It Follows 2 – Release Date; Renewed or Cancelled

Will Jay and Paul successfully get rid of the supernatural entities following them? Will there be “It Follows 2? Keep reading to know more.

Nothing is compared to having a horror movie night with your friends with a bucket of popcorn in your hand. If you mean to watch a supernatural horror movie, “It Follows” is your best bet. It has won the hearts of those who have already watched it. People are eagerly waiting for “It Follows 2” because the first part received a huge success.

It Follows is a psychological supernatural horror film that showcases the spine-chilling experiences of Jamie Height, also known as “Jay” and her friends. The movie made its first debut in 2015 at Cannes Film Festival and premiered on the screens on 13 March 2015. It made a huge profit and grossed $23.3 million. Will there be “It Follows 2”, what are the release dates? Is it renewed or canceled? Read below to know everything.

It Follows 2: Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?



• Maika Monroe
• Keir Gilchrist
• Daniel Zovatto
• Jake Weary
• Olivia Luccardi
• Lili Sepe

Writer And Director

• David Robert Mitchel


• Rebecca Green
• Laura D. Smith
• David Robert Mitchell
• David Kaplan
• Erik Rommesmo


• Mike Gioulakis

It Follows Plot Summary


The story is set in the United States, and the movie opens with a scene where a young girl named Annie drives to the beach, all scared. Later on, it is revealed that the girl is murdered.

Jamie Height, also known as “Jay”, who is an Oakland university undergrad is dating a guy named Hugh. Hugh is her new boyfriend, and they have their first date in a movie theater. In the movie, an unusual situation occurs which causes unrest in Hugh.

He tells Jay about a young girl sitting in a back row. Jay tells Hugh that she sees no girl, which alarms Hugh and they leave the movie theater. Hugh and Jay continue to date which turns her life upside down. They get intimate for the first time in a car after which Jay’s troubles start. After getting intimate, Hugh tells Jay that he is cursed by a supernatural power.

The curse passes on to a person with whom he has gotten intimate. He also tells her that the supernatural entity will haunt and kill her, and then she will come back after Hugh to kill him as well.

Hugh has used Jay as leverage, and she must protect herself from the curse at all costs. She doesn’t believe it at first but when she sees a naked woman coming for her, she starts to believe what Hugh has told her. Hugh has vanished, and Jay continues to see entities that her friends and sister Kelly cannot. Jay is distressed and traumatized, therefore her friends Paul, and Yara decide to be by her side at night.

At her house, they hear smashing sounds, and Jay sees yet another woman whom Kelly, Paul, and Yara cannot see. Jay’s fears increase when she continues to see supernatural beings coming toward her. The group decides to track down Hugh to find a solution to the problem. With the help of their neighbor, named Greg, they successfully hunt down Hugh. Only to find out he has been living undercover. Jay’s fears heighten when she sees Hugh’s mother because the entity following Jay looked the same as her.

Moreover, they also find out that Hugh’s original name is Jeff Redmon. Upon investigation, Jeff tells them that he received the curse after a one-night stand, and he too has been followed by entities, ever since. He told them that he is capable of transferring the curse to the people he gets intimate with, just like transferring disease to another body.

Greg takes the group to a lake house where Jay is again attacked by the entities in the form of her friend Yara, and a young neighborhood boy. She shoots them with a revolver but it has no effect on them. Meanwhile, Jay takes Greg’s car and escapes, on the way she meets an accident and lands in a hospital with a broken limb. Greg doesn’t believe in superstitions and gets intimate with Jay to clear his suspicion.

Later on, Greg is attacked by the supernatural entity and he gets killed. Jay has to get intimate with another person in order to survive. Her friend Paul offers her out of friendship and sincerity but she refuses. The group plans to electrocute the supernatural beings but fails. Yara gets fatal wounds as Paul shoots at the entity but accidentally hits Yara. Paul gets intimate with Jay and takes the curse.

Later on, Paul spreads the curse to the prostitutes in order to survive. At the end of the movie, Jay and Paul are seen together while the supernatural beings still lingering in their surroundings. This means that the threat is still there and needs to be eradicated. The end of the movie isn’t satisfactory, because they fail at eradicating the curse completely. They only found an easy way to protect themselves.

Will There Be It Follows 2?


The movie leaves many questions unanswered which have left the fans anxious. The origin of the curse isn’t known. Secondly, no one knows how could the curse pass on to the people when they sleep together. Also, in the last scenes of the movie “It Follows”, we see Paul and Jay as couples while the entity still follows them. It shows that there is more to the story, which means, there should be “It Follows 2”.

Also, it is not clear why the entities want to kill the people they are after. There is only one way to know all of that, and that is there should be a sequel, “It Follows 2”. There hasn’t been any announcement regarding It Follows 2 from the cast and producers. If there is a sequel made for the movie, it should be released in the year 2024, most likely. As much as we want, there is no trailer for the movie as of yet. We will only know when the sequel is really out.

There had been a lot of guesses and discussions about the possible storyline and cast of the sequel. We think that the cast members in the first franchise will reappear in the second part. The friends might join to put an end to the original curse. Moreover, Jay and Paul might break the chain of passing the curse to other people through sexual intimacy. We might see more faces, and we expect to know more about the origin of the curse, and why supernatural entities are trying to kill people.


What is It Follows about?

It Follows is an American horror film which is about a 19-year-old university undergrad, named Jay, who indulges in sexual intimacy with her boyfriend. This lands her in great trouble as her boyfriend has passed on a curse to her. Jay sees supernatural entities trying to come after her to kill her. She successfully escapes those entities but cannot keep running. She must continue sleeping with other people to pass the curse onto them to protect herself.

Why did “It Follows” receive a lot of popularity?

We see a lot of horror movies with almost the same theme always. There is one vengeful spirit trying to kill everyone in her path to have peace. Unlike all the other horror movies, “It Follows” has a completely different theme. A curse passes from one person to another through sexual intimacy, just like it happens in diseases. People haven’t seen unique content like this before. At the end of the movie, we see Paul and Jay hand in hand while the entity still follows them.

Will the sequel, “It Follows 2” come out?

There have been a lot of news and discussions about the sequel because the ending of the first part left many things unexplored. For instance, the entities are still roaming out. Paul has taken the curse and is passing it to prostitutes. No one knows how the curse started and why it passes on to people when they sleep together. Moreover, we are yet to find out why those entities are trying to kill. We can only get answers to all those questions in “It Follows 2”. We are hoping for a sequel in 2024.

The Bottom Line

Jay is cursed when she makes love with her boyfriend, and her world is turned upside down. She learns that Hugh has passed a curse to her due to which supernatural entities follow her to kill her. Jay and her friend Paul find a way to keep themselves alive bypassing the curse to prostitutes. However, the curse isn’t completely gone. We can only find out what brought the evil entities into the human world, what is it with getting intimate, and why are the ghosts killing people. Fans are eager to find out everything in the sequel. “It Follows 2”, read above to find out everything about it.