It Follows 2: Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

IT follows is undoubtedly one of the unparalleled horror movies of 2015. David Robert Mitchell directed and produced the movie. As soon as they released it, the film grabbed an impeccable response from the fans. It is the bare reason we need a sequel of It follows.

The lead Maika Monroe garnered a start-breaking turn in her career with the movie. If the sequel is on the line, Monroe is eager to act again under the directorial debut of Davit Robert. As she was promoting her film The Stranger, she was asked whether or not she had proposed a sequel for It follows. If so, whether she will be interested in taking the opportunity?

She replied that the prospect of working with the director again would be like a dream and that she would very much like to lead the sequel.

The nightmarish movie was a rare gem created, offering the viewers something different from the horror movies we are used to watching. The decade has seen several confounding horror movies, but IT follows offered us that push towards the boundaries of the horror genre. Agreeing with it or not, the insanity it started dismayed us. It delved into the fears one experiences while growing up.

Director David Robert and the distributors have guaranteed a sequel to the oppressive original for all monstrosity-obsessed moviegoers. They have disclosed that they are taking on the sequel and soon shall officially confirm the release date. Undoubtedly, the sequel will have the same potential of genuinely experiencing the genre.

When Can You Expect The IT Follows 2?

As they released the original in 2015, we have been waiting ever since for any news about the sequel of the film. As we appreciate that the team is working on a potential script for season 2, we will probably be presented with season 2 soon.

Talking about the year of release, we can expect the film can be out in 2024 or the year after. It has a high chance of being released in a year or two. The director has confirmed that he has been exploring the idea of incorporating it into the sequel. So, even if it takes a year or two, it is worth the wait. We recently saw the director carrying out his latest horror titled, ‘They hear it’. It is a short film which has the lead Julian terry. We can expect his full attention on It Follows thereafter.

What took place In IT Follows 1?

The movie centers around a young girl, Jay, who engages herself in sexual activity first time with her boyfriend, Hugh. The film starts with the subject; it turns her life back-forth. The movie takes a daunting turn when she learns a ghostly creature pursues her. His boyfriend Hugh passed her upon through sexual intercourse. She realizes the fact that the entity will ultimately kill her.

Now, it does sound like an embodiment of ghostly AIDs. Jay further explores that she can escape the entity as she passes on the burden and sleeps with someone else. Her life changes. The creature follows her everywhere in different forms. Further, she asks her sister and her friends for help. Her sister, Kelly, friends Paul, Yara, and Greg try their best to protect her from the entity.

What keeps us at the edge is how the supernatural follows the girl by turning into someone, anyone. It follows persistently by changing into someone you know or someone stranger. It makes her witness its existence by not chasing after her but merely following her all the time. Enforcing her to realize that it is going to kill her eventually, this time or perhaps the next.

Sounds terrifying, does it not?. She runs, but it follows. It always catches up. This helplessness that Jay displayed in the movie is one of the greatest fears of youths. The director David made good use of it.

What Can You Expect In It Follows 2?

The ending of It Follows is in a swimming pool embodying the return of the supernatural even when the bane passes on.

The movie shows Jay passing on the bane to Paul, who passes it on to a prostitute; the film ends with the couple being lurked by the entity.

The ending is nonetheless a hint for a sequel. Furthermore, perhaps there is more to the curse than Jay knows. She finds out more as the supernatural follows her in the sequel. In several interviews with director David, he revealed that he is to dig further into the theory of the curse and will show the stories of all the people it trapped. It may conceptualize the origin of the curse. There is so much to explore which calls for the sequel.

IT Follows Cast 2


The original movie contains the cast of Maika Monroe as jay and Keir Gilchrist as Paul. Daniel Zovatto plays the role of Greg, Jake Weary as Hugh, and Olivia Luccardi as Yara.

The sequel shall move around the main lead, Jay. It can also include Paul and the others. They can also change the lead. Although Malika has shown interest in pursuing the film, the director may add a new touch to the narrative or change the story altogether. He mentioned that there is so much scope when it comes to horror movies. There can be prospects of a new cast as the former victims of the curse. They may direct the firm towards a whole different story.


Some fans are connecting the Final destination chapters with the IT follows. It also contains similar, not exact, stories. People predict that if and when the sequel comes into action, the movie shall start with Paul becoming a victim of the entity and Jay exploring the cause behind the curse. Either way, we will impatiently wait for the sequel to come down. The fans have enjoyed the inventive and creative original, the sequel to be a blockbuster.