The richest celebrities in 2024 were athletes, singers and actors

Magazine Forbes compiled a list of the 100 richest celebrities who earned more than $35 million this year. The world’s highest paid celebrities earned a total of $6.1 billion before taxes. This is $200 million less than in 2019.

The first line of the rating was taken by the model, socialite and businesswoman Kylie Jenner. Her earnings exceeded $590 million. At a considerable distance from her, the silver medalist of the rating rapper Kanye West from $170 million

West raked in most of his proceeds from the Yeezy sneakers deal with Adidas, while Jenner benefited from the sale of a 51% stake in her cosmetics firm Coty in January.

Then three places in the hundred of the richest and most famous athletes are divided: Roger Federer with $106.3 million, Cristiano Ronaldo with $105 million and Lionel Messi with $104 million.

Rounding out the top ten was actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with $87.5 million. But his colleague actress Angelina Jolie was in 99th position with $35.5 million. Just ahead of Mohamed Salah, who closes the top 100, with $35.1 million.

Forbes previously estimated how rich the world’s billionaires were in 2024.
The total wealth of the world’s richest people has increased by nearly $2 trillion.