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Biography of Anton Belyaev

Anton Belyaev is a Russian artist, performer, founder of the Therr Maitz creative team. Music producer of the sports melodrama “Ice”. He also wrote the music for the film. Participant of the project Taira Mammadova “Voices of a big country”. Reached the semi-finals of the show “Voice” in 2013. His composition “Make It Last” became the soundtrack of a commercial for Kit Kat chocolate bars. The musician also hosts the show LAB with Anton Belyaev, the second season of which was released in the fall of 2024.

In the photo: Sergey Belyaev

Childhood and youth: Magadan – Khabarovsk – Moscow

Anton was born in the autumn of 1979 in the family of Alfina (Alla) and Vadim Belyaev. The couple lived in Magadan and already raised their 11-year-old daughter Lilia. Alla Sergeevna Belyaeva (maiden name Konishcheva), previously lived in the Kazakh village of Zharbulak. She has two educations: a geological technical school and a pedagogical institute with a degree in mathematics, after which she worked in a geological exploration organization.

Vadim Borisovich, a native of Saratov, having received the education of an electronic engineer, was sent to work in the Kazakh SSR. There, Anton’s parents met, after which they moved to Magadan. Mom began to work as a teacher, father worked in a computer center.

Anton Belyaev has demonstrated creative inclinations since childhood

The son grew up sickly, and since he was the youngest in the family, he was allowed and forgiven a lot. For example, the manifestation of creative abilities, when the three-year-old Tosha got to the kitchen utensils and made his first drum kit out of them. Pots, ladles, spoons were used … The roar in the apartment was unimaginable, but the parents did not scold their son, but showed interest in his “music-making”.

At first they bought musical toys for Anton, but when he was five years old, they took the boy to a music school. Belyaev was upset by the fact that he could not learn to play the drums until the age of eight, but his father and mother convinced him that there was very little left, but for a start you can learn to play the piano. Classes fascinated Anton so much that after a while he forgot about his desire to become a drummer. According to the musician, playing the piano shocked him so much, as if he had touched a dream.

Anton Belyaev in childhood

The boy began to win various competitions, participated in festivals. In the gymnasium with an in-depth study of the English language, where Anton studied, love of freedom brought him to squabbles with teachers, caused problems for his parents. But music was his lifeline. The teenager met jazzman Yevgeny Chernonog, in whose studio he began to disappear more and more often. When Anton was fourteen years old, he began performing with jazz compositions, and soon became a member of a youth jazz orchestra.

Studying at the English gymnasium ended in the ninth grade, since Belyaev was expelled for violations of discipline. His parents sent him to finish his studies at another school, and at the end of the nine-year-old, the young man continued his studies at the Magadan School of Music.

Anton Belyaev in his youth

But he did not stay there for a long time: because of his enthusiastic passion for jazz, he was expelled. He received his secondary education already in the fourth educational institution on his life path, where in two years he managed to win over teachers and peers thanks to his musical talent. After graduating from school, he left for Khabarovsk, where he became a student at the State Institute of Culture and Arts. He studied at the pop-jazz department, which finally coincided with his aspirations and desires. Anton was such an enthusiastic student that he even began to receive an increased scholarship.

Therr Maitz

In the late nineties, the young man worked part-time in the music clubs of Khabarovsk. Shortly after graduating from the institute, Belyaev was offered to become the art director of the Rus nightclub. The new leader had the idea of ​​creating his own team. The technical capabilities of the institution made it possible to conduct rehearsals and record music. Anton invited guitarist Dmitry Pavlov, drummer Evgeny Kozhin, trumpeter Konstantin Drobitko, bass player Maxim Bondarenko to the group, which he called “Therr Maitz”. He himself was a frontman, composer, arranger.

The group quickly gained popularity within Khabarovsk. Anton soon became cramped within the framework of his own project. Considering that real fame and money can only be earned in Moscow, Belyaev set off to conquer the capital. With the realization of creative ambitions had to wait.

To live in the metropolis, he first had to work as an arranger for such performers as Maxim Pokrovsky, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Polina Gagarina, Igor Grigoriev, Nikolai Baskov. In parallel, he wrote music that he liked himself. Four years later, having updated the composition of Therr Maitz, Belyaev continued his concert activity.

Anton Belyaev’s band Therr Maitz

Anton became a keyboardist-vocalist, Boris Ionov sat on drums, Artem Tildikov and Nikolai Sarabyanov worked as guitarists. The female vocals of Victoria Zhuk appeared in the group.

Therr Maitz—Container

Gradually, the team acquired its own audience, connoisseurs of jazz music. The guys sang exclusively in English, while Belyaev on stage – Elton John and George Michael at the same time. He carefully chose the image of an elegant and daring dandy with excellent pronunciation and a voice that attracts with its hoarseness.


In 2013, Anton Belyaev got to the blind auditions of The Voice and brilliantly performed Chris Isaac’s Wicked Game. All the mentors noted him, including Alexander Gradsky and Pelageya, but out of all those who turned, Anton chose Leonid Agutin.

Anton Belyaev – Wicked Game (blind auditions)

The audience was touched by a plush donkey that accompanied Anton at the performances. It turned out that Belyaev bought the toy for his future wife, her name is Plusha B-Junior, and the musician took her with him for support. Later, Anton exhibited a toy, which, in his opinion, brings good luck, to the Good Auction, organized by the Good Deeds Day Foundation.

Donkey Plush, Anton Belyaev’s talisman

Participation in the project was a breakthrough for Belyaev: the whole country started talking about him, they began to recognize him. The original duet with Alena Toymintseva and their performance of “Hit the Road Jack” won recognition from the audience. The musician also presented the compositions “Will You Come Back Someday Again” and “On the Lilac Moon”.

