Is Finn Wolfhard Gay: Know More About His Life!

Finn Wolfhard is one of the stars of Stranger Things. If you’re not familiar with him, he plays Mike Wheeler in the show. In addition to his work on Stranger Things, Finn Wolfhard has appeared in numerous other TV shows and movies, including The Goonies and Jurassic World. So who is Finn Wolfhard? And what does he do outside of acting? Read on to find out more about his life!

Finn was born on December 23, 2002. He is a Canadian actor who managed to gain recognition thanks to his seris and film roles, such as Richie Tozier in Stephen King’s horror novel It (2017) and the sequel It: Chapter Two (2019). Other famous roles include Boris Pavlikovsky in the drama The Goldfinch (2019), Trevor in Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2019), and also the voice of Pugsley Addams in The Addams Family (2019).

Besides acting, Wolfhard is also interested in music. He was a lead singer and guitarist for the rock band called Calpurnia, and is currently a member of The Aubreys.

Early Life


Finn was born into a family of French, German, and Jewesh descent. His fatherm Eric Wolfhard is a researcher on aboriginal land claims, and he has an older brother, Nick Wolfhard, who is an actor as well. When it comes to his education, he attended Catholic school.


Finn got his first acting job from Craigslist. He made an acting debut as Zoran in the post-apocalyptic science fiction searies The 100. After that, he got the role of Jodie Pinksky in the series Supernatural a year later.

In 2016, he auditioned for the role of Mike Wheeler in the Netflix series Stranger Things after seeing an open casting call.

The actor made a film debut as Rickie Tozier, in Stephen King’s It. The following year, 2018, he played the role of a pizza delivery boy Tyler in a comedy film Dog Days.

In January 2019, Finn starred as “Player” in the animated series called Carmen Sandiego.

Finn also made a modeling debut in Saint Laurent’s Fall/Winter ’19 campaign, which was something very interesting and new dor him. He came back as Richie in the sequel It Chapter Two in 2019 as well.

Are Finn Wolfhard and Elsie Richter Dating?


Finn was definitely in the spotlight when he confirmed that he was seeing Elsie Richter. He posted a blurry, close-up picture in which they were smiling on his Instagram profile in June 2024. Since then, the couple was very private about their relationship. They were seen together at an NBA game in April 2024 at the State Farm Arena.

In November 2024, he did an interview with the Washingtom Post in which he revealed that he was blackmailed into confirming their relationship. Some fans were threatening to release his girlfriend’s address, so he had to complie. The picture was later deleted.

The couple hasn’t been featured together on each other’s Instagram accounts for a long time, which is why their fans assume they broke up. In addition, Elsie wasn’t present at Stranger Things season 4  premiere.

However, the actor shared in an interview that he dislikes posting on Instagram. He is “terrified” of it and he finds it anxiety-inducing and distracting.

Who Is Elsie Richter?


Elsie is a 20-year old actress who starred in Doll & Em (2013) and Di Bibl (2019). Doll & Em is an HBO show about the actress Em and her best friend-assistent Doll. Her co-stars include Olivia Wilde, Dolly Wells and Emily Mortimer.

Elsie’s mom is a famous actress Dolly Wells, who played the role of Doll in Doll & Em. She also starred in Blunt Talk, Dracula and The Outlaws. Her grandfather, John Wells is famous as well. He starred in For Your Eyes Only (1981) and also Casini Royale (1967).

Is Finn Wolfhard Gay?

Finn is not homosexual, but those rumors appeared after a photo of him and his co-star Jack Dylan Grazer went viral. The picture was made while they were standing close during s scene in the movie IT.

Personal Life


Finn took part in many advocacy causes, such as right of the children in danger and autism research, so he is using his fame for good causes. In addition to that, he arranged a concert “Strange80s” to collect money for struggling musicians. The actor was featured in “Forbes’” 30 Under 30 list and “The Hollywood Reporter’s” list of the top 30 stars under the age of 18.

Stranger Things


Stranger Things is one of the most popular Netflix and for a good reason. The show is suspenseful, mysterious, and full of interesting characters.

It is an American science fiction horror drama series created by the Duffer Brothers. The first season was released on Netflix on July 15, 2016. After that, the other seasons followed in October 2017, July 2019, and May and July 2024. The series was renewed for its fifth and final season in February 2024.

The plot involves around the supernatural and mysteries events set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana.

The Duffer Brothers took some inspiration from experiments conducted during the Cold War and conspiracy theories about secret government experiments.

The show became incredibly popular and it received numerous awards and nominations, including Golden Globe and British Academy Television Awards.

Stranger Things is set in the 1980s. The nearby laboratory performs secret experiments into supernatural, including those on human subjects. They have created a portal to an alternate dimension, “the Upside Down”. Then, the Upside Down starts affecting residends of the town in many ways.

In the first season, a young boy Will Byers is abducted by a supernatural creature from the Upside Down. His mother Joyce, the police chief Jim Hopper, his friends, and volunteers search for him. During that time, a young psychokinetic girl named Eleven managed to escape from the lab and was found by Will’s friends. They befriend her and start searching for Will together.