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Doja Cat is an American rapper of South African origin. Author of own compositions, producer. The viral hit “Mooo!”, released in 2018, brought her the greatest popularity. At the same time, the debut album of the singer called “Amala” was released.

Doja Cat

In 2024, Doja Cat topped the Billboard Hot 100 with the single “Say So”. The girl is called the new version of Missy Elliot, compared with hip-hop stars Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj.

Childhood, youth, family

Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini is the name given by her parents to a girl who was born in the fall of 1995 in Malibu. The multinational family in which she appeared was distinguished by a creative approach to life, everyone was engaged in some direction in art. Dad, Dumisani Dlamini, a native of the Zulu tribe, was educated in the United States, composed music, became an actor. After filming in Darrell Rudt’s musical drama Sarafina! he was able to equip a comfortable home for the family, where they brought the newborn.

The real name of the singer is Amalaratna Zandile.

On the set of this picture, Dumisani met the brilliant Whoopi Goldberg, the eccentric Robert Whitehead and John Kani. But friendly relations did not contribute to the further promotion of his acting career, the man decided to try his hand as a producer, and quite successfully.

Father of Doja Cat Dumisani Dlamini

Amala’s mother, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, was a member of the Jewish community along with her grandmother. Both artists were engaged in arts and crafts.

Music was a constant companion in the family, not only thanks to the father-composer. Parents often attended concerts of famous performers and took their eldest son and daughter with them. Amala recalled one of the performances of the group “Earth, Wind & Fire”:

I had a good place, I saw them. I was six or so, they ended up getting me on stage at all. It was cool. Just cool. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be saying all this now… I love all the Earth, Wind & Fire songs.

At the insistence of her grandmother, the girl was sent to a music school. Having studied the basics of musical notation and having practiced playing the piano for a couple of years, Amala became interested in dancing. At this time, her older brother often visited rap battles. One day the girl begged him to take her with him. The girl liked the rhythm and energy so much that she decided to try her hand in this direction and wrote her first track in this genre. According to the recollections of the performer, at first two likes were enough for her to cry with happiness, and when there were more than twenty of them, she decided that rap was her calling.

Doja Cat with brother

Despite the fact that Amala studied well at school, she managed to ignore all her homework, but she enthusiastically studied Indian and Japanese epics, at one time she became interested in painting. And she continued to write lyrics.

Doja Cat as a child

Listening to Nicki Minaj, Pharrell Williams or PartyNextDoor, the girl thought about taking on a pseudonym. She came up with it herself: Doja Cat.

The first word is a slang name for marijuana, and the second is a tribute to her beloved animals.

Under this pseudonym, she began to upload her songs to the Internet, where she was provided with views. Sometimes the attempts were not entirely successful, but Amala was not upset. Her undertaking was supported by advice from her brother, who always believed in her success.

Breakthrough in musical creativity

In 2013, Doja Cat recorded the track “So High”, which she posted on the European Internet platform SoundCloud. The composition attracted the attention of not only listeners. Soon the music label RCA Records offered the girl a collaboration. The song “So High” gained popularity: with the permission of the performer, it was used in the soundtrack of the series “Empire”.

Doja Cat in So High video

Soon, the singer released her first mini-disc “Purrr!”, In which she presented a mix of dance disco, R&B, and rap to the audience. After the video for her debut single “So High”, the girl began to be called a follower of psychedelics in music, a child prodigy who will soon surpass Nicki Minaj. In 2015, the singer collaborated with Atlanta-based rapper Maco Mattox, and together they released several original remixes of previously popular hits. Doja Cat rose to fame after posting the single Candy on the viral video platform TikTok.

Doja Cat and Tyga

In 2018, due to the popularity of the composition, the singer recorded two more songs Roll with Us and Go to Town, after which she released her first full-length album called Amala and began touring America. The LP disc, which quickly gained a huge number of fans, did not make Doja Cat rest on its laurels, it seemed to have a second wind:

I’m spontaneous: sometimes I just start mumbling [от to mumble, буквально переводится как „бормотать“ – прим.] melody or rhythm. Sometimes I start from a concept or even from one word. I pick up a few good rhymes – and off we go.

