Vladimir Burkov

Name: Vladimir Burkov

Surname: Igorevich Burkov

Birthday: March 19 1968 (53 years old)

Who was born on this day: discover

Place of Birth:

Crimea, Simferopol

entrepreneur, investor

Family status:


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Biography of Vladimir Burkov

Vladimir Igorevich Burkov was born on March 19, 1968 in the Crimea. Earlier, the childhood of the future entrepreneur, investor and talented leader was held in Simferopol.

In the photo: Vladimir Burkov

Parents of Vladimir Igorevich are intelligent people, doctors. Burkov’s father is an outstanding professor, worked in the field of pediatric microsurgery. Mom is a candidate of medical sciences. For many years she was in charge of the children’s orthopedic polyclinic of the CITO RAS.

The family did not live in Crimea for long. Burkov spent his childhood and youth in Moscow. Vladimir did not follow in the footsteps of his parents and chose a military career, but he did not stop there either.


Vladimir Igorevich Burkov graduated from the famous military educational institution of the country – the Moscow Suvorov School. Graduated from it, holding the position of platoon commander. After that, military education continued at the Lviv Higher Military-Political School of the Order of the Red Star, also a very prestigious educational institution.

Burkov received a diploma in military journalism. Vladimir Igorevich has a professional knowledge of specialized propaganda activities in the troops of a potential enemy.

Another education of Vladimir Igorevich Burkov is legal. He received it at the institute at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Burkov received his law degree in 2000.

Vladimir Burkov knows several languages. He speaks fluent German and English.


After receiving a military education, Vladimir Burkov begins his professional activities in the responsible position of secretary in the editorial office of one of the military press editions. The collapse of the USSR influenced his further career – Burkov completed his military career and resigned from the ranks of the Armed Forces.

Burkov’s work continued at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He became a senior consultant, and since 1993, deputy director of the company as part of Vneshtorgservis. The leadership of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry sent Vladimir Burkov to the institute of workers in managerial positions to improve their qualifications. After graduating from the institute, Vladimir Igorevich received the status of a specialist in foreign economic relations.

Until 2003, the activities of Vladimir Burkov were associated with leadership in large financial structures, banks and corporations. On September 22, 2003, he changed his profile of activities and began to work in the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Fisheries.

Activities in the State Committee

In December 2003, Burkov Vladimir Igorevich was appointed to a very responsible position of the acting chairman of the State Fisheries Committee of the Russian Federation. Subsequently, he will reach certain heights and make a contribution to the development of the country’s fishing industry.

Before Burkov’s appointment, many managers had been in this position. However, none of them was able to organize the work of the department and the industrial sector. Vladimir Igorevich brilliantly coped with the tasks and changed the work in the industry.

Burkov’s most significant contribution is characterized by the following achievements:

  1. He organized and adjusted the work of a specialized commission, the purpose of which was to fight corruption.
  2. Organized the issuance of fishing quotas to interested enterprises for a five-year period.
  3. Optimized the number of R&D quotas. This helped to eliminate abuses in this direction.
  4. Prepared proposals on control over the extraction of caviar and sent them for consideration to the Government.
  5. He developed a concept for the development of fisheries in Russia, including an action plan until 2024. The concept was approved by the Government and successfully implemented.
  6. Defined the fundamental directions of the state policy in the field of the fishing industry.
  7. Prepared and proposed for consideration PP No. 704, which defines how exactly to distribute quotas for the extraction of biological resources in the aquatic environment.

Under the leadership of Vladimir Igorevich Burkov, the department began to work much more efficiently. Thanks to Burkov’s initiatives, the percentage of corruption in matters of resource allocation has been largely reduced. Despite the tough resistance of poachers and their lobbyists, who occupy positions in government agencies, Burkov was able to achieve his goals.

Investment activities

Vladimir Igorevich Burkov is actively and successfully engaged in investment. He finances potentially promising startups, helps in the implementation of projects, and participates in specialized events. The areas of Burkov’s investment activities are real estate, the financial sector, clean energy and high-tech developments.

Vladimir Burkov is on the board of directors of several large venture and investment funds. Many Russian projects are indebted to Vladimir Igorevich for timely assistance and material support.

Burkov is also involved in charitable activities. He helps military graduates and war veterans. Material assistance is provided within the framework of the Russian charity fund “Cadet Brotherhood”, which is co-chaired by Burkov.

Personal life

Vladimir Igorevich Burkov is an exemplary family man and a father with many children. Together with his wife, he is raising three children – two daughters and a son.

The Burkov family lives in the Moscow region.