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Biography of Yuri Moshi

Yuri Igorevich Mosha is an entrepreneur who has chosen helping emigrants who adapt after moving to another country as a matter of life. The author of the project with the telling name “Second Passport” and the head of the consulting company “Russian America”.

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Childhood and family

The life path of Yuri Moshi began in the Black Sea city of Novorossiysk. Here he was born on December 17, 1975 in a simple Soviet family. Parents are graduates of the Rostov Railway Institute. My father made a career at the local car building plant – starting from the position of an ordinary foreman, he rose to the director’s chair. Mom, a native of Kazakhstan, worked in the executive committee. Together with Yuri, the youngest son Sergey was brought up in the family.

The boy studied at school number 2, had a penchant for the humanities and natural sciences, especially history and geography. After graduating from the “nine years”, Yuri entered the lyceum at the local nautical academy, but before the end of the first semester he returned to the walls of his native school.

Yuri received his first business lessons at the age of 12. Novorossiysk is a port city, and the young man often talked with sailors who gave the sociable boy or sold small coins of other countries left after voyages for a symbolic amount. He could have a good collection, but Mosha preferred to sell trophies to numismatists.

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At the end of 1991, Yura visited Poland for the first time on a school permit and realized what real trading is. It was then that the guy decided to connect his life with trading activities.


After graduating from school in 1993, Yuri Mosha entered the Kuban Technological University, more precisely, in its branch in Novorossiysk. He received his diploma in 1998.

Business career

Already in his first year, Yuri became a journalist for the city TV channel New Russia. A year later, together with like-minded people, he contributed to the creation of the first satellite television channel in the region, TV-6 Moscow, and became the founder and editor-in-chief of the first free newspaper in Novorossiysk.

In 1995, in parallel with his work on TV, Yuri opened an advertising agency “Propaganda Publicity” – also the first in his hometown. By 2011, when Mosha left the post of head, the organization became the leader among the Kuban advertising holdings. Propaganda Publicity included a dozen enterprises, including a TV channel, a radio station, a printing house, a number of print publications, and even a modeling agency.

In 2002, Mosha became the head of the Novorossiysk branch of Video International, an advertising company cooperating with federal television channels in Russia. The young entrepreneur tried himself in other areas. For example, in 2007 he founded the Kuban Investment Fund construction company, which until 2011 was successfully building low-rise housing in Novorossiysk.

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Simultaneously with the creation of the company, Mosha took the post of head of the investment development department at the mayor’s office of Novorossiysk, where he was personally invited by the mayor of the city Vladimir Sinyagovsky. Yuriy worked in this position for several months, and after leaving he continued to do business and engaged in human rights activities.


In the early 2010s, the growing activity of the young entrepreneur attracted the attention of competitors, and then, at their behest, the local authorities. A criminal case was fabricated against Yuri. Realizing that things could end badly, Mosha decided to emigrate.

His passport had a valid US visa, so the choice of a new place of residence was short-lived. The man moved to New York, where he rented an apartment with the remaining savings – by a happy coincidence, it belonged to a close friend of his father. Realizing that no one would immediately offer him a managerial position here, a migrant, Yuri got a job as a sales manager at the Courier publication, then worked at the Russian-language radio company Davidson.

In the USA, Yuri Mosha started his career from scratch

Yuri had to search for answers to many vital questions on his own: how can an emigrant rent an apartment, buy a car, open a bank account? And how many of his other compatriots faced the same problems? Reflecting on this, Yuri Mosha decided to share his experience. This is how the Russian America company was born, which chose to help Russians move to the United States as the leitmotif of their activities.

“Russian America”

Now Russian America is a group of companies providing comprehensive support to Russian and CIS citizens who decide to move to the United States: how to emigrate, open a business, receive a grant for education, find a job, buy real estate.

The company is managed from the main office in New York, there are 30 branches in the CIS. In addition to assistance with obtaining visas and solving everyday issues, Russian America cooperates with investors, participates in adaptation programs for migrants, and provides services for the delivery of goods and the import of cars.

The creator of Russian America maintains a video blog on YouTube, where you can learn important points and entertaining details about life in America and future plans for various startups.

“Second Passport”

The second project of Yuri Moshi is “Second Passport”. This is a logical continuation of “Russian America”, which expanded the scope of interests to 50 countries of the world. In fact, this is an electronic encyclopedia of an emigrant, which contains constantly updated information about moving, working and studying abroad. Employees of the “Second Passport” completely “lead” the move – from filling out all the necessary documents to adapting on the spot.

Second Passport cooperates with more than 150 lawyers specializing in migration issues, and this number is constantly increasing. Each client has his own agent who closely monitors the process, regularly checking how the ward is doing.

The company operates on a franchise basis. Branches of the “Second Passport” operate in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Georgia. Those who wish to open their own branch are provided with developed materials: webinars and training courses.

At the moment, “Second Passport” focuses on working with Russian-speaking clients, but in the future – work with Spanish-speaking and Chinese-speaking countries. In the foreseeable future, Yuri Mosha sees Second Passport as an international holding company also involved in real estate and business.

Personal life

Yuri’s first wife and their two common children live in Russia. He met his second wife Irina in the USA. She is a native of Stavropol, but has lived in America for more than 10 years, received American citizenship, received a master’s degree, and currently runs a modeling agency. The couple has daughters Sofia and Nicole.

Yuri Mosha with his wife and children