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Biography of Igor Matvienko

Igor Igorevich Matvienko – pop composer, hitmaker, producer, founder of the M.A.M.A. and the social project #LIVE, Honored Art Worker of the Russian Federation.

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Possessing a phenomenal talent to reveal potential stars, he led to the success of many outstanding performers of the past and present – Ivanushki International, Roots, City 312, Factory, Lyube, Vika Daineko, Sasha Saveliev, Zhenya Belousova, Sati Kazanov.


Igor Matvienko was born on February 6, 1960 in Moscow. His father, Ukrainian by nationality, was a military man, his mother, Russian, worked as an economist. At an early age, the main occupation of their little son was yard games of war with the neighbor’s guys. But at the age of 10, when his parents sent Igor to a music school and bought him a Zarya piano, everything changed. From games that take up a lot of time, had to be abandoned in favor of music.

Igor Matvienko in childhood

At first, the daily activities seemed boring and uninteresting to the active boy, but soon the perseverance of the mother, who saw signs of a creative personality in her son, and the professionalism of the teacher, who managed to establish contact with the student, bore fruit. Igor realized that it was pleasant and interesting to be creative, learned to play the piano and sing beautifully, and even began to write his own musical compositions.

Igor Matvienko with his father

Having received a certificate, the young man became a student at a music school known as Ippolitovka (Ippolitov-Ivanov Music School), which he successfully graduated in 1980.

Musical career

The musical career of a young man who received the specialty of a choir conductor began in 1981 with work as an artistic director, keyboardist, songwriter in various vocal and instrumental groups, including “Hello, song!” and “Class”. Their performances with stunning success were held at stadiums of many thousands.

Igor Matvienko at the beginning of his career

Then Matvienko moved to the Record studio, where in 1987 he took the position of editor and, in partnership with singer Nikolai Rastorguev and poet Alexander Shaganov, created the rock group Lyube. Dozens of compositions he created for this group later became real hits.

Ensemble “Hello song!” (Igor Matvienko – far left)

Among them, it should be noted such works as “Horse”, “Come on for …”, “Atas”, “Half stations”, “Birches”, “You carry me the river (Krasa)”. Igor Igorevich called the composition “Horse” the main of the songs he wrote. She is included in the repertoire of many famous choirs, and her music is considered folk, and this, Matvienko is sure, is the best assessment for a composer.

Igor Matvienko and Nikolai Rastorguev met back in the mid-80s

In 1991, the musician opened his own production studio. At that time, he began to collaborate with Evgeny Belousov, wrote for him, together with Shaganov, the composition “Girl-Girl”, which won the hearts of many fans of his work.

Igor Matvienko with Evgeny Belousov

In 1995, he made his dream come true to unite the wonderful traditions of folk song, domestic pop music and foreign dance pop music by creating the Ivanushki International group. The first part of “Ivanushki” included Igor Sorin, Kirill Andreev and Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov. Already after the release of their second video for the song “Clouds”, the group fell into incredible popularity, and they began to give three concerts daily.

Igor Matvienko and the first composition of the Ivanushki International group

In 1996, the debut studio disc of the boy band was released under the name “Of course he is.” The music for all the songs included in it, as well as for most of the following ones, was written by the producer himself, Igor Matvienko. And the authors of the words, in addition to Shaganov, were Sorin, Leonid Derbenev, Mikhail Andreev, German Witke, Andrey Zuev.

The compositions of the talented show business figure occupied the top of the top lists of domestic radio stations. Almost every year he became a laureate of the Song of the Year festival: in 1996 for the composition Clouds, in 1997 for The Doll, and in 1998 for Poplar Fluff. In subsequent years, the best songs were called “Bullfinches”, “Hopelessness dot ru”, “Roar”, “Golden Clouds”. “Ivanushki” along with “Hands up!” became the most popular pop group in the country.

Soundtrack from the film “Border. Taiga novel “(” Carry me, river “)

In 2000, Alexander Mitta’s melodramatic series Border. Taiga Romance”, where the performer of the title song “You carry me, river” to the words of the director was the composer himself – Matvienko. Later, this song was also performed by Nikolai Rastorguev.

Igor Matvienko and his group “Factory”

In 2002, the maestro headed the Star Factory project, launched on Channel One. Then he discovered many new talented musicians – “Roots”, Sati Kazanova, Alexander Saveliev, Vika Daineko, Irina Toneva.

