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Biography of Vladimir Annenkov

Vladimir Igorevich Annenkov is a businessman who got “to the fullest” from life: the loss of parents in adolescence, cancer in his youth, the arson of his restaurant at the peak of success … In general, we can say that this person is no longer afraid of anything and is ready to any twist of fate.

Vladimir Annenkov – a successful restaurateur with a difficult fate

tragic childhood

The biography of Vladimir Annenkov begins in 1975. Her father is a teacher at the Department of Russian Literature at the St. Petersburg University for the Humanities, her mother is a housewife. The future businessman lost his parents at the age of 15: both died in a car accident. The boy was raised by his grandmother, who instilled in her grandson a love of cooking and dishes of various national cuisines.

However, we will not now describe all the ups and downs in Annenkov’s life: he himself does not like to talk about his past, but he willingly shares the events of his present with journalists.

Entrepreneur with good taste

According to Vladimir Igorevich, he is an entrepreneur with good taste. He opened the first restaurant on the Neva in 2000. Then he just turned 25 years old. However, the young age and the lack of specialized education did not prevent the entrepreneur from turning his restaurant into one of the most visited places in the city in three years. And even today, when asked where it is best to relax and have a delicious meal on the Neva, many Petersburgers answer: in Annenkov restaurants.

Annenkov’s restaurants are loved by both Petersburgers and guests of the city

Probably, if the businessman worked in Moscow, then his name would have long been heard by the whole country. But St. Petersburg entrepreneurs are distinguished by natural modesty: they do not need all-Russian fame. By the way, our conversation with Vladimir Annenkov was about fame in St. Petersburg:

– Hello. In St. Petersburg, you managed to create a chain of restaurants with a wide variety of cuisines without a dime or special knowledge. So what is your secret to success?

– There is no secret. I just really liked cooking, inventing dishes and feeding people. And somehow by itself it so happened that I had no other way but to open my own restaurant.

The entrepreneur has always liked to cook and treat

– How did you start your first business?

– O! Vladimir Annenkov laughs. – For some reason, everyone thinks that millions are needed to open a business. This is not true. To open a business, you need brains and a huge, simply immense desire to work! I had money to rent a small room and that’s it. I rented heavily second-hand equipment, personally bought products almost every day in small batches, constantly borrowed from one supplier, then another – but thank God, they believed, they lent …

“With the world on a thread …”

– Yeah, that is, you, as they say, started “with the world on a thread”?

– Well, like that! I did not set myself the goal of becoming a millionaire and relaxing in Courchevel. Even now, I go somewhere once a year to rest, but I have never been to Courchevel. I wanted to create such a place in my hometown, where it would be cozy and tasty for any person, no matter what kind of cuisine he liked.

– And how does the Annenkov family feel about your work?

“I just have a wonderful family,” Vladimir Annenkov smiles broadly, “the fact is that the very first restaurant was opened by the three of us: me, my young wife and son, whose existence at first we did not even know. But it turns out that he was with us all the time, helping us paint the walls in the room and arrange tables … My wife found out about the pregnancy only in her second month …

– Vladimir Igorevich, now some St. Petersburg media are writing about the Annenkovs’ divorce …

– Newspaper duck. I really don’t understand where they got this information from. So that I, Annenkov, divorce my wife – but this is some kind of nonsense! Newspapermen often come up with some ridiculous rumors about me and my family. I don’t know, they want to find something bad in my biography, but there is nothing, so they swear as best they can. Divorce from his wife is out of the question!

Thanks for clarifying this situation. But let’s get back to your business. Today, 12 of your restaurants operate in St. Petersburg. Can we say that you are a very famous person in the city?

“Probably, but not in wide circles,” Annenkov throws up his hands, “I don’t strive for fame, I’m not interested in it. To promote restaurants is yes, but why do people need to know who is behind these restaurants?

Plans for the future

– Could you please share your plans for the future? Where do you see your business in 5, 10 or 20 years? – Oooooh! In St. Petersburg, we have already taken the best places. I don’t think I’ll open any more restaurants here. Now I’m looking at other cities – Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod. I don’t consider Moscow in principle: I never liked this city.

Annenkov plans to enter the All-Russian level

– That is, your establishments will soon open throughout the country?

– Yes, – answers Vladimir Annenkov, – in 5 years the son will finish his studies, he will come to work for me. With his initiative and knowledge, we can take a big step forward. I originally started my business in such a way as to leave it to my son. Although it was very difficult and for the first two years I was constantly in debt …

– What advice would you give to those startups who are opening cafes today? Maybe there are some mistakes that you can save them from?

– Do, do and do. Until you experience all these problems in your own experience, you still won’t believe anyone what happens and how. I will not give advice. Because it’s useless anyway. Everyone considers himself the smartest, and therefore acts at his own discretion.

– Vladimir Igorevich, and the last question for today regarding your passion for knives. Is it true that in your free time you make knives with your own hands?

– Truth. This hobby comes from childhood. When my uncle gave me a handmade blade for my birthday. I was so surprised and inspired then that I decided to try to do something similar on my own. And, you know, it turned out well! Well, that’s if you don’t take into account the fact that while working on the first knife, I cut off my finger. We managed to get to the hospital and sew, everything grew together fine. I now have a collection of ten blades with a wooden handle at my house. The rest of the work I gave away to friends and partners.

Hobby of Vladimir Annenkov – making knives

The biography of Vladimir Annenkov cannot be called simple: from childhood he was used to working, trying new things and working on himself. Perhaps this is his secret of success – to achieve his goals no matter what.