Ronaldo Has More Money than Messi! Top 20 Wealthy Footballers – Soviet Sport

It’s the turn of the “poverty” ranks – these guys are running around the field in shorts, and the fortune of Ronaldo and the company totals a measly hundreds of millions of dollars.

Top-20 Millionaire

20. John Terry, Chelsea (41)

State – 56 million euros

Citizenship -Great Britain John Terry under the contract earns 8 million euros a year, but the main gesheft of last year is the sale of a mansion with 9 bedrooms, which brought in 13.5 million euros. The buyer is the Sultan of Oman.

19. Sergio Aguero, Manchester City (34)

State – 58 million euros

Citizenship -Argentina Under the new contract, Kuhn Aguero earns 12.5 million euros, but the main income is from the sponsorship contract. Aguero has been signed by giants such as Puma, Pepsi, Gillette, Hugo Boss and PlayStation. In total, advertising revenues bring in 7 million euros per year.

18. Gerar Pique, Barcelona (35)

State – 58 million euros

Citizenship -Spain The almost two-meter-tall, handsome center-back has a long-term contract with Barça, which is known only that he is until 2019 and the compensation in it is 200 million euros. And the fee is considered to be the average for Barça – about 8-9 million euros. Piquet makes money from advertising contracts – he is the face of the Mango clothing brand, he is the face of the EA Sports toy – though it was in 2012, and he is also a shareholder in a Catalan meat company.

17. Franco Totti, Roma (46)

State – 60 million euros

Citizenship – Italy The man is 38 years old, she is a year older than Zenit coach Villas-Boas, and has been with the same team for 23 years. The team pays generously – 5 million euros excluding bonuses. He is the face of Nike, Pepsi and Pary Poker. In addition, Totti has its own holding company Numberten, which includes several real estate companies.

16. Franck Ribery, Bavaria (39)

State – 61 million euros

Citizenship -France Just the numbers – 14 million euros per year for the contract with Bayern, plus a million awards, plus a contract with Nike, which brings in a million euros per year. The rest of the advertising revenue of the “scarface” is not reported – how good it is on the field, how unsympathetic is the image on billboards.

15. Yaya Toure, Manchester City (39)

State – 62 million euros

Citizenship – Cote d’Ivoire The main, perhaps, the whiner of world football makes good money. In 2013, his previous contract with City expired, and the club signed a new one for astronomical money – 13, 5 million euros a year! The much more dangerous in attack Aguero does not earn that much … But if you pay less, Yaya may tell the newspapers that racism is rampant in the City. The contracts with Puma and Nissan also help fill the wallet.

14. Steven Gerrard, Liverpool (42)

State – 64 million euros

Citizenship -Great Britain Under the contract with Liverpool, Stevie-G earns 9.5 million euros, after the end of the season he moves to play in America, in Los Angeles. Gerrard also earns advertising, signing with Adidas, Lucozade and Jagua, the assets of his company are estimated at 5.4 million euros, and his real estate on Merseysite at 6 million euros.

13. Gianluigi Buffon, Juventus (44)

State – 68 million euros

Citizenship – Italy The annual earnings from the Juventus contract are a paltry 6.5 million euros, compared to the profit that Gigi made from investing in Zucchi shares – the shares rose in value by 107% and Buffon earned 19.5 million euros. In addition, Buffon advertises Pepsi, Puma and Fiat.

12. Rio Ferdinand, Queens Park Rangers (44)

State – 72 million euros

Citizenship -Great Britain Rio is a kind of football hipster, football earnings, and now football achievements are not the key in this guy’s life. Music label, Rosso restaurants. Lots of property in different parts of the world, many advertising contracts, including Nike.

11. Bastian Schweinsteiger, Bavaria (38)

State – 75 million euros

Citizenship -Germany 10 million from a contract with Bayern is too little to threaten the top ten. Curl Your Fingers – Contracts with Adidas and Audi, Right Guard, Funny-Frisch crisps, Nivea, Beats by Dr. Dre. Revenues are likely to increase – last year the Germans won the World Cup, and Bastian himself, after Lam left the national team, became its captain.

10. Frank Lampard, Manchester City (44)

State – 80 million euros

Citizenship -Great Britain In 13 years of his career at Chelsea and ManCity, he earned 35 million euros, the same is the price of all his real estate. In addition, Frank manages to represent both Nike and Adidas at the same time.