At the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Igor Matvienko

In 2010, the special talent of the composer for writing, fantastic flair and ability to reveal the creative abilities of each performer were emphasized by the star guests of the creative evening at Crocus City Hall, dedicated to the half-century anniversary of Igor Matvienko. Grigory Leps, Iosif Kobzon, Philip Kirkorov performed at the concert.

Potpourri of songs by Igor Matvienko

The popular composer, who created many favorite hits, was then dedicated to the TV program “Property of the Republic” in 2010, where, in particular, the incredibly fashionable composition “Because it’s impossible” by the White Eagle group sounded in the late 90s.

Igor Matvienko and Sergey Mazaev are old friends

In 2012, the producer was a confidant of the presidential candidate Vladimir Putin, and in 2014 he was entrusted with producing the solemn opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics in Sochi.

Interview with Igor Matvienko

In 2015, the musician was one of the judge-mentors of the Main Stage rating TV show on the Russia 1 TV channel, a domestic adaptation of the English X Factor show. After the competition, he continued to cooperate with Tatyana Tkachuk and her team “My Michel”, who was in his team and became the super finalist of the TV project.

Igor Matvienko, judge of the TV show “Main Stage”

In 2016, Matvienko created the song and project “#Live” with the aim of providing material assistance to everyone who found themselves in a difficult life situation, and also completed the musical design of the historical painting “Viking” with Danila Kozlovsky and composed the anthem of the Ground Forces of the Russian Federation “Forward, infantry!”.

#To live is a wonderful song by Igor Matvienko

Personal life of Igor Matvienko

The musician and composer is a father of many children, he has five children in total. He was repeatedly married. Igor’s first son Stas was born in 1986 in a civil marriage with a girl named Valentina. Now Stanislav heads his father’s production center, and earlier he worked for some time at the Foreign Ministry.

Igor Matvienko with his son Stanislav

The second wife of the composer in 1987 was Evgenia Davitashvili, known as the healer Juna. She was 12 years older than him, and admired the composer with her genius, brightness, and incredible energy. He was officially married to her, but only 24 hours – they quarreled during the registration of marriage and immediately broke up. After talking with her, he became a deeply religious person.

Igor Matvienko and Juna were married for 24 hours

The next official wife of the master was Larisa, who gave him a daughter, Nastya. The girl studied in the UK as a fashion designer, but soon realized that this occupation was not for her. In 2017, she became interested in cosmetology, and Matvienko was thinking about opening a beauty salon for her daughter.

Igor Matvienko with his family

On the set of Belousov’s video “Girl”, the producer met Anastasia Alekseeva, who played an innocent victim in the video, and he himself – an insidious seducer. In the third official marriage with Anastasia, the musician had three children: in 1997 – Taisiya, in 2000 – Polina, in 2001 – Denis. The eldest daughter loves to draw and wants to go to art school. The youngest one intends to become a lawyer, and her son is fond of playing football. All children play the piano once a week and, like dad, they love to play tennis.

In 2015, Matvienko announced that he intended to divorce his wife, but gave the marriage a couple more years.

A critical point has come when people can no longer be together. The kids seem to have grown up, but not quite yet. A couple more years, and we will already make a decision.

The divorce nevertheless took place, after which Igor became interested in the head of the charitable foundation and the daughter of a well-known official in Tatarstan, Diana Safarova.

Igor Matvienko now

The successful composer and producer continues to collaborate with Vika Daineko, Tatyana Tkachuk, Sati Kazanova and the bands My Michel, Lube, Ivanushki International, Roots, City 312.

FABRIKA – “Vova Vova” (music and lyrics by Igor Matvienko)

In 2017, a new song by Igor Matvienko “Tula is proud of Tula” was released, which premiered at a gala meeting in honor of the region’s anniversary.

Recently, in an interview, the master, who has reached a fairly respectable age, admitted that he was no longer particularly interested in writing pop compositions for 15-year-olds. He began to be attracted by large forms – music for large-scale events (for example, for the Olympics), anthems (of Tula, the Ground Forces), the soundtrack to the Viking tape.

Igor Matvienko in the studio “Tonight”

In 2018, as the head of the public council under Roskomnadzor, he spoke at a meeting of the collegium of this federal body with a proposal to impose restrictions on rap music, since, in his opinion, most rap artists promote drugs and sex. This speech caused a wave of indignation on the Web among fans of the genre.

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