12 Best Guns for Zombies Cold War 2024 – CoD Weapons Guide

Call of Duty Zombies Cold War is the newest and the most enthralling game in the COD franchise, which pits players against endless waves of zombies from different time periods. Released in November 2020, it is available on Xbox, PC, and PlayStation platforms.

Inside this campaign, you will get a chance to customize characters and select their skin tones and personality traits. The game also promotes a storyline about Zombies named “Dark Aether.” The Zombie mode is a wonderful addition to this video game, making it far more gruesome and fans seem to appreciate this so far.

You will now learn all about the numerous weapons that have their own benefits and cons against the undead. Let’s go over the technical details and various attachments that come with it.

What are some of the best guns for Call of Duty Zombies Cold War?

In the Call of Duty Zombies Cold War game mode, players have to fight off zombies with a variety of weapons. The game mode is set in a frozen Soviet Russia, so players will find themselves using a variety of different guns. This guide will help you decide which weapon is best for your playstyle.

1. Stoner 63:

Source: eurogamer.net

While running and more fast-paced, Stoner 63 makes it the best option for better targeting. It is your initial weapon that the players get access to and is specifically designed to be lightweight, allowing you to shoot more rounds. This weapon can weaken the zombies effortlessly, you can further customize your guns with attachments like Sprint Pad, Foregrip, and Quickdot LED. One of its many perks is that Stoner 63 is Amped and has EOD, which decreases the consequences of explosions and keeps you safe. This firearm also carries Semtex and Heartbeat Sensor ensuring better strategic kills against zombies.

2. RPD:

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In Zombie’s mode, RPD proves to be a lethal killing machine and feels incredibly tactile with its unique charms. This light machine gun gets unlocked at level 4. You can come with attachments like Red Dot Sight( allowing you to get better focus on target), ACOG Scope(zoom into the zombies to take your hit), and Grip(ensuring less movement).

You can customize the gun according to the game style and situation and map using the attachments mentioned above. RPD weapons arrive with Muzzle Brake 7.62 and 20.3″ Task Force Barrel. In prior modes of this game, players were thrilled to have a gun like RPD, and in also Zombie mode, it has a huge damage potential, so it turns out to be very effective.

3. KSP 45:

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The KSP45 is known to shoot zombies with a burst of fire, making it instantly fatal against zombies. You can have a high success rate; however, it might also take a while to reload.

During the duty season 5 campaign, this gun makes its debut alongside all the attachments. It has a Muzzle Brake 45 APC and 10.2″ rifled barrel. Having a lightweight body, players find it easy to hold while operating at speed. Its perks include Ghost, Assassin, and Flak Jacket. While Ghost makes you invisible, the Flak jacket contributes immunity, and Assassin offers the players points for wrecking the Zombies.

4. StreetSweeper:

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While most players decide against Streetsweeper because of its slow reload speed, it has been confirmed to be useful in tackling the Zombies. Just like Hauer 77 this gun also has Infantry V-Choke Muzzle. Streetsweeper holds a 13.3″ Hammer Forged Barrel and finally, it also obtains Wire Stock. Streetsweeper’s perks contain Flak Jacket, Tactical Mask, Ninja, Tracker, Scavenger, and Gung Ho. It is ideal to have a Speed Cola while using Street Sweeper to reduce its slow speed. There are risks involved with having a sweeper as it may make you vulnerable to being swamped.

5. AK74U:

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As soon as you enter level 19 you get access to AK74u. In season 5, the AK74u is undoubtedly a top-tier gun in the pantheon of the armory. It has an 8.4″ Rifled Barrel and Spetsnaz Speed grip Handle with using Perk greed wildcard allows the players to fit six perks, like Flak Jacket, Tactical Mask, Ghost, Ninja, Gear Head, and Scavenger.

The best part about AK74u is that you can access this weapon on the game’s launch. You don’t have to go through any missions to unlock this weapon.

The upgradability and flexibility makes it a popular weapon for many base players starting out their battles against zombies.

6. FFAR 1:

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For most campaign players it is the last Assault gun the player gets to unlock in the COD game to fight against zombies. Unlocked at level 40, this gun comes with multiple attachments like LED dot , Aim Laser to keep you gun steady, SALVO 44 Fast Mag with RND, Combat Stock with SAS, Jungle Grip, and Infiltrator Grip.

All these will allow you to take out zombies with greater speed and focus in case of a limited time play.

A 20.3″ Barrel and a 5.56 Muzzle Brake help take down any Zombies ensuring that you come out on top. Players have noticed that FFAR looks similar to the FAMAS from Black Ops, so they believe this gun to be an updated version of the latter. The players can find this assault rifle can be situated in the Gorod Krovi; the gun possesses Emitted Light Optic attachment and Grip. FFAR 1 is the most beneficial weapon to use in a close-quarter situation.

