What Is the Current Legal Status of Online Casinos in Illinois

Online gambling is an industry still on the rise, and judging by the circumstances, it going to continue given the fact that the habits of people are rapidly changing. Most of our lives have moved online, anyway. Two decades ago, one could not imagine being able to do so many things with just clicking, and now we live in times where everything we do has some connection to the internet, including the way we entertain ourselves.

Even though it is so widespread, online gambling isn’t a legal type of entertainment everywhere. A state like Illinois has been kind of a safe place for all those who like to indulge in a good game of roulette for example but cannot do so in their state. Regardless of what you like, whether it is to bet on sports, horse racing, or some other game, this is also possible.

There’s one catch though. If you want to gamble with real money, this activity is still considered illegal. This is why we highly recommend you stick to what is legal- and that’s the sweepstakes option. For this, of course, you need to know a thing or two about how to choose a safe platform to play on. A list of those who have proved to be the best online casinos in Illinois can be found on this page. Now, let’s see what is the situation with legalizing this activity in the state of Illinois.

What is the legal status of these casinos in Illinois?

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Even though still illegal, as could have concluded from what we wrote above, there has been some good news claiming that the state is seriously considering legalizing this. This will allow people throughout the state to play their favorite games and generate a revenue of more than 250 million dollars a year! Obviously, these numbers say a lot about the state’s interest in legalizing the activity.

In one of the Gaming Conference’s panels, it was announced that not just Illinois, but also Iowa, New York, and Indiana could be ready to pass on legislation regarding this matter, very soon.  You’d be surprised to find out that this activity is only legal in 6 states, and Illinois would be the seventh.

When they decided to legalize sports gambling, they were in quite a shock when the revenue started generating, and the industry started growing, leaving even more possibilities for it to rise. The same goes for casinos. Since it has all the infrastructure already prepared, it shouldn’t take a lot of work to legalize it.

The state of Michigan, for example, has managed to collect as much as 2 billion from this activity since January last year. It was way over what everyone else expected it could bring. On the other hand, states like Delaware have managed to collect close to 45 million, in a decade! So, when it comes to predicting how much revenue a state can collect from the activity, it is obviously a tough task, since different states have experienced different numbers.

When we mentioned you need to know a thing or two in order to find a safe platform, here are some hints on how to do that.

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Since there are a large number of online casinos operating in the territory of the country, several criteria should be taken into account, according to which it can be concluded whether it is a safe and reliable provider. The best casino operators have a lot to offer, so let’s start in order.

The first thing you need to do is check whether the chosen platform has a valid license and whether the authority that issued it is really authoritative. If you see that the casino has a license issued by the Ministry of Finance, for example, then it is a reliable casino. The same applies to other casinos, off-shore ones,  that have a Maltese or Gibraltar license.

Then the quality and availability of customer support are also very important for determining the reliability of a platform. Ideally, you want to have customer support available from 0-24, seven days a week, and in multiple languages.

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A lot of online casinos in Illinois offer interesting bonuses and promotions to newly registered and existing players. Before accepting them, first, check all the betting conditions and the time of using the bonus. We should definitely mention the welcome bonuses without a deposit, as well as the one for which you need to make a deposit. In this case, it is most often a matter of doubling the stake, although the maximum amount of the payment, and thus the bonus, is precisely determined.

Openness and transparency of information. The casino, worthy of your attention, hides nothing. On the contrary, it communicates the most information about itself, since it has a lot to brag about: on the page, you can also find information about licensing and a description of the institution, its history, answers to popular questions, data on the largest winnings, etc. Transparency of information correlates with the reliability of online casinos.

Finally, as a gambler, you are most interested in the quantity and quality of games presented. The point is not only that you have hundreds of slots in a good platform, and dozens of other games, but also the mandatory presence of bestsellers from companies that are among the top ten manufacturers of software for virtual gambling. The list of machines should contain new items, and the list should be updated regularly: once a week or even daily, not every six months.

All of the above is especially important for those who have decided to try out some of the off-shore online platforms. Since they are not regulated by the state of Illinois, you want to make sure your activity is performed on a safe platform, without the possibility of anything going wrong. That is until the laws are finally passed, and online casinos in this state have become legal.