9. Ronaldinho Queretaro, Mexico (42)

State – 83 million euros

Citizenship -Brazil 9 years ago he received the Ballon d’Or, left Europe four years ago, from time to time they write about him that Roni is already too old, but he is still able to give road tours. In Brazil, he earned 2.7 million euros a year, in Mexico 200 thousand less, but still his main capital is the fees from the contract with Barça and the astronomical agreement with Nike, which brought 20 million euros in 10 years.

8. Raul, New York Space, USA (45)

State – 85 million euros

Citizenship -Spain Spent 16 years at Real Madrid, the peak of the annual contract was 7 million euros, another 14 in two seasons at Schalke, which was supported by Gazprom (this is what the rating compilers put a special emphasis on) and another 10 in two seasons of touring the Qatar club. In addition, Raul has shares in energy and holding companies.

7. Samueleto Eto’o, “Sampdoria” (41)

State – 87 million euros

Citizenship -Cameroon We would like to especially note the fact that, according to the compilers of the rating, most of Eto’Obtain’s fortune has been earned over the two years that he worked at Anji. Over the same years, the state of Suleiman Kerimov decreased, which, however, does not mean at all that these two processes are interconnected. Let us fix the Cameroonian’s salary in Barcelona – 10 million a year, in Chelsea he earned only 5. We risk suggesting that he earned twice as much in Makhachkala in a year as in Barcelona. In addition, the forward has agreements with Puma and Ford.

6. Kaká, As Orlando City (40)

State – 96 million euros

Citizenship-Brazil The owner of “Zolotogomach” -2007 – the last before the era of Messi – Ronaldo, for four years of the contract with Real Madrid earned about 35 million euros, later on earnings – already after returning to Milan – were more modest. Now, in America, he is the highest paid MLS player (€ 6.3 million). Advertising revenue is okay too – Pepsi, Adidas, Samsung, Gilette and Armani (seven-year contract). In addition, Kaka owns properties in Manhattan, Natal, Madrid and Milan.

5. Wayne Rooney, Manchester United (37)

State – 103 million euros

Citizenship -Great Britain Rooney is on full blast from Manchester United’s contract – an annual deal of $ 18.9 million! He earns 5.4 million euros from contracts for Nike, Samsung and Harper Collin. He owns a racehorse, and his mansion was worth 6 million euros – and this is even before Rooney made repairs there.

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, PSG (41)

State – 105 million euros

Citizenship – Sweden Throughout his career, Zlatan has changed clubs frequently and it is estimated that his transfers totaled 171 million euros! The salary at PSG is 14 million euros per year. Business income is also good. His estate empire includes 350 hectares of forest, a church in Stockholm recently renovated into a mansion and investments in 66 apartment buildings in Manhattan. His book “I am Zlatan” has been published in more than 20 countries and has generated revenues of about 8 million euros.

3. Neymar, “Barcelona” (30)

State – 135 million euros

Citizenship -Brazil Earnings under the contract are 8.8 million euros, but the biggest jackpot is advertising revenue. Neymar was the face of Brazilian hospitality at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which earned him over € 30 million, and he also has a structured advertising contract system, many of them and all quite large. Sportswear, a manufacturer of household appliances, a drink, even a mobile app … But soon he will sign a new contract with Barsa …

2. Lionel Messi, Barcelona (35)

State – 200 million euros

Citizenship -Argentina Under the contract with the Scatalonians, Leo earns 20 million euros a year, but the main thing is still advertising income. Curl Your Fingers – Adidas, EA Sports, Ooredoo, Samsung, Lay’s, Audermars Piguet, Gillette, Dolce & Gabbana, Head & Shoulders, Gatoradeand Pan Bimbo … protected residences, beach, golf course and sports complex near his hometown of Rosario. In addition: his company is worth about 12 million euros, and is run by his brother Rodrigo.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo, “Real” (37)

State – 210 million euros

Citizenship -Portugal Cristiano lags behind Messi only in terms of Ballons and an annual contract – he makes a paltry 18.2 million euros per year at Real Madrid.

Otherwise, the order is complete: 25 million a year are brought in by agreements with Toyota, Herbalife, Emirates, Castrol, Samsung, Soccerade, Emporio Armani, Konami, Banco Espirito Santo and KFC. The most lucrative contract is with Nike, and his own business is also profitable: a clothing line CR7, a chain of nightclubs in the Algarve (a resort in Portugal) and a property complex worth under 30 million euros.