The richest women in Russia 2024, FORBES list

Women also know how to earn money, despite household duties and the duty to raise a child. They have business acumen and know how to make money, no worse than men. Therefore, they can earn large sums of money and achieve popularity. If you want to know the names of these women, then we present to your attention the list of the richest women in Russia in 2024 according to Forbes.

1. Elena Baturina

1st place in the ranking is occupied by Elena Baturina. The president of Inteco Management is worth $1,200 million. The wife of the former mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, owns a hotel business in Russia, Ireland, the Czech Republic and Austria. The ambitious woman does not stop there. She actively invests in real estate.

Baturina is also attracted to alternative energy, which is rapidly developing in Europe.

The businesswoman received an enviable profit from the Inteko company, which previously belonged to her. She sold the enterprise to Mikhail Shishkhanov, which allowed her to receive impressive additional capital.

Big money spoils even the kindest people.  And this is not about Elena Baturina! She is not self-centered, as many might think. She owns the BE OPEN charity foundation, which helps young writers, designers, sociologists, architects and other professionals.

2. Tatyana Bakalchuk

The second place among the richest women in the Forbes ranking is occupied by the CEO of the Wildberries online store, Tatyana Bakalchuk. At 42, she has a net worth of $600 million. The store is very popular. It is difficult to find a person who has not seen an advertisement or a sign of a popular online market at least once. Clothing, shoes, homewares, cosmetics, jewelry, electronics and more are featured in an almost endless catalogue. All this brings the heroine incredible income.

Tatyana Bakalchuk managed to become so successful in 14 years. In 2004, Tatiana and her husband began to take orders for clothes from Europe. At first, she herself had to deliver the goods personally. Raising a baby, a woman brought clothes and accessories from the German catalogs Quelle and Otto.

The online store Wildberries received a big increase in profits last year. More than 1.1 million orders were received on Black Friday, which brought the owner about 64 billion rubles.

3. Elena Rybolovleva

A fortune of 600 million dollars brought Elena Rybolovleva to third place. The woman deserved such a high place in the list of the rich of the fair sex, not because of her professionalism. Almost all the state received after the divorce process. She was able to sue about $600 million and 2 houses located in Switzerland from her ex-husband.

Forbes experts do not disclose information about the activities that Rybolovleva is engaged in. One can only guess where the money for expenses comes from. The income received after the divorce, she does not spend.

4. Natalia Fileva

The owner of Globus and Siberia airlines cannot but be on the Forbes list. A fortune of $ 600 million brought Natalia Fileva to 4th place in the ranking of the richest women. More than 10 million passengers use the services of the successful lady’s airlines.

The history of the aviation business began in 1997, when Natalia and her husband bought out a controlling stake from the employees of Siberia Airlines. Despite the crisis that occurred in 1998, the couple decided not to give up the business. Through the absorption of small air carriers, they managed to increase the mass of Siberia. In 2001, the company entered the Moscow market and was able to absorb Grandchildren Airlines. In 2003, Siberia took 2nd place in the list of the best airlines in the country.

Unfortunately, Natalia Fileva, a woman whom it is impossible not to admire, tragically died on March 31, 2019.

Previously, Olga worked as an economist at a large enterprise that grew into a juice producer. Now she owns shares in the children’s food manufacturer Biplast, Progress and Agronom Sad. If the names of such organizations do not tell you anything, then the FrutoNyanya brand is definitely known to everyone!

5. Olga Belyavtseva

Honorary 5th place in the rating was given to Olga Belyavtseva, who holds the position of a member of the Board of Progress Capital. She is not yet 50 years old, and she was able to earn about $ 500 million.

Previously, Olga worked as an economist at a large enterprise that grew into a juice producer. Now she owns shares in the children’s food manufacturer Biplast, Progress and Agronom Sad. If the names of such organizations do not tell you anything, then the FrutoNyanya brand is definitely known to everyone!

6. Lydia Mikhailova

A private investor with an income of $ 500 million, confidently takes 6th place in the list of the richest representatives of the fair sex according to Forbes magazine. The ex-wife of Igor Babayev, who in the 1980s was the general director of the Cherkizovsky Meat Processing Plant, is rumored to be engaged in private investment. Whether this is so, we can only guess.

7. Lilia Rotenberg

According to Forbes experts, Lilia Rotenberg’s income is about $500 million. Thanks to this, she takes 7th place in the list of rich women according to the magazine.

The woman’s fortune is the business projects and property of her father Arkady Rotenberg, a famous billionaire. In 2014, he fell under US sanctions and sold a stake in TPS Real Estate to his son Igor Rotenberg. In April 2018, Igor also suffered from sanctions, so he transferred the share to Lilia.

8. Tatyana Kuznetsova

Tatyana Kuznetsova is the director of the legal department at Novatek and has a net worth of over $450 million. The woman has been with the company for many years. From 1993 to 2002 she worked as a lawyer. After Tatyana received a promotion and successfully headed the legal department of the organization.

Now the ambitious businesswoman has up to 0.2% of the company’s shares. Just imagine what dividends it receives if Novatek is recognized as the largest organization with 4th place in terms of blue fuel reserves and 7th place in terms of gas production.

9. Evgenia Gurieva

Successful Evgenia Guryev is a member of the board of a charitable foundation owned by Andrey Guryev. A fortune of $ 360 million allowed her to take 9th place. A truly happy woman who found her love while still at school is successful both at work and in her family.

She began her career as a radio engineer at Aeroflot. Evgenia Gurieva managed to work as an engineer at the Research Institute of the MAI department of the Moscow City Hall. Since 2007, it has owned part of the shares of PhosAgro, the largest producer of fertilizers with the addition of phosphorus in Russia and Europe.

10. Natalya Lutsenko

The co-owner of the Sodruzhestvo Group of Companies is ranked 10th on the list and has a fortune of up to $350 million. Natalya Lutsenko started a business with her husband. The couple traded feed and various feed additives. Later they managed to build 2 large oil extraction plants in Kaliningrad. Thanks to this, they were recognized as the largest producers of vegetable oils in the country.

The Lutsenko family owns the Sodruzhestvo agro-industrial group. The organization processes rapeseed and legumes, and also produces animal feed. Chita Lutsenko owns a 90% stake in Sodruzhestvo Group of Companies. The remaining 10% is owned by the Japanese trader Mitsui.