anaximander, and two years later (September 25, 2012), their daughter Mason Marie was born.

Where to run if your dad is Misha Collins?

Misha Collins is actively involved in charity work. He is the president and co-founder of Random Acts, an organization dedicated to funding and conducting “acts of kindness” in poor countries.

Misha Collins with his son

In addition, in 2011, the famous actor founded the organization GISHWHES, which has set itself the goal of making the nature of the Earth much cleaner.

Collins is open to his fans and the press. He maintains a page on Twitter, maintains his channel on youtube. The actor jokingly calls his subscribers lackeys and minions, and himself – Nanny and Supreme Overlord. In 2010, his “minions” donated more than $30,000 to help clean up the devastating effects of the earthquake in Haiti. Misha speaks Russian and has repeatedly visited Russia, as well as Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Misha Collins has his own youtube channel

Collins is hugely popular with viewers. That is why in 2015 he was awarded the People’s Choice Award in the category Favorite Fantasy TV Actor.

Misha Collins knows Russian

The famous actor is also a jack of all trades – he built his own house, as well as most of his furniture. He has two turtles at home, whom he names Drydraluxlaloud and Bonnie Brie.

The guy loves walking in the fresh air, often goes hiking. In winter, he goes to the High Sierra mountains to go snowboarding.

Misha Collins today

Misha Collins continues to actively act in films. He is an interesting, popular and extraordinary actor, which provides him with due fame and demand.

Cute hat of Misha Collins and his “minions”

So, he continues to participate in the television series Supernatural. Season 15 will premiere in fall 2019.

In 2016, Misha Collins starred in season 11 of Supernatural.

Misha, as a conscientious citizen, is interested in politics. In May 2016, he attended a rally of supporters of Donald Trump (presidential candidate), but was not enthusiastic about the people around him, as one of the protesters said: “We need everyone to be afraid of America.” As a result, this event opened the eyes of the actor regarding Trump’s controversial candidacy. He urged people to definitely come to the polls and make such a choice, “… so that this half-wit does not end up in our White House.”

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