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Biography of Finn Wolfhard

Finn Wolfhard is a young Canadian actor and musician at the very beginning of his career. Successfully played the role of Richie Tozier in the new film adaptation of Stephen King’s It. However, his previous work in the thriller series Stranger Things (another translation of Mysterious Events) brought him popularity, where the young man played the role of Mike Wheeler, a friend of a mysteriously disappeared boy.

It and Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard

early years

Finn Wolfhard was born on December 23, 2002 in the family of a Canadian screenwriter, and from early childhood he “communicated” with the world of cinema. The appearance of the second son (before Finn, the family already had a child – his older brother Nick) did not change anything in his father’s career.

Finn Wolfhard’s childhood photo (with older brother)

Finn spent all his childhood in Vancouver (Canada). Despite the presence of German-French roots, the family practically did not leave the country. The boy received his first social experience at home at a Catholic school, where he continued his education even after the glory that fell upon him. Finn studied well, although filming and passion for music always took a lot of time. Finishing the eighth grade, the boy spoke about himself without snobbery.

“I am an ordinary person, and I treat this with understanding, so far I do not stand out among my classmates. And if I get carried away, then my friends can kick me.”


The amazing generation of 2000ers don’t expect help from the world, they act on their own. Thanks to his father, Finn has always been interested in everything related to the 80s of the last century, so his passion for music is much “older” than his passion for cinema. “I don’t just like retro music, I can really enjoy it,” says Wolfhard. He plays the Fender guitar, sings well, and even starred in two commercials for the indie punk rock band PUP.

PUP – Sleep in the heat (clip with Finn Wolfhard)

However, over time, his love for cinema became brighter, stronger, and, among many other young people who dream of big screens, Finn sent many applications to participate in the filming of various films. In 2012, he appeared in a music video for local band Facts.

9-year-old Finn in the Facts video

2013 was a turning point for Finn – he was first invited to a role, albeit a small one and in a short film, but it was a real job. Interestingly, he found an advertisement for the recruitment of actors on the Craigslist classifieds website.

Finn got his first movie role at the age of 11.

A year later, Finn played the role of Zoran in the series “100”, and then reappeared on the screen in the fantasy series “Supernatural”. Of course, these roles were episodic, but the young actor was imbued with the magic of creating a movie, so the next application was more serious – the second most important role in the series Stranger Things by the Duffer brothers.

Finn Wolfhard in Supernatural (season 11, episode 5)

The new project from Netflix has become an extremely successful combination of mysticism, science fiction and nostalgia for the 80s. Many TV series take time to “disperse” events, but in this case, the writers (also the Duffer brothers) captivated the audience from the very first episode. A boy named Will disappears without a trace, and his friends, including the hero of Finn, begin their own investigation. Gradually, they realize that the disappearance of their friend has paranormal reasons, and also meet the mysterious Eleventh (Millie Bobby Brown). In parallel, the search for Will begins his mother (Winona Ryder), teetering on the brink of insanity.

Frame from the series “Very strange things”

It was for this role that Finn, along with other actors, received the “Best Cast” Award. Finn himself says that the role of Mike made him more mature, he began to look at many things differently.

Stranger Things actors in real life

The game of the young actor in the series was noticed by Andreas Muschietti, the director who intended to shoot a remake of the famous film It. Finn played the role of cheeky prankster Richie Tozier in the first part of the film, which was shown in September 2017.

Finn Wolfhard’s Richie Tozer is remembered for his dirty jokes

If in the autumn the audience enjoyed the premiere of the horror film It with Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise, then the release of the second season of Stranger Things was timed to coincide with Halloween. The young actor was very nervous about this – his Instagram posts were full of excited messages.

Finn Wolfhard’s personal life

As the actor himself said in an interview in 2017: “I am studying, hanging out with friends, playing the guitar and filming. For another personal life, I’m still small, girls don’t interest me.

The heart of a rising star is still free

Finn Wolfhard now

Finn’s plans so far are built until 2019, when Netflix is ​​going to release the animated series Carmen San Diego, where the boy will voice one of the characters. He has also been confirmed for a role in Dog Days (expected release in 2018). It is possible that his filmography will be replenished with new works even earlier. In addition to filming, Finn participates in many photo shoots for fashion magazines, his face often flashes on the covers of iD magazine, Status. Finn dresses with taste, which also distinguishes him from the crowd of his peers. He plays sports, but amateur. Finn also continues to play the guitar – this is his constant “life partner”.

Finn Wolfhard photo shoot for iD Magazine

Unlike forgotten child movie stars of the past, like Macaulay Culkin, Edward Furlong or Lindsay Lohan, the young actor and musician has not only made a name for himself, but he is also going to continue his successful career. For him, Hayley Osman and Drew Barrymore are good examples.

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