TOP 10 richest monarchs in the world

TOP 10 richest monarchs in the world

We present to your attention a list of the ten richest rulers in the world.

10Qaboos bin Said Albusaid, Sultan of Oman since 1970

Net worth: $9.48 billion

Opens the list of the richest monarchs in the world Qaboos bin Said Albusaid, who earned his fortune thanks to “black gold”. His state produces approximately eight hundred thousand barrels of oil per day. In addition, His Majesty’s capital includes the famous Qasr al-Alam castle and several expensive yachts.

TOP 10 richest monarchs in the world

9Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Emir of Qatar from 1995 to 2013

Wealth: $11.06 billion

First of all, this ruler became famous for giving the beautiful half of the population of his country the right to vote in elections. The source of his income is the results of political reforms, namely: the reform in the oil and gas industry and the creation of ideal conditions in order to attract capital investments from well-known mining companies. It must be added that the sovereign received power in a very funny way – he overthrew his own father, taking advantage of the opportunity while he was resting in Switzerland.

TOP 10 richest monarchs in the world

eightSabah al-Ahmed al-Jaber al-Sabah, Emir of Kuwait since 1977

Died: January 15, 2006
Wealth: $14.22 billion

In eighth place in the ranking of the richest rulers of the world is Sabah al-Ahmed al-Jaber al-Sabah. The leading source of income for the Emir of Kuwait is the sale of oil. Also, for the last few years of his reign, the monarch has been actively engaged in economic reforms aimed at attracting investment from other states and creating more acceptable laws for the privatization of land.

TOP 10 richest monarchs in the world

7 Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands from 1980 to 2013.

Wealth: $15.8 billion

Her Majesty Beatrix owns 25% of Royal Dutch Shell. This fortune also includes the value of gold items and collections of fabulously expensive art objects that the crowned person disposes of.

TOP 10 richest monarchs in the world

6 Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei since 1967

Wealth: $37.92 billion

Hassanal Bolkiah is listed as the sixth richest monarch thanks to oil. He also owns a huge collection of cars (approximately 6,000), most of which are unique.

TOP 10 richest monarchs in the world

5Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Emir of Dubai since 2006

Wealth: $39.5 billion

The sovereign, who is among the five richest, is not only the ruler of Dubai, but also holds the post of Prime Minister of the UAE. The source of the monarch's income is the oil reserves for which Dubai is famous, as well as a chic stable with the most first-class horses. It is worth adding that Sheikh Mohammed invests his savings in various areas of the international economy and receives huge profits from this.

TOP 10 richest monarchs in the world

4Bhumibol Adulyadej, King of Thailand since 1946

Wealth: $44.24 billion

Bhumibol Adulyadej has invested a large share of the funds in the development of 3,000 different programs for the development of agriculture in his province. It is known that the monarch owns the Royal Estate Agency. This agency includes significant parts of Thailand. In addition, Bhumibol has a rare collection of expensive stones, the price of which makes him one of the wealthiest monarchs in the world.

TOP 10 richest monarchs in the world

3Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Emir of Abu Dhabi since 2004

Wealth: $47.7 billion

The honorable third place in the list of the richest monarchs in the world is occupied by Sheikh Khalifa ibn Zayd al-Nahyan, who became rich thanks to oil. It is known that almost eighty percent of the reserves of the entire oil fortune of the United Arab Emirates are located in the emirate, which is led by the Caliph. At the same time, the ruler often invests in various sectors of the international economy and receives a considerable profit from this.

TOP 10 richest monarchs in the world

2Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia since 2005

Died: January 23, 2015
Wealth: $63.2 billion

The main source of wealth for the ruler of Abdullah is oil. It is thanks to this oily combustible liquid that the state receives approximately one billion dollars a day. In addition, the monarch is the owner of a chic, huge stable, it is in it that only the best horses can be found in Saudi Arabia, and the king himself has the fame of a talented horseman and even owns an equestrian club in Riyadh. In addition, this ruler boasts of his collection of expensive luxury cars.

TOP 10 richest monarchs in the world

oneElizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain since 1952

Wealth: $94.8 billion

The richest monarch in the world is the Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II. It is known that when calculating the state of Elizabeth II, journalists did not take into account many of the most unique objects that have the status of state property. However, this amount includes the cost of Windsor Castle, Kensington and Buckingham Palace, as well as the palaces of Holyrood and St. James, as well as the rest of the property that is rightfully owned by the family of the crowned person. It should be added that the queen owns more than one residence and a collection of various works of art themselves.

TOP 10 richest monarchs in the world