Anton Belyaev on the second season of the show “Voice”

At the stage of fights, the mentor kicked out Belyaev, and Pelageya happily “picked him up”. The singer opened up new facets of Anton’s performing talent, which immediately appealed to the female part of the Voice’s fans.

Anton Belyaev – No Woman, No Cry

Belyaev performed the song “No Woman, No Cry” by Bob Marley, which provided him with a breakthrough to the semi-finals. And although Anton did not reach the final, he believed that The Voice was a very successful show for him, since Therr Maitz’s compositions appeared on television, and he himself was invited to host the Red Star.

Later career

In 2015, Belyaev became the music producer of Igor Matvienko’s team in the TV show “Main Stage”. Anton also recorded the song “Stop Quiet” as part of the Greenpeace campaign for separate waste collection.

After the “Voice” Anton Belyaev’s career went uphill

Further, as a composer and performer, he participated in Tahir Mammadov’s project “Voices of a Big Country”. Almost thirty people starred in the musical, including Andrei Grizzly, Yegor Sesarev, Miriam Merabova. Anton was also busy with the musical arrangement of Vyacheslav Dusmukhametov’s project “The Returned”.

2018 brought Belyaev a job as a music producer and composer in Oleg Trofim’s sports melodrama Ice. For the music for the film, which was written in tandem with Dmitry Selipanov, the guys were awarded the Golden Eagle award.

What about talking? Anton Belyaev

The soundtrack “Fly” by the Amega group performed by Belyaev became popular on the net. Then, together with Dasha Shults, Anton recorded the song “Sea” (in the singer’s album it is called “Ballerina”).

The musician also showed himself in advertising, starring in a duet with blogger Natalya Osmann as a model for No One boutique. The proposal came to Belyaev not by chance, because, according to the publications LF City and GQ, for three years he was one of the most stylish musicians.

In the same year, Belyaev was honored to become a member of the US National Academy of Art and Science of Recording. During all this time, Therr Maitz managed to release four albums: Sweet Oldies, Unicorn, Tocyo Roof (EP), Capture.

Therr Maitz in St. Petersburg. Vlog

In 2019, Belyaev began teaching at the Moscow Film School and started working on his own YouTube project Anton Belyaev’s LABoratory about contemporary music. Each of the invited performers got the opportunity, accompanied by Therr Maitz, to any of the songs of the world, which the host and the participant of the show will choose during the interview.

In the first season, which was released in the spring of 2024, ten performers took part, including his mentor on the Voice show Leonid Agutin, Monetochka, Oleg LSP, Lyubov Uspenskaya. Anton, talking about the project, remarked:

I came up with the idea two years ago, but then I was told that such a large-scale show would not work for our online viewer. After a while, the viewer is ripe for quality content, now we have one of the best productions, a strong team. We try, but this is a very energy-intensive occupation.

Personal life of Anton Belyaev

According to Belyaev, he never dreamed of a family and children. Until a story worthy of a film adaptation happened to him: Anton fell in love at first sight with a girl from a cafe where he went to drink coffee. The young man decided to immediately impress and sang for the chosen one the aria of Mary Magdalene from the rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

Anton and Yulia Belyaev

The second date with Yulia Markova – that was the name of the girl – took place at the Therr Maitz concert, where the musician invited her. The charming journalist of “Evening Moscow”, a graduate of Moscow State University, was captivated by Belyaev’s talent and charm.

Anton Belyaev with his wife and son

In 2012, the couple officially formalized the relationship. Julia became the manager of Therr Maitz, while working as an editor on the Europa Plus TV channel. Five years later, Anton and Yulia had a son, whom they named Semyon. They shared the happy news on Instagram. The composer, on a happy wave, composed the lullaby Undercover for his first child, and soon launched a charity project for orphans. All funds from the sale of the composition are transferred to orphanages with the help of the Day of Good Deeds fund.

Belyaev turned out to be a wonderful husband and father and admitted in an interview:

Once it seemed to me that love is sitting on the roof of a skyscraper and playing the keys of a synthesizer … Now I am sure that love is my wife and son. Honestly, I never thought about family, wife and children. Until the age of thirty, it seemed to me that being alone is cool, fun, diverse, but now I can’t imagine my life without them, even music has faded into the background.

Anton Belyaev now

During the spring self-isolation of 2024, the musician and his family ended up in the Maldives. From there, he shared the conditions in which he records new compositions. A laptop, hastily bought in Male, placed on the table, revealed a makeshift tent made from a blanket, as the echoes in the room interfered with the creative process. The hard drive stores the most important information from colleagues in Moscow. While the beloved husband worked, the wife brewed tea in a large mug. This romantic digression did not prevent the music producer from preparing the second season of Anton Belyaev’s LABoratory project for October. The format of the show has remained the same. Each of the invited guests performed two songs: his own and one chosen from the repertoire of other performers, but in a new interpretation. The composition is accompanied by Therr Maitz, string orchestra and choir of the Moscow State Institute of Cinematography under the direction of Eteri Beriashvili. Rapper Basta opened the series with Murat Nasyrov’s song “I am You” and his own composition “War”.

Polina Gagarina ft Therr Maitz

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the continuation of the second season, but the organizers promised that the performances would soon appear on the Internet. It is known that Ivan Urgant and Zivert will be among other guests.

Also in autumn, Therr Maitz took part in the Family Week festival in Yekaterinburg and took part in the Russian Woodstock rock festival, dedicated to doctors fighting covid.