Sergey Brin Net Worth 2024 – Personal Life of a Co-founder of Google

Biography of Sergei Brin

Sergey Mikhailovich Brin is an entrepreneur and IT specialist, co-founder of the Google empire.

Programmer and entrepreneur Sergey Brin

Childhood and adolescence

The future billionaire was born in Moscow into an intelligent Jewish family. Grandfather, Israel Abramovich, taught at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute. Father, Mikhail Izrailevich, graduated with honors from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University, worked as a research assistant at the Research Institute under the State Planning Committee. Mother, Evgenia Krasnokutskaya, worked as an engineer at the Institute of Oil and Gas.

Sergey Brin in childhood

Despite the outward well-being of the family, Sergei’s parents could not count on advancing the career ladder because of the anti-Semitism that took place in Soviet scientific circles. Obviously, they were not infringed upon, but the party committee did not recommend enrolling Mikhail Izrailevich in graduate school, he was not allowed to go on business trips abroad.

In 1979, as soon as the opportunity arose, the family emigrated to the United States. The Brins settled in Maryland in the eastern United States and rented a house. Mom found a job at NASA, where she deals with meteorology, and my father received a professorship at the University of Maryland. Sergei’s grandmother passed her license on purpose in order to take her grandson to school.

Sergey Brin in his youth

The son was sent to the prestigious private school Montessori. At first, teaching in a foreign language was given to the boy with difficulty, but in six months he completely adapted and soon became one of the best students. He communicated with his parents and still communicates in Russian.

On his ninth birthday, his father gave Seryozha a computer, which at that time was a rarity even for Americans. Sergey quickly mastered the miracle technique and began to amaze parents and teachers with his supernormal programming abilities. He was soon transferred to high school in Greenbelt, where the teenager mastered the college curriculum in three years. Sergey Brin’s height is 173 cm

After graduating early (in 3 years) from the University of Maryland, the talented young man received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computing, earned a prestigious scholarship to continue his education and thought about his future career. Sergey decided to move to Silicon Valley and go to Stanford University. There, a fateful meeting took place that changed his life.Sergey Brin was educated at Stanford

Google is born

In the early 90s, he met a young scientist, Larry Page. According to one version, Page was instructed to show Sergei the campus and tell him how everything works there, and during the excursion they found a common language. Another version says that at first Page and Brin, as is often the case with people of equal intelligence, disliked each other, competed.

Sergey Brin and Larry Page

One way or another, the acquaintance took place, and then grew into a strong friendship and fruitful cooperation. At that time, Brin was passionate about developing a search engine that would greatly simplify the use of the Internet. He was amazed that Larry not only supported his idea, but also made some useful amendments and suggestions.

The friends abandoned the rest of the business and directed all their creative energy to the implementation of their project. Soon, a trial search engine BackRub appeared, which not only found the necessary pages on the Internet, but also systematized them by the number of requests. It only remained to find an investor who would believe in their development and invest a tidy sum in it.

Sergey Brin and Larry Page created Google

Stanford refused to pay for the experiments of young programmers: not only did their search engine gobble up half of the government’s Internet traffic, it also gave ordinary users documents intended purely for official use. Friends were faced with a choice: to abandon the brainchild and continue working on a doctoral dissertation, or to look for an investor for their project.

It was Andy Bechtolsheim, a businessman and founder of Sun Microsystems, who gave young scientists one hundred thousand dollars. They collected the rest of the required million from relatives and friends. September 7, 1998 is considered the official birthday of Google, and the first office of the future giant of the IT industry is located in the garage of Brin’s friend Susan Wojzecki.

Sergey Brin and Google glasses

There is a popular story that Brin and Pepige wanted to name the company “Googol” (in honor of the tenth power), but the investor wrote them a check in the name of “Google”, and the friends decided to leave it as it is. It is not, but what an interesting legend!

Sergey and Larry took an academic leave from the university and devoted themselves entirely to the project. Within two years, their site received the prestigious Webby Awards. In the early 2000s, developers created an algorithm that helped advertisers offer products to users based on their search queries (we now know this algorithm as “targeted ads”). In 2004, the names of young scientists appeared on the list of billionaires of the prestigious Forbes publication.

Sergey Brin gave an interview in Moscow in Russian

Personal life of Sergei Brin

In 2007, Brin married the scientist and businesswoman Anne Wojzecki, the CEO of 23andMe and the sister of the very same Susan in whose garage Google’s first office was located.

Alas, neither joint activities in the field of studying the human genome, nor the birth of a son and daughter could save their marriage, which lasted only eight years.

The reason for the divorce was Sergey’s affair with a young employee of his company, Amanda Rosenberg. In order to get closer to the boss, the insidious homeless woman got into the confidence of his wife and even became her close friend. As a result, Amanda managed to destroy their marriage, but she did not manage to become the legal wife of a millionaire.

In October 2019, Brin married Nicole Shanahan. She is the head of the patent company ClearAccessIP, 12 years younger than Sergei.

Sergey Brin now

Sergey Brin is one of the twenty richest people in the world. In 2017, he ranked 13th with a fortune of $ 39.8 billion (Larry Page ranked 12th with $ 40.7 billion). Brin is the co-president of Alphabet Holding (Google’s parent company).

Sergey Brin. History of success

Coming from a family of Soviet Jews, he is considered the richest immigrant in the United States (which is why he is critical of Donald Trump and his anti-immigration policy).