Her compositions began to gain popularity outside of America, and the video for the song “Mooo!”, which she posted on her YouTube channel, caused an unprecedented stir, even Chris Brown and Katy Perry left her enthusiastic responses. Moreover, a flash mob began on Instagram with the #MooChallange hashtag, in which different people fantasized in their videos following Amala about what would happen if they became cows. The absurdity and surrealism of the topic only whipped up netizens. 2019 has been no less eventful. Doja Cat has created several remixes of her songs along with popular singers. So, the song “Tia Tamera” was performed in a duet with Rico Nasty, and the rapper covered “Juicy” with Tyga. The songs made it to the Billboard Hot 100.

Realizing how much her music is in demand, as well as following the requests of a large army of fans, Doja Cat released a new album “Hot Pink”. The photo for the album was impressive: the performer appeared almost naked on it, wearing long gloves and a flashy pink wig.

Doja Cat on the cover of Hot Pink

When the singer was asked about the new album, she said that she tried to paint it in the colors that she loved from early childhood. The compositions seem to envelop the listener with warmth and dream. Colleagues Kurtis McKenzie, Salaam Remi, Tyson Trax, Blaq Tuxedo helped the performer to work on the release of the Hot Pink disc. Songs Bitch Boss, Streets from this album became separate singles. The disc hit the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100, and the singer was invited to the Jimmy Fallon show.

Doja Cat also recorded the soundtrack for Cathy Yan’s crime thriller Birds of Prey. An amazing story of Harley Quinn. Just one line from “Bitch Boss” – “I’m a Bitch I’m a Boss” literally went to the people. Soon the soundtrack became a meme: on TikTok, many sketches and video cards recorded for the Grammy were invented for this melody.

At the beginning of 2024, the singer posted several video clips online, including dance ones. In the same year, on the TikTok platform, the performer created a video for the song “Say So”, in which TikTok stars Donte Colli and Hayley Sharp were invited. Hayley Sharp also choreographed this composition. The video was directed by Hannah Lux Davis, working with whom was a laborious but very interesting process and experience for the performer.

Doja Cat skins

Doja Cat walks in the video with a tiger like a kitten, holding him on a leash, her outfits shimmer and shimmer. In February, Doja Cat performed the song on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In her favorite pink bodysuit, the singer performed accompanied by disco dancers.

The fifth single of the studio disc “Hot Pink” was released as a remix in collaboration with Nicki Minaj at the beginning of the year, after which in May Doja Cat appeared at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 with this composition – for the first time in her creative career.

Elle magazine music reviewer Nerisha Penrose commented on the performance of “Say So”, which she said “offers a healthy dose of nostalgia as Doja Cat’s quiet, airy voice floats over a layer of iridescent synths and a funky bass line.” Despite being disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, Doja Cat has scheduled a tour of the United States of America in support of “Hot Pink” as she announced to her fans on Instagram. The enthusiastic responses inspired the singer even more, who was going to go on tour in the summer and autumn of 2024.

Personal life of Doja Cat

Perhaps no one in the rap community hides his personal life as carefully as Doja Cat does. Perhaps that is why rumors are spreading on the network that the singer is not interested in men. However, she apparently has a boyfriend: in June 2024, she posted a video on Instagram in which she lies under the covers, and someone else is filming the video, and signed it “My boyfriend annoying af” (“my boyfriend is annoying as hell “). In the summer of 2024, the girl was suspected of having an affair with Bree Ranway. Pretty women often spend time together and publish joint photos – very frank.

Dodge Cat and Bree Runaway

The performer’s Instagram is the same as her stage image: bright and relaxed. The girl publishes her photos in fancy outfits, short videos from her own TikTok.

Doja Cat is a passionate experimenter. Her outfits, hairstyles, bold make-up are adopted not only by fans of the performer, but also by trendsetters. The figure of the girl, whom she supports by exercising in the gym, also evokes admiration. With a height of 165 centimeters, the singer weighs 55 kilograms.

Doja Cat now

In June 2024, Doja Cat released their third studio album Planet Her. The tracklist includes 14 songs, including features with The Weeknd (You Right), Ariana Grande (I Don’t Do Drugs), SZA (Kiss Me More) and Young Thug (Payday). Venerable music critics called the new record the best in Doji’s discography, and the singer herself was dubbed the “rising pop queen.”

Doja Cat at a photo shoot

In September of the year, Dodja Cat recorded a joint track “Scoop” with Lil Nas X. Meanwhile, in terms of the number of monthly streams on the Spotify platform, she exceeded 63 million. She is the third musician in history (and the first rap artist) with such indicators.

Doja Cat, The Weeknd – You Right