7. Krig 6:

Source: callofduty.fandom.com

Just like FFAR 1, krig 6 is also an Assault Rifle. This gun has the best attachments and perks for Zombies’ attacks in the Cold War. From Close to mid-range to long-distance engagements, Krig 6 has proved effective. This rifle has Microflex LED optic, Airborne Elastic Wrap, Field Agent Grip, and Raider Stock in terms of attachments.

With Infantry Compensator Muzzle and 19.7″ Ranger Barrel, this weapon becomes an impressive choice against enemies. Its 40 Rnd Magazine bolsters the players to assassinate multiple targets without reloading. It is advised to upgrade this weapon for higher Levels, or the players will notice a significant drop-off in performance. The benefits of this gun come with additional challenges making it strictly a must-buy for pros only.

8. M4A1:

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An M4A1 rifle is a weapon that can be used as both an assault rifle and as a sniper rifle by using different attachments. It has the capability to make two shots with one single pull of the trigger. One can use it as an assault gun by using different attachments, such as flashlights and laser sights. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, an M4A1 rifle is your best friend.

These heavy-duty rifles are capable of taking out any zombie that comes in its way. They are powerful and have the ability to take out zombies with one shot.

The benefits of owning an M4A1 are manifold. Accuracy, versatility, and power make this gun one of the best choices for any player looking to take down Zombies in Krig 6. Upgrade this weapon for high levels to increase its effectiveness even further.

9. AK-47:

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This gun is extremely effective against zombies and can take down multiple targets with ease. The AK-47 comes with a variety of attachments that make it an ideal weapon for Zombies’ attacks. From an optic attachment like Microflex LED optic to a tactical hand grip, this gun has everything needed to become an unstoppable Zombie killer.

10. M16A4:

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The M16A4 is the most popular Assault Rifle in the world and is perfect for use in a variety of battlefields.

It is one of the most popular weapons in Call of Duty. It is a rifle that fires 6.8mm rounds and has an effective range of up to 600 meters. The M16A4 was first introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which was released in 2009 and has been featured in multiple games since then. This versatile weapon can be used for both close-quarters combat and long-range combat, making it an ideal weapon for the modern battlefield.

The M16A4 is modeled after the Colt Model 653, which was introduced in 1963 by Colt Defense LLC as a replacement for their previous model, the AR-15. An M16A4 rifle is seen in the hands of enemies throughout Call of Duty games.

11. M14:

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It’s a versatile weapon that can be used for long-range shooting, as a carbine, or as a designated marksman rifle. M14 is a reliable gun that can take down targets quickly and easily.

There are tons of attachments available to customize this gun and make it better at killing Zombies. The Microflex LED optic makes it the perfect choice for low-light conditions and the tactical hand grip can give you an advantage over your opponents. It’s also a reliable choice for fast-paced actions.

Which Gun is the Best One?

There is no best one, as all of the options offer different benefits. Ultimately, it depends on what you are looking for and what you are comfortable with.

How to Get the Most out of Your Guns in Call of Duty Zombies Cold War?

Call of Duty Weapons

In order to get the most out of your guns in Call of Duty Zombies Cold War, it is important to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics. Additionally, it is important to know which guns work best for specific situations. Finally, it is also important to practice using your guns in different environments to become an expert.

Zombies are always a fun time, but if you’re looking for better weapons, then this article can help you with that decision as well.


Shotguns in Zombies Cold War are more powerful than those in Call of Duty Black Ops 3. This means they can be used to kill multiple zombies in one shot, which is helpful at a distance.

The spread also increases the farther the shotgun is fired, which means they work well at longer ranges as well because this allows you to hit more zombies and the spread will make it more difficult to land a shot. To use the shotgun effectively, you have to be accurate and stock up on shells before you go in.


Call of Duty Weapons rifleskope

Rifles are one of two primary ways to kill zombies in the Cold War. The other is with melee weapons, which are useful for close-range combat where guns would be too powerful and ineffective. They are characterized by their long range and accuracy and are a good choice if you need to hit the target from a distance rather than in melee.

Its bullets have the ability to travel faster than pistol bullets, which makes them more efficient when it comes to hitting your target. They also leave a tracer trail that is easier for teammates to track back to your position.

Rifles are one of two primary ways to kill zombies in the Cold War. The other is with melee weapons, which are useful for close-range combat where guns would be too powerful and ineffective. Rifles are characterized by their long range and accuracy and are a good choice if you need to hit the target from a distance rather than in melee.

Bullets of a rifle have the ability to travel faster than pistol bullets, which makes them more efficient when it comes to hitting your target. They also leave a tracer trail that is easier for teammates to track back to your position.


If you’re taking against the Zombies, you are probably looking for the best range of guns to select from. You will get access to eight promising weapons above, along with their particular attachments and perks for you.

Now that you have learned about different guns and their abilities, we hope combatting the Zombies in War becomes even better allowing you to survive longer. In the next couple of additional expansions, you might see even more guns and unique weapons. However, currently these are the top tier items in the game.