What Exactly Do Pre-workout Supplements Do – 2024 Guide

If you recently started hitting the gym hard, you shouldn’t expect to finish each and every workout session feeling like you’re on cloud nine. In fact, you might frequently feel extremely tired, fatigued, and even unmotivated to complete other, important tasks throughout your day. Because of this, you might be wondering – are there some vitamins or minerals that could help me feel more energized?

To answer this question right away, yes, such products exist and they’re most commonly referred to as before-workout supplements. But, if you never took such supplements before, you may wish to learn what they do exactly. Luckily, you’re reading the right article, so without losing any more time, here is everything that you must know about this type of product:

Pre-Workout Supplements: Explained

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Before we take a look at what these products contain and do, it’s crucial that you learn what they are. As the name implies, these products should be taken before you start your training session and in most cases, they should delay the feeling of being tired and exhausted, and in return, they should help you improve your performance. As you might know, mental fatigue usually begins before muscle tiredness and these products strive to support both your brain and muscles with a distinctive combo of ingredients.

Generally speaking, there are 2 types of these supplements that you could choose to use. Firstly, there are options that are stimulant-based, which will supply you with a momentary boost of energy. They’re the most prevalent and they often contain caffeine, theacrine, among other elements. Second, there are options that are non-stimulant, meaning that they only include natural ingredients for boosting energy. Both of the options will last from two to six hours, thus, they shouldn’t be taken before bed.

So, What Ingredients in Such Products Give Energy Boosts?

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By now, you most likely get the picture of what these supplements do, however, for you to understand them better, you must learn what type of ingredients go in such products. In most situations, they are manufactured from a carefully selected list of substances and they could include vitamins, minerals, as well as different acids, and blends that act as stimulants. There are some of the most typical ingredients seen in pre-workout supplements, are the following:

1. Creatine – the first element that you may find is creatine, a substance that can quickly boost your execution, and potency, as well as the recovery process. It’ll do this by promoting the amount of ATP in the muscles you use during training. It’s generally used by people that go through heavy resistance training, mostly because it can prevent you from wasting your muscles, and in return, it’ll support a quick recovery.

2. Caffeine – you’re probably quite familiar with this ingredient, caffeine will increase how attentive and concentrated you are. Since it’ll improve fat oxidation, you’ll be capable of training for a longer period of time by keeping blood glucose and glycogen. Relying on the product you opt for utilizing, it could contain anywhere from 100 to 300 milligrams of caffeine, and the amount you choose will rely on your preferences. For more information on such products, see here.

3. L-Citrulline Malate – this substance is a combo of malate salt and L-citrulline, which will increase the amount of nitric oxide that’ll widen your blood vessels simply by soothing their walls. This will allow more blood flow and oxygen into the muscles, thus, you’ll most definitely feel more energized during your training, as well as after. It’ll also assist you with delaying tiredness and pain, which could be quite good for you if you have other tasks to complete after the gym.

4. Ginseng – the first thing that you should know about this ingredient is that it’s completely natural. It’s also commonly utilized for reducing mental fatigue and stress, which is exactly why it’s utilized in the manufacture of these supplements. Since it’ll support you with feeling less stressed, you may find yourself performing better during the workout session and you won’t feel overtired once you’ve completed the exercises.

5. Taurine – the last and most typical ingredient in such products is taurine, an amino acid that’ll quickly regulate your lipid and sugar levels. It’s also quite significant for stamina and metabolism, and it’ll also prevent oxidative stress. Companies that utilize this substance in their supplements ensure that the users’ performance is improved, which is also one of the primary reasons why you’ll see this substance in many energy bars and beverages.

Are There Some Substances to Avoid?

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Yes, no article on this topic would be complete without mentioning that there are some substances that you must avoid. Hence, when browsing for a pre-workout product, you must take a look at the component list and if you see veggie gum, stearic acid, silicon dioxide, cellulose, or magnesium stearate, you must avoid purchasing that particular item, mostly because these are filler substances that won’t give you the stamina boost you require.

Are There Several Types of These Supplements?

Of course! There are four kinds that you could choose from, for stamina, boosting strength, mental clarity & focus, as well as products that are non-stimulant. Relying on the training sessions you opted for completing, choosing products specifically for that type of training is a must, mostly because it’ll ensure that you get the boost you require. If you choose correctly, you can rest assured that you won’t feel overwhelmed once you’re done.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Generally speaking, there are no side effects to utilizing pre-workout products as a healthy person, yet, if you choose a manufacturer that isn’t reliable, you might come across some side effects such as trouble sleeping, increased pressure, upset stomach, dehydration, and so. Because of this, you must take your time when looking for a pre-workout supplement that you’ll use so that you can ensure that the product is reliable.


As you were able to learn, pre-workout supplements are manufactured from a wide range of energy-boosting ingredients, all of which will help you feel less tired and fatigued after a workout session. Since you’re now well aware of what these products can do for you, don’t lose time, instead, start looking for a product that is filled with ingredients that’ll help you!